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  1. nuhiu more successful passes than butterfield already
  2. Team for Friday

    please no
  3. would love to win but expect a 0-4 thrashing
  4. Our team and trolling.

    suck the life out of wednesday while "earning" 40k a week
  5. Our team and trolling.

    boohoo a fan said i suck on twitter
  6. get ur championship return season tickets now only £550
  7. Our team and trolling.

  8. Our team and trolling.

    you and all the other clappers
  9. all our losses are becuz of injuries
  10. Don;t worry lambert will come in and we'll turn it around and win all our remaining games according to the clappers
  11. Our team and trolling.

    link to a "troll" post please number 1
  12. RIP SWFC

    yep all at watching an awful season
  13. Jaap Stam anyone?

    clappers wet dream
  14. Our team and trolling.

    legit critism is "trolling" nowadays try being on the interwebz 17 years ago