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  1. rhodes one should of been a pen, bannon one not didn't deserve a win anyway
  2. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    oops, Derek Geary
  3. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Jeffers Geary Adamson
  4. How do you put this right?

    leaving is a good start
  5. Player ratings

    Westwood 3 Hunt 2 Lees 4 Van Aken 3 Reach 1 Wallace 4 Bannan 4 Jones 1 Lee 6 Hooper 7 Fletcher 1 Joao 6 Rhodes 3 Butterfield 1 CC 1
  6. predictions for Septembers games

    Forest Lose Brentford Draw Cardiff Draw Pigs Lose Brummies Draw still stuck with carlos
  7. If I Were Manager

    I'd do better than carvalhal
  8. The missing ingredient?

    a half decent manager
  9. Owls v Sunderland stream here

    ffs his ifollow account got banned