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  1. I bought it pal cheers. Would it be easier for me to collect rather than you posting
  2. Agree but he was played out wide when he's a striker, never going to look good and score when he's being played out of position.
  3. Obviously not seen him play left back this season then, by far the best option we have there
  4. I agree in a position to shoot 4 or 5 times and only shot once
  5. Usually I think the same but played well when he came on and looked calm in possession
  6. JJ is most effective when played out wide where he has more space and time, he is a winger not a striker he's no good when he gets the ball in the middle with 2 or 3 players next to him. Agree with the stupid shots though.
  7. I would give him 3 or 4 games in a proper defence if he still doesn't perform then fair enough drop him. but I don't know who I would replace him with
  8. Fair point but if it can make us more solid at the back if he can settle right then i don't see the problem
  9. we were letting 2 or 3 goals in every game before he came in and apart from wolves we've done the same since he came in, only without a proper right back so he can't be worse than what we had. people need to give new players a chance he's come into a side that is pretty much completely new it will take time for them to gel
  10. he's only played about four games for us in a side that until burnley showed pretty much nothing, i don't think a judgement can really be made just yet, if he's still playing badly after a few games then fair enough
  11. no i'm going off what watford fans said about him because they had seen him play and rated him, i agree he's not been good enough so far but he's not the only one, if he's still playing like he is now in 3 to 4 games time then fair enough but atleast give him a chance.
  12. yes i've seen him play which is how i know he has not had the best of starts. But he has played most of his career at this level, he cannot have turned bad over night he just needs a run of games in a proper defence
  13. If he was that bad watford fans would not have been gutted to lose him. he hasn't had a good start to his time with us, but given a couple of games with a proper defence and i think he should come good
  14. oh so that's alright then, free kicks don't count, it doesn't matter how we concede we lost AGAIN
  15. why waste time training johnson to be a midfielder when we have barkley, macabe, semedo, corry and lines who can all play there and if reda plays in midfield who plays left back?
  16. whatever team he picks he needs to stick with it instead of changing it every week, the players need to get used to playing with each other.
  17. I agree about jones, not good enough but cant see what beevers has done wrong he's been playing well IMO
  18. he needs to pick a team and stick with it, even if it takes 2 or 3 losses for it to gel. changing the team every week is never going to work.
  19. jj slipped and just touched your player as he was falling. your player felt the touch and went down, it was unlucky, no intent but i agree it was a penalty just an unlucky one.
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