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  1. 1 hour ago, pgmetcalf said:


    Because if he was to go it should have been after the playoffs. Right now is a critical time, hence why we have all these pigs on here desperate for him to be sacked (and owls fans being suckered in by it all) and ruin the season. Once it becomes evident whether or not the season is dead, reassess the manager then.



    So basically wait until the season is gone and we have no chance of turning it round? 

    What have you seen this season that suggests carlos will turn this round and get us winning again because I've seen nothing that suggests we will.

  2. Someone else that thinks because we were rubbish a few years ago that means we're not allowed to criticise how we play now. How does how bad we used to be have anything to do with how we are now, especially after we've spent about 25 to 30 million on players.

  3. 2 minutes ago, pgmetcalf said:



    I agree, almost every attack is played down the wing resulting in a high cross in we're lucky. Crosses are pisseasy to defend against - the defender has most of the field to aim at. In contrast a striker has to hit a small target and getting nudged very slightly lessens their chance of getting anywhere near the target. Also flighted crosses immediately lessen the options for a striker. I'm not saying we shouldn't attempt crosses but not on every attack 


    Pretty much what I'm getting at. We need to mix it up, we play one way and when that way doesn't work were stuck like we were today. we play narrow and through the middle and we are easy to defend against.

  4. Just now, pgmetcalf said:


    Right, now we're getting somewhere. What good positions are you thinking about specifically? 


    Well usually good supply would be into a position a striker can score from not a 50 yard ball to Fernando or rhodes head. We play narrow and very rarely use wide men to get a ball in the box, something we did alot of last season.

  5. 3 minutes ago, pgmetcalf said:

     And what tactics are you thinking of specifically? 


    Playing not to lose at a slow tempo with slow build up, we dont go at teams like we did last season. Playing players out of position and Carlos sticking with his favourites. Today we were one down and needed a goal so he took Rhodes and abdi off an put Fletcher and bannan on. Now I don't know about you but that made no sense at all to me.

  6. 1 minute ago, pgmetcalf said:


    I did, I assumed we'd go into every game struggling to get a result but I didn't open my gob because what benefit would it have given to the team? You go to a match and moan or moan about the team on message boards, and let's face it, it's a very easy trap to fall into, what good would it do the team when they find out about it? 


    Can you honestly say you're happy with how we are playing this season? Do you think we are doing as well as we should be with this squad?

    I am happy we are in the top 6 but my worry is we won't be come the end of the season. 

    And about going to a match and moaning, yes if we are not playing well and we're struggling against teams like bristol, Wigan and Brentford then I think fans have every right to moan.

  7. Just now, pgmetcalf said:


    People said exactly the same last year


    Last year I never looked at any matches thinking we won't win that, because you knew we would go for it and always play for the win. This year we play not to lose we rarely, if ever attack a team straight from the off.

    Last year we attacked quickly and directly where as this season it's cautious slow passing we never attack with pace and try to kill teams off which is why we've only scored 3 goals in a match twice this season and we just scrape wins.

  8. 1 minute ago, Eastleigh Owl said:

    It's getting a bit depressing now. A long, long time ago we'd lose one and say "well, we'll win the next one" we'd lose two and we'd say "well, we'll win he next two". Not now, all you lot want to do is capitulate. How can we win 4 on the trot, lose 2 and sack the manager, I really don't understand all this.



    It's not just about losing 2 matches, we create barely any chances, Carlos doesn't know his best team and it's nearly March we've been riding our luck for weeks playing badly and just scraping wins. I can't see us beating Norwich and then a couple of games after we have reading and I can't see us winning that either

  9. 9 hours ago, WatfordOwl said:

    Perhaps the instruction is to play a different way and to achieve 3 points in a different way - does it have to be a free flowing attacking game in order for the 3 points to be more 'real'?


    No but do you really believe we'll keep winning playing like that, going 1 nil up and playing defensive.

  10. 5 minutes ago, WatfordOwl said:

    Just out of interest.


    How we were supposed to play free flowing attacking football on that pitch tonight?


    Myself as much as the next fan want to come away from a game having felt it was entertaining but there was a reason both sides didn't look to great with the ball on the floor tonight.


    Wigan came into the game with a bit of confidence after back to back wins - never gonna be easy and in the grand scheme of things it was a good 3 points.




    We've not played free flowing attacking football all season and most pitches have been spot on so can't really use that excuse


  11. 1 minute ago, Silkstone Owl said:


    We could quote the square pegs round holes all day, yeah he's been played out of position but who hasn't in our squad bar Lees, Loovens?  What I don't understand is that I seem to recall CC asked McGugan to play a certain role and he wouldn't be played out of position and he's a gonner


    So why recruit an expensive midfielder if he isn't prepared to adapt and/or you don't intend to ever play him in a system that is built around Bannan and Lee?




    When  he's played he's been put on the wing, abdi is not a winger he plays attacking mid behind the strikers so can't really say he's been given a fair chance. Also you can't really expect a player to adapt to be a winger when he's never played there, it was a strange signing by Carlos if he didn't want an attacking mid but if played in the right position he will be a good player for us, the Watford fans were gutted when he left and said he was better than Fernando.

  12. 55 minutes ago, clampyowl said:

    tried being patient with him, don't care how much he cost, he passes backwards (and sometimes to the opposition) every time he gets the ball, we can't break quickly with him in the team, he literally is one of the worst signings ive seen at.Hillsborough in my.35 years of watching em, we have serious potential to be a good side,.but its.time to bite The bullet and admit we've bought a stinker here, anybody who see's him as a good player is more optimistic than ill.ever be


    I've not been his biggest fan so far but last night I think he had a good game. He ran at their defense and was putting balls in the box, can't really ask for much more from a winger.

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