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  1. He's also proven he is not willing to learn from his mistakes to turn it around. I thank him for the last two seasons but realistically his time is up.
  2. So basically wait until the season is gone and we have no chance of turning it round? What have you seen this season that suggests carlos will turn this round and get us winning again because I've seen nothing that suggests we will.
  3. Played well until we scored, then straight back to 11 men behind the ball and no attacking threat trying to hold onto a one nil lead.
  4. It's way more than just that match, that has just tipped more people over the edge. It's been going on for a year.
  5. Someone else that thinks because we were rubbish a few years ago that means we're not allowed to criticise how we play now. How does how bad we used to be have anything to do with how we are now, especially after we've spent about 25 to 30 million on players.
  6. Ever thought the players are doing as carlos tells them. Like wingers playing central and us attacking slowly and starting games slowly?
  7. Pretty much what I'm getting at. We need to mix it up, we play one way and when that way doesn't work were stuck like we were today. we play narrow and through the middle and we are easy to defend against.
  8. Well usually good supply would be into a position a striker can score from not a 50 yard ball to Fernando or rhodes head. We play narrow and very rarely use wide men to get a ball in the box, something we did alot of last season.
  9. How often do we provide the strikers with good service in good positions?
  10. Playing not to lose at a slow tempo with slow build up, we dont go at teams like we did last season. Playing players out of position and Carlos sticking with his favourites. Today we were one down and needed a goal so he took Rhodes and abdi off an put Fletcher and bannan on. Now I don't know about you but that made no sense at all to me.
  11. So because we're not bottom we can't criticise how we are playing or the negative tactics we have
  12. Can you honestly say you're happy with how we are playing this season? Do you think we are doing as well as we should be with this squad? I am happy we are in the top 6 but my worry is we won't be come the end of the season. And about going to a match and moaning, yes if we are not playing well and we're struggling against teams like bristol, Wigan and Brentford then I think fans have every right to moan.
  13. Last year I never looked at any matches thinking we won't win that, because you knew we would go for it and always play for the win. This year we play not to lose we rarely, if ever attack a team straight from the off. Last year we attacked quickly and directly where as this season it's cautious slow passing we never attack with pace and try to kill teams off which is why we've only scored 3 goals in a match twice this season and we just scrape wins.
  14. It's not just about losing 2 matches, we create barely any chances, Carlos doesn't know his best team and it's nearly March we've been riding our luck for weeks playing badly and just scraping wins. I can't see us beating Norwich and then a couple of games after we have reading and I can't see us winning that either
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