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  1. Finals has been part of Rugby League almost since the start. It’s accepted the grand final winner are the champions. That’s where the controversy comes from with the A-League. Because in football traditionally the champions are the team that finishes first on the ladder. Whereas Australian sport has the tradition of finals. I think for the most part they want the league standings to be the more important as is the football norm. But end of season finals generate interest and money, so it isn’t smart to not do this. So what the A-League does is have two major trophies essentially. The Premiers are the team who finishes first, then the Champions who win the Grand Final. Compared to Rugby League which the team who finishes first are the minor premiers and forgotten about, while the Grand Final winners are the premiers.
  2. Exactly that. There is controversy though. Some will say the league winner is the real winner, others say the grand final winner is.
  3. The A-League this season had Jack Rodwell, Daniel Sturridge, Gary Hooper, Carl Jenkinson, Jordan Mutch, Craig Noone and Adam Le Fondre.
  4. 9 hour time difference now and an early kick off.
  5. The only option you have is Root. The alternative is that you actually pick someone to solely be captain, but I don’t think there are any Mike Brearley’s hanging around.
  6. Just seen Labuschagne bowling medium pace on an absolute green top and taking a couple of wickets, as well as bouncing James Pattinson.
  7. Thought I’d respond to you in the new thread. Personally I don’t think Broad would make a good captain, honestly always thought the biggest problem with his bowling was because he didn’t think enough about it. Plus he is the wrong side of 30. And the reviews, he’d bowl three balls and every review would be gone.
  8. The women have capped off what has been a pretty successful season of cricket for Australia.
  9. There was supposed to be an Old Firm game in Sydney in July, but Rangers have withdrawn from it. I think tickets were starting at about $40 for that game. But honestly it’s probably a good thing it’s not going ahead. No experience here in crowd control for a game like that in this country.
  10. Lack of quality batsmen and dubious selections make it tough to win Test matches. The situation around Anderson and Broad is baffling to me. Either pick them because they’re your best two bowlers or if they’re having a negative overall influence/undermining authority then cut them off completely.
  11. Cummins is easily the best fast bowler around at the moment and up there with the best I’ve seen. Well Imam and Fawad Alam wasted two reviews so it seems they weren’t confident enough. Live it didn’t look very out to me and seemed well worth a review. Khawaja did it in the Ashes though with two hundreds at the SCG. They key is selecting players when they’re in form. It is harder to do outside of your domestic season like it is now for England. But what makes Alex Lees the right man to open now? Was he the most in form opener in county cricket last season? Consistently been performing really well over a few years? If it isn’t either of those reasons it’s highly unlikely he will succeed.
  12. 15 days of grind has finally produced a result. It was a competitive series, but not exactly exciting. Great to win a series in Asia though.
  13. To your last point you can argue that the Windies don’t have the batsmen to go on the attack. Nothing will change though. Too much emphasis on having Tests go 5 days for advertising and not enough emphasis on what’s needed to produce quality Test cricketers.
  14. Once England scored 500 the odds that the Windies would win was basically 0. So not sure you could expect anything but the Windies trying to grind out a draw. Maybe the World Test Championship needs to have some things geared more towards positive play. Give teams who are in impossible to win situations a reason to be more aggressive and risk losing matches.
  15. I think the Karachi pitch was alright, a little slow and but it looked to break up nicely. Negative tactics from both sides didn’t help. But Pakistan batted well and made the most of their luck in that 2nd innings survival. There needs to be some form of outside involvement to help the pitches in the Caribbean. That’s at a domestic level too. Windies domestic cricket is dominated by rubbish spinners taking loads of wickets.
  16. I’d hope we could beat some French apples.
  17. Australia again can’t bowl a team out in the 4th innings.
  18. Clearly Pakistan want to make sure people lose interest in Test cricket. Produce an absolute road for the 1st Test. Day 1 of the 2nd Test have your spinners come around the wicket and bowl down leg side for an hour just as the ball started reversing.
  19. I hope so too. All this build up of playing Tests in Pakistan and this what’s been produced. I’ve played on artificial wickets with more life than this Day 5 pitch.
  20. Absolute road in Rawalpindi. I reckon England could manage 200 runs on this.
  21. Rod Marsh has died at 74. Also in other cricket news Australia’s first Test in Pakistan in 24 years is to start today. Hopefully everything goes smoothly security wise.
  22. It looks like they average over 15k, with the highest crowd being 17.5k. I was curious because I remember reading something about Bradford a few years ago about how they lowered ticket prices and made a big push to get families into the ground. Seems they get an extra 5k through the gate because of it. An adult season ticket for this season at Bradford was £198. You could get a family of 4 in for £456.
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