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  1. I think Justin Langer had quite a few concussions in his playing days and pretty sure there were some concerns raised about him back then and I don’t think he had as many as Pucovski. I remember reading about Pucovski that his mental health struggles started after one of the more serious concussions he had. It could be a coincidence but it’s quite plausible the two could be correlated.
  2. Will Pucovski has been hit in the head again, this time at training, and off the see a concussion specialist. Read somewhere this was his 10th head knock.
  3. The positive approach would be to pick and play Parkinson from the start. You pick him and play Parkinson it is guaranteed that Warne will basically stalk him and you'll have the greatest legspinner being a free coach. Overseas spinners basically always fail in Australia. Accept Parkinson will fail, but he will definitely learn if he was playing Maybe if Stokes and Archer were available he would have been picked. Those two naturally give you a huge amount of attacking intent and maybe changes the mindset of team selection. But I do get it when you think back to Crane and Borthwick.
  4. I've not seen Parkinson, but a legspinner with that record and blonde to boot would lead to the biggest wankfest if he was Australian. Cameron White and even Steve Smith's bowling got some people rubbing a couple out. Australia isn't the greatest place to hand a young spinner their debut, but legspinners do traditionally fair better than offspinners. I also love the profile picture on cricinfo, looks like he followed through on a fart.
  5. Going to be a lovely summer of cricket. T20 World Cup I have zero expectations that we will do anything. We have the players and talent to be a good T20 side but we always seem be off the pace. It probably comes down to spinners and the inability of our batsmen against spin. Ashes, I honestly expect nothing less than a resounding series win. England don’t have the batting and don’t have the bowlers for the conditions. Be interesting to see how we manage our bowlers, last season against India Cummins, Hazlewood and Starc played throughout and the bowling got worse as the series went on. I fully expect Pattinson to play at least a couple of Tests. Really hoping Cameron Green has a good series. Already has a hundred in the Shield and bringing on a 4th seamer who is 2 metres tall and can bowl over 140kmh is pretty handy.
  6. Carmageddon II Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA San Andreas (I’ve been playing through the old GTA games recently and really enjoyed playing it again. Vice City is still good too) Wings - Game from back in the Amiga days. Battlefield - 1942 has more nostalgia, but 3 and 4 I had more fun playing with mates.
  7. Typical whinging Poms. We don’t want to tour if we can’t be with our families on Christmas. We don’t want a strict quarantine for 14 days. We don’t want to get caught in a snap lockdown and have constantly changing rules. We don’t want to tour if you can’t even guarantee the schedule can take place due to border restrictions. Oh… wait… they seem like some valid concerns. Cricket Australia need to go back to the drawing board, get some guarantees from each state about what can be expected and if it doesn’t satisfy the ECB then that state doesn’t get a Test match. Play all five at the SCG if they have to.
  8. Australia also battered New Zealand when they came over here a couple of years ago. Luckily we haven’t played Tests over there for them to return the favour. England need a fit Mark Wood and Jofra Archer to have any hope in the Ashes. Unless the reason your batting looks so shît is because they’re all actually experts on fast bouncy pitches.
  9. I don't think New Zealand bother with pitches, they just cut the grass in the middle of ground a little lower.
  10. The drop in pitch at the new ground has good pace and bounce.
  11. The Perth Test won’t be at the WACA either. I hope that makes you feel better.
  12. Still going to be a dead rubber for the SCG.
  13. A lager is not quicker to brew than an ale. It may be cheaper, but definitely not quicker.
  14. Aren’t you playing ODIs. Might explain why England only showed up for 20 overs of their innings in the first match.
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