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  1. I don’t get what you’re pointing out. I never said they weren’t, nor it wasn’t part of the anthem. The reason they don’t sing the first two verses is because of its association with Nazi Germany. So it’s probably not appropriate nor would it be appreciated by a German player to be singing a song using those lyrics. It really isn’t a difficult concept. I would also argue an anthem saying you’re country is better than others makes more sense than one about some figment of mass delusion saving some old relic of aristocracy. But sometimes it’s not the words itself, but what they have or may represent.
  2. To the tune of Chemical Warfare by Dead Kennedys we could have Julian Borner Julian Borner Julian Borner, Borner, Borner It’s only two words, without basing it on a song referencing a portion of no longer used lyrics of the German national anthem due to its Nazi connotations for a German player.
  3. I’ve not been to either in October so I can’t comment. But I’d rather not go to Taiwan from Sheffield via Canberra for only a couple of days and go back to Sheffield.
  4. He didn’t get on the field in Australia’s last match. No guarantee he would play many minutes if he was fit and in the squad. He probably isn’t too disappointed on missing out on a Sheffield - Canberra - Taiwan - Sheffield journey.
  5. I think the exposure of getting some minutes against the powerhouses of Nepal and Taiwan would have benefited Luongo.
  6. He has Italian ancestry, even if he didn’t he has been in England long enough he would be able to apply for citizenship. Honestly not sure he has or will play enough internationals to qualify for a work permit. Been behind Jedinak, Mooy, Irvine and Milligan for central midfield spots. So normally on the bench.
  7. For anyone interested. The iFollow video player isn’t ChromeCast supported (Well as of last year, as it has improved year on year so that support may happen in the future) which is what you normally expect from any other video player eg YouTube, Netflix and any FTA TV Channel. Given the issue raised by our Norwegian friend. But Chrome/Google supports casting through to ChromeCast. Which means you can cast your desktop/laptop through ChromeCast with no problems and using the Chrome browser down to a specific tab. I’d like to think that Apple TV and Safari/Apple OS so something similar also.
  8. Use Chrome browser, cast the tab, set the video to full screen on the computer. Game on the telly cable free and still free to use the computer as you please.
  9. I think I might have to buy myself one, just gotta wait for all the fellow fatties buy it so I know how big of a size I need to get.
  10. Stupid me goes to the Full Match Replay section in the app thinking they would be there.
  11. No, it was just an early kick off not a TV game.
  12. Not sure I’d bother with it next season, not had issues with the stream or logging in. Just don’t use it enough as I can’t be arsed staying up until 2am for a game to start. I knew that would happen, but though the full match replays would make up for it but they don’t seem to do that anymore. Barnsley match was the first time I’ve used it in ages and not being able to open commentary and video in different tabs was annoying.
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