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  1. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    You may want to rethink the maths on that one.
  2. Loovens master plan

    My understanding is the double jeopardy only comes into play if the ref deems it was a genuine attempt at winning the ball. Ref obviously thought Loovens was playing the man and not the ball so gave him a red.
  3. Walk-out music

    My father was an R Sole and his father before him. Can't believe you don't know the trololol song, it was all the rage years ago. You need to internet more and be less productive in life.
  4. Walk-out music

    From YouTube.
  5. Walk-out music

    Kicks in just as Nuhiu is announced in the starting XI
  6. iFollow

    I got the same issue on iphone over the weekend. Closed the app down and restarted it and it worked fine, it also did it on the iPad and same result to fix. Audio and video were out in the iPad. No issues on the laptop though.
  7. I like how they use to term super computer to make it sound better, the prediction is only as good as the code being used. You could use a super computer to play pong, doesn't mean it's a state of the art game.
  8. Bafana Bafana

    I think you'll find the South African cricket team are nicknamed Chokers.
  9. Bafana Bafana

    Or a rugby fan, or seen a world map. My cousin got a ticket to the England v South Africa test at the Oval, cricket friend Lee. Making Dan seem even more useless.
  10. Bafana Bafana

    It's the nickname of the South African national team.
  11. Bafana Bafana

    Youve never heard of South Africa?
  12. Superstitious mind...

    During the match, obviously. 12th man needs to make himself useful.
  13. Superstitious mind...

    I put my box on first and then the left pad followed by right pad. Put my gloves on pick up the bat have a few practice swings, then gloves off. More habit than superstition though.
  14. Chinese clubs can only have a maximum of 4 players from non-Asian countries in their squads. Possibly will be brought down to 3 so so it is aligned to the rules for Asian Champions League squads. They can also have one more foreign player from another Asian country. They are after players with big reputations and are prepared to pay for it. They aren't interested in players plying their trade in the Championship.