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  1. Only way we were able to win a Test against India at home.
  2. Given they aren’t playing playing in Sydney it’s definitely reduced the likelihood of him having some nose beers.
  3. Sorry if tournaments around the world have different names and it confuses you. The “Blast” has been great this season.
  4. How good is Alex Hales. Great century in some proper cricket.
  5. Two of you have mentioned Jadeja has been ruled out, but I still haven't heard a thank you for Starc injuring him.
  6. Cummins and Hazlewood were good across the series whereas Starc and Lyon were ordinary. Wasn’t a fatigue thing with the bowlers, it was more the fact we weren’t able to maintain pressure outside of Cummins and Hazlewood. You need your full compliment of bowlers bowling well to stay on top of India’s batting. Also Pattinson injured himself in training so that ruled out any chance of a non forced change for the last Test anyway. The depth India now have in fast bowling is incredible too. Really impressed with Siraj, 5th in the pecking order, first Test series and he lead the attack sup
  7. I’d love a fully fit Moeen going into the Ashes. It’s 0/100 style of spin bowling for Australian conditions. Much more suited to Indian conditions though, will get spanked because of the quality of the batsmen though. *Get fûcked whoever quotes this when Moeen takes a 7 for on Day 1 at the Gabba.
  8. So has Bairstow done anything to get his place back in the team? Or is it a Shaun Marsh situation?
  9. Looks like they aren’t showing England v Sri Lanka on the tv here.
  10. He needs to keep it monosyllabic for Warner's benefit.
  11. Real Aussie names are things like Simmo, Gaz/Gazza or Wayno.
  12. You train them from birth in South Africa and you won there.
  13. Our batting has been poor for a number of years. Smith, Warner and Labuchagne are the only ones who have shown to be good enough for Test cricket. We are too reliant on those three and when they are injured/out of form/suspended due to taking woodworking classes during a match we just can’t score enough runs. Pucovski making his debut today after recovering from concussion playing for Australia A. I do worry about the bloke, 22 and he has had something like 8 concussions. Pretty sure he said after one of the concussions it was when mental health issues first occurred, which lead hi
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