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  1. Any I-Follow users on here?

    Stupid me goes to the Full Match Replay section in the app thinking they would be there.
  2. Any I-Follow users on here?

    No, it was just an early kick off not a TV game.
  3. Any I-Follow users on here?

    Not sure I’d bother with it next season, not had issues with the stream or logging in. Just don’t use it enough as I can’t be arsed staying up until 2am for a game to start. I knew that would happen, but though the full match replays would make up for it but they don’t seem to do that anymore. Barnsley match was the first time I’ve used it in ages and not being able to open commentary and video in different tabs was annoying.
  4. Wallace celebration

    What did I ever do to you?
  5. Reach’s Dad - Twitter

    You may want to rethink the maths on that one.
  6. Loovens master plan

    My understanding is the double jeopardy only comes into play if the ref deems it was a genuine attempt at winning the ball. Ref obviously thought Loovens was playing the man and not the ball so gave him a red.
  7. Walk-out music

    My father was an R Sole and his father before him. Can't believe you don't know the trololol song, it was all the rage years ago. You need to internet more and be less productive in life.
  8. Walk-out music

    From YouTube.
  9. Walk-out music

    Kicks in just as Nuhiu is announced in the starting XI
  10. iFollow

    I got the same issue on iphone over the weekend. Closed the app down and restarted it and it worked fine, it also did it on the iPad and same result to fix. Audio and video were out in the iPad. No issues on the laptop though.
  11. I like how they use to term super computer to make it sound better, the prediction is only as good as the code being used. You could use a super computer to play pong, doesn't mean it's a state of the art game.
  12. Bafana Bafana

    I think you'll find the South African cricket team are nicknamed Chokers.
  13. Bafana Bafana

    Or a rugby fan, or seen a world map. My cousin got a ticket to the England v South Africa test at the Oval, cricket friend Lee. Making Dan seem even more useless.
  14. Bafana Bafana

    It's the nickname of the South African national team.