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  1. Australia also battered New Zealand when they came over here a couple of years ago. Luckily we haven’t played Tests over there for them to return the favour. England need a fit Mark Wood and Jofra Archer to have any hope in the Ashes. Unless the reason your batting looks so shît is because they’re all actually experts on fast bouncy pitches.
  2. I don't think New Zealand bother with pitches, they just cut the grass in the middle of ground a little lower.
  3. The drop in pitch at the new ground has good pace and bounce.
  4. The Perth Test won’t be at the WACA either. I hope that makes you feel better.
  5. Still going to be a dead rubber for the SCG.
  6. A lager is not quicker to brew than an ale. It may be cheaper, but definitely not quicker.
  7. Aren’t you playing ODIs. Might explain why England only showed up for 20 overs of their innings in the first match.
  8. With the bubbles there isa little more pressure to get it done quickly. Although the players were allowed out of their hotels (After the initial 2 week quarantine for India) during the series here. I think the selectors decided against rotating the fast bowlers because those 4 Tests was basically their workload for the season. In hindsight it wasn't a great decision, especially with a fit James Pattinson in the squad.
  9. 4 Tests in 5 weeks. Back to back, week off and then back to back.
  10. There was some debate about how Australia didn’t rotate the fast bowlers against India as a reason why we struggled to bowl them out. They had some interesting stats in regards to Starc and basically his average gets progressively worse from the 1st Test to the 5th Test. I checked our 3 fast bowlers stats. Starc averages 24 in the 1st and 2nd Tests and then goes to over 50 in the 5th Test. Hazlewood is in the 20s in the first 3 and then goes out to over 40 in the 5th Test. Sexy Cummins stays is as good in the 1st as he is in the 5th. To me that shows rotation should definitely be considered, even in a rigid way.
  11. Same with the situation around offering a shot too.
  12. The other problem is the line they use to determine the height is below the bail, so over 50% of the ball could be hitting the bail but it’s still umpires call.
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