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  1. To those of you who say billions are needed and chansiri hasn't got them. Just remember that due to that there financial fair play thing it makes no odds. I still believe that Mr Chansiri has his heart in it. Yes he has made a few decisions which he may well regret but he has still pumped a lot of cash into the club. I do think a lot of fans slate him and we have to be careful cos if he walks who will want to buy us. A club who seem unappreciative and disrespectful and come across as a bunch of whinging fookers. Granted that not all our fans are like that but there are more than enough of them. We are a joke club to many and that's not just our friends at the stain. I actually find many things embarrassing but those bell-ends who spout off Shiite and abuse don't help matters. If Chansiri walks we are screwed.
  2. Just a shame we are laden with injuries and have a poo available squad
  3. I hope it's not goodbye. He's a good bloke and a great advocate for the club. He has passion and determination and could pass that on at some level within the club. I'd say in the academy.
  4. I agree Wayne a good clear out but I think there is room for some of the players, however we do need resculpting somewhat. The worrying thing is some of the poo we have on the books on big money. Realistically who is gonna want them and we aren't gonna be able to pay them off to do one. Too many sh-it back up players and fringe players have been bought over the last few years. I hope he can inject some passion into the squad he puts together at bumhole stain on Friday and we tear them a new ar-se hole.
  5. Lets all get behind him and hope he can boost us up that league with a tremendous run playoffs or not next season will be much more prosperous I am sure. There has been enough negativity of late. Let's get behind the new gaffer and the team. We have some good players we just need them firing on all cylinders. Out with some and some exciting new blood in hopefully. Up the owls
  6. I'm away and wondering if anyone knows if the match will be broadcast anyway with it not been sky's featured game?
  7. I am Wednesday through and through but through my brothers in laws been huge Leicester fans I've been to quite a few games, mainly last season. Good club and they deserve the title this season. I hope they pull it off even after today's set back. They all follow Wednesdays progress and have a soft spot for us which is nice.
  8. I think the fact he visited the Brighton fan in hospital too shows he's a nice guy. I remember reading how touched his family were when chansiri turned up. I think the guy is great for Wednesday. We got lucky.
  9. I already feel twice the man i was. Thanks for your support mate.
  10. Are you ok mate? Do you want me to send the men in white coats to come and help you?
  11. I just don't get why we are always do late to launch. Surely an early June launch would be better get some money in and give people a chance to buy early wear it on hols etc. Makes no sense No but I'm a fat c.unt
  12. Did we? Well tickle my titz til Friday. I must have missed it. Sorry for not spending all my life on owlstalk mate and making a valid point. That ok with you?
  13. They did indeed squire. It's the way they roll. No fukin sense. I love Wednesday just hate how it's run. It makes us look stupid.
  14. In previous years the club iron the transfers on. I saw them doing it with the VW sponsor
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