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  1. In theory as a sports club I'd say yes, 201 today. To be fair there are a number of football clubs around the world that claim linage back a long way based on originally being a 'sports' (be that cricket, rugby, athletics or that Spanish game where you use a bicycle mudguard to hurl a ball against a wall).
  2. Just read his wiki page after ready some of the earlier posts.......sounds like a right rum 8ugger.
  3. I have arrived 20 minutes down the road from KL and this greeted me. (Circled is his Red Devil tat) Neil please delete the thread and no one need suffer the memory of this filthy team again.
  4. I was at both the home and away matches versus the Kiaserslautern Olympic diving team and some 28 odd years later it is with some bizarre twist of fate that I am currently in transit back, to take up a new job in a small town just outside the said kings river. Thus I was wondering if I should adopt them in some some way as my new 'team'. Thankfully the thought passed within half a second when I remembered they play in red and white and are a bunch of cheating bar stewards. No further comparisons to be made thank you.
  5. Simple question. DM keeps mentioning player volume. I assume he means fitness rather than how loud they shout?
  6. There is no wonder the population is falling if the youth of today spend their lives in such trousers.
  7. Ahhhh the smart trainer no doubt similar to the ones now sported in the SNCOs messes of the Light Blue Breathern.
  8. Saw that 'gang' in pizza hut on eccy road once at about 3 on a Thursday afternoon......all hammered.
  9. Kin trouser....remember getting turned away from some where once for a lad in the group having zips on his trousers......what was that all about FFS?
  10. It was ok. I watched it at work and enjoyed it right up to the point just before the second goal when I was pulled away to rollick someone
  11. I really like a good Clough/Ferguson no BS manager like Pulis and I was hoping for a bit more footage from the training ground this week showing him angry. I wondered if the club might use it as propogander to win over the doubters. But I bet TP has jumped straight on that....." My training ground, what's happened in the past has happened now to football. F-Off Mr cameraman".
  12. But in fairness not the way they run 'clubs' rather than just the team. And also the way they man manage is seemingly similar. Pulis has already said he want to be 'friends with the chairman and that DC has not had return for his money'. Take that as code for 'look son, god knows what's been going on her for the past 5 years, but let me run the show now and you will see something back.' Clough was very much like that (thank you Mr chairman now f -off I run the team etc - bet Bruce would have been too). And the number of ex Pulis players we have had videos posted on here saying what a manager he is and you know just where you stand with him etc. Even Bazza basically thanked him for getting rid of him. Etc.
  13. I have alluded on here to the fact I did a bit of leadership work with the Middlesbrough team when Pulis was there. The team was doing our stuff that we set them but TP also had them doing fitness and it was his rules throughout. I saw an email from him which read something like, "they can have a couple of beers on the middle night, no wine or sprits. Undoubtedly they will get pissed so have them out of their rooms by 6 and do something light to freshen them up. A 5 mile run should be enough." He then went on to ban mobile phone with the words " keep them a way from their fxxxing phones". We later found out our leadership course was optional, but if they didn't go it was a fine of a week's wagers. Enjoy working for the closest living animal to Brian Clough boys
  14. Basically the names being given here are his team from Boro. Gould did the keeper coach job there. His fitness coach was a rugby man, he brought him in to mix stuff up a bit. Bloke called Tim Exeter. I met them all once through something we did at work with the club. Pulis is a proper Harry Bassett 'off to the Marines for the weekend to teach the team some self discipline and teamwork' sort of bloke, so expect plenty of that in the news round ups.
  15. Trust me I won't.....and I never did when we were big and horrible under Megson or Wilkinson........oh both those teams got promoted. (obviously the internet didn't exist under Wilkinson). As an aside and a great listen have you ever listened to that Peter Crouch podcast -that Tony Pulis one? They talk about how Stoke were a Basketball team and they had beaten sides before they arrived, because they were scared of them.
  16. And at Boro he was on a 1 season, promotion or gone deal. And he had no real budget either, so did alright.
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