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  1. Michael Owen tore us a 'new one' in the distant premiership days..lively little sod..
  2. I only recently learned of this through a family friend, sad news all round, condolences to the family who are WEDNESDAY through and through, and a great gesture from Kieran .
  3. I remember him tearing us new A-holes when he was 18, Best Wednesday Player?? Waddle
  4. funny how I can look at these pics from years ago and name them whereas I may struggle with more recent ones! Damn my age!!
  5. all the best to you, its a great atmosphere!
  6. I have an old PYE black and white set without a remote, but I also have a Ferguson Videostar top loading VHS player (no remote either) ..if someone manages to get access to the matches for free, would they mind taping them and posting to me please??
  7. My late mother in law used to run with Albert in her youth and had fond memories, Happy Birthday Mr Quixall !!
  8. I thought we held our own in the first half, the difference however was the number of balls we lost or gave away, they retained the ball better, however when the second half substitutions got under way we were much weaker defensively as expected.
  9. Nope, it was'nt too bad for me in the past, I cant make all the games, so I could make a slight saving on matchday and have priority after ST holders..but I will just take my chances now.
  10. Probably the most 'important' match I ever went to, I remember being on the Lep, Eric Potts became my new hero!
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