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  1. Facing the massive headache of wether to go or not first day of the season. I work shifts so a season ticket was never an option. Can I buy multiple tickets with one of these £5 off owls membership things?
  2. Who do you speak too to get a birthday message?
  3. Do we really think he wanted to give the captaincy up? Has he ever said this? Do we also think he wants to not play, or even make the bench? Because he wants to focus on other aspects of the game. Saying be costs us the game on Monday is ridiculous, anyone who actually watched that game can't say that
  4. Can 20,000 fans be wrong?? When he came on on Monday despite hardly playing this year his song was by far the loudest. Something's obviously happened between him and jones, for him to be stripped him of the captaincy and hardly make the bench. It's not his performances that warranted this. I'd have have him ahead of coke and prutts anyday, because surely if we don't a lot of others would.
  5. How can he be worse than Daniel jones or Beevers? Surely he would have to play against us, actually try to score own goals to be worse than them. Twice oldhams player of the year, He must have done something really BGNA
  6. I don't understand how mark beevers is still at the club, never mind in the first team. He's Darren potter-esque terrible. I dont like slating our players but he represents the rot that set in under laws through to Irvine, before GM had the clear out. Last season he was 3rd or 4th choice, has he got that much better after all the years? Think seeing llera dropped is almost a crime. He should be captain, he championed our revival and promotion 5 months ago
  7. We know he's quality, one of the leading players in our promotion. Class on Wednesday, very disappointed to see him getting stick.
  8. It's a mystery how GMGM still manages to get in this squad, he hasn't done anything this year, never mind season. COG gives us that strength and ability to hold up the ball, our midfield has been lacking this season, COG's work rate and unselfishness in dropping back is like having another AMC we so desperately seem to need. As for Rodri, Maguire or bothroyd, take your pick. Be good to see maguire get another chance, Rodri seems to be getting by on reputation alone and not even his, but barca b's!
  9. Any ideas where? Apparently the weather spoons is away friendly
  10. I want them to loose at Wembley, that'd hurt more. But saying that, watching them now against Stevenage, I just want them to loose, constantly
  11. Or raider as what's his face on sky sports kept harping on about.
  12. I'm not knocking his performance today. I just don't think he did anything good. I've sat too many times in the cold watching him give less than a half hearted performance. I know I'm being harsh on him
  13. Or does it show that no one else wants him?
  14. 3rd choice ahead of llera or Rob Jones? He used to sit behind me at games when megson had him training with the reserves. He had his chance IMO
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