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  1. No it didn’t work. Yes we won, just, in a boring game against crap opposition. A half decent side would have thrashed us today.
  2. If you’re under 85, ask Alexa to ‘play Sheffield Wednesday’ and strange, bad, horrible things happen..... Apparently the song is ‘ Sheffield Wednesday by Lar 1919 Charles Haywood’ Blood dropped from my ears.
  3. Just curious where you sit and why? I usually go to a dozen games a season- when I can get time off basically. My preference was always the north stand, T1, towards the away end mainly for a decent atmosphere and the fact that I can stand up to watch the game rather than squidge my legs into the tiny seats in other areas of the ground where everyone sits down. Also the view from the North is awesome. So given the recent debacle, I can no longer choose to sit on the north stand (except last night) and have been testing different areas of the ground...…..even the south. I got stuck behind a couple of pillars on the kop which was no good and tried sitting up too close to the pitch too, which is difficult to look over anyone on the touchline. So where do you tend to sit for the odd game or where do you choose your season ticket seat to be and why? Other considerations noticed : 1) North stand lower sections have sun in eyes on Saturday afternoons 2) Being too close to the band is not favourable 3) Tango smells
  4. It was worth £20 to just be allowed in the North Stand again.
  5. I watched the same game...….. He had some moments of good quality, and some moments of typical Wednesday. No better or worse than anyone else really. Should he start next game? Could do. Maybe. Not much in it.
  6. Dawson - 6 - Goals are goals but man hes way too slow to get the ball out- almost time wasting when we're losing. Ever heard of throwing it mate? Odubajo - 5 - At fault but also put in a decent enough shift. Iorfa - 6 - As above. Thorniley - 7- Solid enough really Fox - 7- As above Murphy - 6 - Weak. pulled out of a couple of early challenges but does not offer enough for me. Luongo - 7- Some class there, just needs game time. Pelupessy - 5 - Some very wayward balls. Reach - 6 - Looks like he doesn't want to be on pitch at times. Did create a bit. Winnall - 6- Shame. Nuihu - 8 - MOM.
  7. For a moment I wondered where Liam Palmer was....... but then realised photos don’t take themselves.
  8. Entirely agree that barcode scanning should be an option - which shouldn’t be difficult to implement given we already have to scan the paper tickets.
  9. Both challenging for a ball. Never going to get a pen there.
  10. Hardly. Except for the over 80’s I fail to see the ‘difficulty’ in purchasing a ticket online.
  11. Mate I’ve paid my £36 and as a true Yorkshireman I getting every pennies worth. Never leave early. Why on earth would you? Especially when we are the team that look like scoring. Yes the officials were jokeworthy but I’d rather scream abuse at them than walk out. Yes 0.03% of people may NEED to leave early. Heres what I do right : park a fair bit further away and walk to the car to avoid majority of traffic. Watch the end of game antics and then applaud the team I love..... just so happens the end of the game was belting this time!!
  12. Yeah agreed it wasn’t a tap in but a Bannan from 2/3 years ago would have buried that easily. He’s lost something, which unfortunately appears to be some quality.
  13. Anyone happen to have a fans video of the end of game celebrations? I fancy reliving it. Felt like we’d won the league. Best atmosphere at Hillsborough for a long time, truely very enjoyable. Nice to have something to cheer about even if it is just an equaliser against a poor show of opposition and officials. Although if we didn’t score we’d all have gone home and kicked our dogs. Funny how a goal can change your whole weekend.
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