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  1. First Wednesday hero for me - god I feel old - pity he played in such desperate times, the seventies apart from the last week of the decade were not an enjoyable time to be an Owl - cue Hovis music ‘youngsters today don’t know how lucky they are’
  2. I’ve been critical of Joey and definitely Fox but credit where it’s due they both played well last night especially Joey BUT one game doesn’t go anywhere near to papering over the serious gaps in their skill sets (lack of pace, terrible positional sense and attacking instincts for both). So well done to both but I would not expect them to be in the squad next year.
  3. We’ve clearly got the hardest run in (6 tough games out of 8) but that also gives us greatest opportunity to control our own destiny. IF we have Hutch, FF, Joao all fit for those games (and perhaps even adding Hooper) then it’s def possible - without them it’s simply not going to happen.
  4. Joey is certainly a tryer but he’s League 1 standard - I’d take Semedo instead even now - he lacks pace, height, and composure and has almost no attacking qualities - he’s nearly always a yard off the pace and the game goes around him. If Hutch is out we won’t keep winning against better teams than Blackburn.
  5. Palmer was clear MOM for me - Playing out of position for a large part of the game against a side who pride themselves on getting down the flanks and he was the only player who showed any consistent level of composure on the ball. He’s been a revelation in the last month or so. Hector hoofed too many panic kicks very unlike his normal self - steady defence though. Boyd - my mum always said if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything ......................................
  6. I’ve just book a hol which misses the playoff final date. Last time I did that we got promoted at Cardiff and I had to arrange a 90 min taxi to get the family to the nearest civilisation (Sky sports) to watch the bloody final. Great day tho. No thanks needed just relax and enjoy the ride I’ll be with you at Wembley in soul if not body.
  7. Absolutely spot on - I’d rather keep DC and instead lose a few hundred of the ‘Sir Alf Ramsey know it alls’ that we have in our fan base. They would really be no great loss whereas DC and his money, support and commitment would.
  8. Why don’t we all hold up a handbag and pull a funny face (a la Reeves and Mortimer) that’s a much better piece of flouncing. No doubt about it, It’s really crap at the moment but seen MUCH much worse than this - we even had a campaign to ‘Save our Owls’ in the seventies when the club was really on its arse. Gates of 10.000 but don’t remember anywhere near the histrionics that we are seeing now.
  9. The sense of entitlement in some of our fans would be quite funny if it wasn’t so toxic. May you in particular get everything that you wish for.
  10. By all means DC should be challenged on events over the past 18 months. But before some people start exploding with their own indignance tonight, take a breath and remember a couple of points to temper that frustration: 1. DC has ploughed millions of his own cash into the club. As such it’s HIS club until sold. He alone has the power to sort this out. 2. Can any of us seriously believe that he is personally remotely happy or satisfied with the current situation and that he doesn’t want to see the club succeed. Of course not so let’s keep him onside. 3. This season is now about surviving to partially reset FFP and go again next. DC must know that so let’s hope he had a plan for a more competent manager to bed in to do that. 4. Finally and perhaps most importantly - a fall out between fans and owner is not a good path to take. Look at Blackpool and Hull to see examples of owners in dispute with fans. Be be careful what you wish for
  11. Casual racism - hardly. He’s one of what seems like many ‘foreign’ managers but who else comes across so badly? I really think he might be better advised using an interpreter because surely he can’t mean to talk such bafflingly incompetent tosh. Just a little insight or knowledge would do. Sorry but I switched off after you defended League 1 Joey. There’s no doubt he’s very committed (more so than others in fact) but he’s one paced, not particularly good in the air and offers nothing but a backwards or sideways first time ball - He’s a shallow imitation of Semedo and his consistent inclusion in the team shows where Jos is taking us. That said I still won’t boo him!
  12. Although we agree in our final assessment I was always taught at school to show my ‘workings out’
  13. Jos has: 1. No formation or structure - back 5 or back 4, changes in midfield 2,3 or 4, what on earth is Reach’s role - does he even know, and have any of our strikers shown even the faintest sign of joined up play between them. 2. Inconsistency in selection. So MANY changes week in week out. How can any player (apart from Reach, BB, Dawson and League 1 Joey) feel comfortable knowing they may fall foul of Jos’s bingo selection techniques. 3. Narrow mindedness - if he can’t recognise the quality he’s ignoring (Westwood and Hutchinson, FF on the bench!) that’s worrying or he is so stubborn that he will not back down even in such desperately bad times when his own job is on the line. If so then he is clearly no effective man manager. I actually wonder if Hooper, Lee and Winnal were fit whether they’d get near his first team, probably not. Dawson will be a good keeper but he’s made some calamitous errors that for any other keeper at any other club would see their place under threat - Jos clearly has his favourites or is determined to prove his own views regardless of form - League 1 Joey EVERY game! 4. Communication - Okay English is not his first language but that’s almost the norm nowadays with so many foreign coaches - He is unintelligible in interview and what he does give is so simplistic as to be useless and does not provide any insight into his real thoughts. Can anyone say what Jos feels about things? He seems so bland. 5. Passion - Probably the least important (as long as results flow) but he’s simply a flat liner, bland and grey without any obvious character. He hasn’t demonstrated any attempt at a connection with fans or to try and lead as a figurehead/representative of the club. As a long standing fan I’ve seen worse play on many occasions previously but never have so many of our shortfallings been SELF INFLICTED PS having said all that I still will not be booing at any match!
  14. I had the (dis)pleasure of watching us in the seventies - the football was generally dire until Big Jack and that Boxing Day and attendances were often down around 10,000 (inc both home games either side of Boxing Day!). The big difference today is the inflated sense of entitlement that so many fans seem to have. Did anyone at all complain when DC took over? It’s his money and therefore his club but unfortunately he has created a monster by giving us a glimpse of what might be and to have those hopes dashed and a return to (what are typically normal circumstances - mid table) is just too much for some individuals to bear. It was much worse watching in the seventies but the atmosphere was nowhere near as toxic as now. I’m personally very fed up with watching our hopeless manager and his disorganised team but history shows things do change and no need to burst a blood vessel over it.
  15. England honours, Tottenham player and played most of the games in a Villa team which were one game away from promotion. Could be that we aren’t using him properly or giving him a chance to show what he can do? But then again surely Jos wouldn’t do that! How he has not been starting alongside Bannan is a mystery. Joey P is at best a top half league 1 player - energetic but no touch, pace or forward vision even Jones must be non plussed as to how he can’t get a game ahead of Joey.
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