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  1. Disappointing end - yes very definitely but it was Jos and his excellent team setup that got us 2-0 up and playing as the better team. Who wouldnt have taken a point before the game? Put those dummies back in! A generally very positive performance - did anyone notice Bannan didn’t play by the way
  2. Whilst we are celebrating our 151st today this might be of interest to anybody who cares about how Wednesday got started. It’s a free walking app which helps you explore the earliest days of Sheffield club football (and by logic world club football). It’s interesting to see how Wednesday favoured Heeley for so many of our early years. Pity we had to move. It would save me having to drive past the Lane every home match. 22 years without United in the city - oh to be able to go back in time and sabotage that stupid idea that we needed two clubs. http://www.homeoffootball.net/
  3. I caught a ‘Rumbelows’ League cup final commemorative ball at Wembley in 1991. The players kicked/threw them into the crowd when they came out. Still got it somewhere - happy days
  4. Got mine today as well - Nice little reward for funding the Fred Spiksley Kickstarter project. Hope it goes well.
  5. Some don't care about someone they've never heard of or who was average at best for us! Reaches for flat cap and presses play on Hovis tune - If thats a representative view for a fair few of todays fans then, to me it shows a sad lack of interest and respect in our club and its history (which to be honest is one of the few things that really marks us out at present). Its also missing the point that today's favourites will perhaps be one of the legends at a future game. And here's our old friend Fernando Forestieri. Son - Who's he dad? Father - He used to be a star when we were nearly relegated from the second division son. Son - Oh right, I'm off for a pie. Some of these 'legends' played when we were much more successful (in the old First division) than we are at present. When Wilko and his team of pretty average players outperformed a lot of much more expensive teams and even managed to finish in a European qualifying position before the Liverpool charge at Heysel restricted that option. Some played even earlier in less happy times but like today and like the past 18 years when we've been a second and third division side there were still favourites who we applauded. Returning to my original point - If we can't show some respect and provide a proper introduction and welcome for these 'legends' then why bother?
  6. I know the stands are usually about half empty in the half time periods but some of the recent applause for the half time draw, given to some of the 'Wednesday legends' has been desultory if not pathetic. I appreciate that some of the older players might be a complete mystery to some fans, so why not spend a little bit more time with the welcome rather than just 'here's our old friend ..........' This was most painfully brought home at the last home game. I felt really sorry for Brian Hornsby. Okay he's no TC (Terry Curran for those born after 1979) but he played in the Boxing Day massacre FFS and offered a little bit of flair in what were very dark days for our club. Perhaps a little research and a bit more effort in the (otherwise pretty good) announcers welcome would not go amiss. Give the fans a little bit of background - career dates/appearances/goals/notable games played etc. To some of us they were very important at one time so lets make the welcome a bit warmer and a whole lot more genuine. Rant over - back to my warmed up soup! and I hope its not Fred Spikesly on Saturday.
  7. Heeleyowl

    Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Renewed before the original deadline was extended - £24 per match to sit on the halfway line in the North is still fair value. If it was down to a match by match decision, with our "how much!!!' walk up prices, I would not be bothering for a fair few of the games.
  8. Heeleyowl

    Morgan Fox

    Not sure what his strengths are supposed to be - Seems a little slow, not particularly strong in the tackle, distribution is okay but positional awareness is often dodgy and most frustratingly he hits their defender with almost every attempted cross. Reach is absolutely made for the wing back role in a back 5 when we have the strength back in midfield.
  9. Heeleyowl

    #SWFC to feature in feature documentary

    This looks like a brilliant project! Yes its ancient history but its OUR clubs history. Looks like they are only halfway to the total thats needed, so perhaps Owlstalk (and talkers) could do as much as they can to support it. Every little bit helps, can't wait for my 1899 print.
  10. Swapped my ST seat in the north for middle of the kop - nice enough view between the pillars and def right choice to avoid the blizzard compared to poor souls in the front of the south brought back lots of good memories from years ago but the band is bloody annoying closer up
  11. Heeleyowl

    Clapper or Meldrew

    Meldrews - thankfully they are only a Significant minority but they make a hell of a lot of noise on social media and radio with their hysterical ravings. Will it ever be good enough for some of them?
  12. The WAWAW happy family seems to be seriously split with the current situation and the ONLY positive aspect is how entertaining it is to watch the raised handbags and listen to the pained hissy fits from the significant minority of Meldrews who are fast approaching a mass meltdown. Thank god there are no cliffs nearby, the lemmings would be crowding the edge. The Meldrews simply don’t believe it! They don’t believe the poor team selection, the poor tactics, the crap players, the expensive ticket prices, the delayed shirts but most of all they don’t believe the ineptitude of the manager. It must be said that Meldrews are never ever happy - they demand their team play at a champions league level, they absolutely believe that their team has a god given right to premier league status and they obviously know so much more about tactics and selection than the manager. Of course they do they’ve been watching Wednesday for (insert number here) years. They have never played the game at any decent level but they simply know better than the idiots in charge. They know that booing is helpful and it teaches the players a lesson that will surely improve their confidence. Clapper or Meldrew I would not be upset to see Carlos go- I think he’s run out of ideas but equally I’m not going to go apoplectic just because we are not in the top 6. It’s just a bloody game, the club will still be here next year and I’ll still be watching. Things never change and you can also bet that in a few years time when we are struggling back in the Prem the Meldrews will be hysterical again. WAWAW.
  13. Why even raise this as an issue. Our wannabe 'hard boys' with boys being the appropriate description are just as pathetic. What you will see on Sunday is groups of intellectually challenged fools hiding behind lines of police and giving it their best Danny Dyer impressions. How hard is it (if they were really serious) in a city the size of Sheffield to organise a 'meet up' of the two sides to have a physical discussion with no police to protect them. Frankly it's all a bit laughable and sad - FFS grow up
  14. No buses at all that day. Walked to Hillsborough from our end of town (6 miles on google maps) with a big bunch of best mates majority of whom were Blades (comes from growing up near the Lane). Brilliant day, unbelievable performance - No Blades at the meet up point afterwards- think they must have misheard the arrangements! Apart from the day I also remember 10,000 at home matches before and after (lost both?) before we got into our stride and gathered pace. Blackburn away 10,000 Owls what a.night. More of the same please.
  15. Heeleyowl


    People praising Hudders are missing the point. We have a squad (even with injuries) which was good enough to be able to take the game to them both home and away. We didn't do that and instead we played negatively hoping to pinch something and hold it. Hudders have a minus goal difference & didn't look threatening across both legs. That approach has been the blueprint this season and let's be honest we've had some very poor performances as a result. Whoever the manager is (and even I think CC has gone as far as he can) we simply need to change our attitude from let's not lose to we can beat anyone. Let's bloody well USE the talent we already have.