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  1. Why are we signing players with no permanent manager? I presume Thompson has at least been consulted? It simply doesn’t make any kind of sense UNLESS of course Thompson is going to continue for the foreseeable future. Our ambition really couldn’t fall any further!
  2. I would prefer Cook but the over reaction against one of the most experienced British managers currently available is laughable. Who do some fans think we are? The style of play won’t matter in the slightest (even amongst those fans who know so much more than the rest of us) IF he brings success. One thing we can be certain of seeing will be players and a team who are prepared to put a shift in for us and that’s been a constant criticism for so many of us. If it is you Tony the best of luck to you mate. Bring us some success and you’ll see how good this club could be.
  3. If I remember correctly the pitch invasion was simply the usual last game tradition. We choked that year 6 points clear in third and threw it away (I think if it had still been 2 points per win we actually would have gone up). Norwich went up instead. I have no recollection of the diving header
  4. I don’t expect him to need it but Monk has a ‘free go’ this season with the 12 point deduction. Even if the worst happens and we are relegated (can’t see it myself) the changes he’s made to the squad are much needed and long overdue. It’s difficult given the stupid current restrictions but I’d like to have seen us fans try a new approach and actually back the manager and team unconditionally for a season. I wonder if it would make a difference?
  5. Had a good start last year then absolutely anonymous second half of the season (clearly not alone in that category). He has genuine pace but not a great deal else - he’s certainly no central striker. At present Penny should be given first go at LWB. Add to the decent signings and returnees and we’ll be on zero points after 4 games
  6. Wishful thinking but .... Easy way out for the EFL if we are found guilty by the panel - dock us however many points to keep us up by goal difference. I know there are statutory guidelines on punishment but I’m sure there’s enough ambiguity and confusion in our specific circumstances (hence the panel in the first place) to allow some flexibility. They will have then fulfilled their responsibilities through due process. No complaints from us, no avenue for litigation from the relegated clubs!
  7. It’s a good system to give us more attacking options down the wings (sign Murphy) and to give us bodies in midfield where we are simply too lightweight. It also gives more security in central defence again where it’s needed. However at present we are shoehorning players into some positions to make do. Time to get players in to fit a system rather than (as in the last few years) buying loads of players and then trying to find a system that accommodates them. Give Wilder a ring he knows exactly how to do that.
  8. I watched them all through the ‘dark days’ of the seventies and hand on heart I’m more frustrated now. The difference is in the seventies we almost went broke and we had little or no expectations until big Jack arrived. Now we ‘are loaded’ and we’ve had a glimpse of how close the Premier league is with a couple of playoff runs. It’s so bloody depressing to think how we’ve wasted those opportunities whilst others (like the blunts) have done it on a relative shoestring compared to what we’ve wasted. The absolute cherry on the cake made out of poo would be relegation and unfortunately that’s
  9. Harris starting against Citeh He’s so out of form and confidence he shouldn’t even be on the bench. Give him a break FFS before he’s completely ruined. Fletch up front on his own 5 in the middle (take your pick). Unless we spoz a lucky breakaway goal and declare Alamo stations it won’t make much difference who’s playing. City are pretty unique amongst the big guns in that they dont seem to have off days too often and don’t need to blood youths (Liverpool take note). I fear for us tonight.
  10. Comments about the Bleats shouldn’t feature in any decision about a ST - They and Wolves have shown what is possible in a short space of time a. Spend a shitload of money BUT spend it wisely on skilful players that build a team or b. Find a fantastic manager who can turn L1 players into Premier League. They have both left us trailing massively and the current PL finances make any comparison to previous times completely irrelevant. we are literally not in their league at present. The Prince has seen his ‘£10 mill investment’ in the Bleats rise tenfold with promotion.
  11. Anybody except the Blunts - we are far too fragile to play them.
  12. An easy win would be to push away fans down to the front of the Lepps away from the amplifier that is the West stand roof - Much harder to address the appalling atmosphere (for the size and alleged fervour of our massive fan base) in the rest of the ground. It is unfortunately a library and it’s not solely attributable to what’s happening on the pitch. Look at Palace they have solid backing EVERY game.
  13. The support at home games this season is an embarrassing contrast to the excellent away support. Currently home games are like the old Division 3 atmosphere in the late 70’s when there were only 10k in the ground.
  14. Atmosphere The away support supplied all the noise from the very beginning in comparison to the rather subdued home fans. Quote from a London paper on the atmosphere last night at (it’s still Loftus Rd to me). Its funny because this could easily apply to nearly every single one of our HOME games (even Hull sang it at us!). As usual our away support was incredibly loud at QPR and it does make you wonder what if any part our fans could actually have in helping the team at home if the away support was replicated at Hillsborough. It must have an effect on some playe
  15. Is this a library chants at every single home game now (even from Hull fans!). Needs some club engineering re seating allocations. 1. Move the ‘tough guys’ away from the end of the North (are they still there haven’t heard them for ages?). 2. Move away fans down to bottom tier. Hillsborough always looks so empty on TV and it will take away their magnificent view from on high and reduce the amplification effect up at the back of the stand. 3. Have a good run at the playoffs.
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