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  1. Given the choices he was my favourite - He’s a manager who likes his teams to play football and our squad is geared to that. Pulis would have been the complete opposite (terrible negative football). The Cowleys have been impressive but only at lower level football and you only have to look at Jones at Stoke to see how previous success is no guarantee. Monk knows the championship and has managed in the Prem. Give him time he feels like a good fit
  2. Why do they feel the need to close ALL lanes of Penistone Road? Because there are now extra fans leaving the ground by that route. Why are extra fans leaving by that route? Because SAG in their ivory tower have decreed that Leppings Lane is off limits due to imagined conflicts between home and away support (even when there a just a few away supporters). Where is the hard evidence to support these imagined conflicts? Where are the official stats showing arrests/assaults in that specific area? Why is there no proportionality shown to cater for different risk games? This is a domino effect solely fuelled by SAG. No other ground in the country has such draconian and punitive measures in place. This is F++kwittery of the very highest order. SAG you and only you have created these problems. Let’s hope at some stage in the future you are held to account as the group of incompetent individuals you undoubtedly are. Shame on you.
  3. Whilst I completely disagree with any of the ill thought out SAG/SYP rubbish there were a couple of interesting by products from their actions. 1. No queues or scrums for the toilets on the upper north. Important for those of us of an advancing age! 2. Were those chants and songs I herd from the Kop? What a pleasure to have some life back in the old East Bank rather than relying on the kindergarten of the BBC wannabes at the end of the North. Time for a singing/away(home) section to see if the fans can actually help at home? it seems a plastic idea but seems to work elsewhere.
  4. Waste of time just writing to SYP they could simply ignore your effort. However Call it a complaint and they have to both record it and satisfactorily answer it. It’s easiest by email complaints_and_discipline@southyorks.pnn.police.uk
  5. If you are genuinely peeved with the changes enforced on fans regarding access and egress from the North and South stands then get off your a+++e and do something. SYP are duty bound to receive and log EVERY complaint against police direction and control. They are equally dirty bound to reply to every one. Without statistics showing the significant strength of fans worries and concerns about their safety with the new measures they can simply fall back on their ‘independent’ assessment. You can complain by email to complaints_and_discipline@southyorks.pnn.police.uk
  6. First Wednesday hero for me - god I feel old - pity he played in such desperate times, the seventies apart from the last week of the decade were not an enjoyable time to be an Owl - cue Hovis music ‘youngsters today don’t know how lucky they are’
  7. I’ve been critical of Joey and definitely Fox but credit where it’s due they both played well last night especially Joey BUT one game doesn’t go anywhere near to papering over the serious gaps in their skill sets (lack of pace, terrible positional sense and attacking instincts for both). So well done to both but I would not expect them to be in the squad next year.
  8. We’ve clearly got the hardest run in (6 tough games out of 8) but that also gives us greatest opportunity to control our own destiny. IF we have Hutch, FF, Joao all fit for those games (and perhaps even adding Hooper) then it’s def possible - without them it’s simply not going to happen.
  9. Joey is certainly a tryer but he’s League 1 standard - I’d take Semedo instead even now - he lacks pace, height, and composure and has almost no attacking qualities - he’s nearly always a yard off the pace and the game goes around him. If Hutch is out we won’t keep winning against better teams than Blackburn.
  10. Palmer was clear MOM for me - Playing out of position for a large part of the game against a side who pride themselves on getting down the flanks and he was the only player who showed any consistent level of composure on the ball. He’s been a revelation in the last month or so. Hector hoofed too many panic kicks very unlike his normal self - steady defence though. Boyd - my mum always said if you have nothing good to say don’t say anything ......................................
  11. I’ve just book a hol which misses the playoff final date. Last time I did that we got promoted at Cardiff and I had to arrange a 90 min taxi to get the family to the nearest civilisation (Sky sports) to watch the bloody final. Great day tho. No thanks needed just relax and enjoy the ride I’ll be with you at Wembley in soul if not body.
  12. Absolutely spot on - I’d rather keep DC and instead lose a few hundred of the ‘Sir Alf Ramsey know it alls’ that we have in our fan base. They would really be no great loss whereas DC and his money, support and commitment would.
  13. Why don’t we all hold up a handbag and pull a funny face (a la Reeves and Mortimer) that’s a much better piece of flouncing. No doubt about it, It’s really crap at the moment but seen MUCH much worse than this - we even had a campaign to ‘Save our Owls’ in the seventies when the club was really on its arse. Gates of 10.000 but don’t remember anywhere near the histrionics that we are seeing now.
  14. The sense of entitlement in some of our fans would be quite funny if it wasn’t so toxic. May you in particular get everything that you wish for.
  15. By all means DC should be challenged on events over the past 18 months. But before some people start exploding with their own indignance tonight, take a breath and remember a couple of points to temper that frustration: 1. DC has ploughed millions of his own cash into the club. As such it’s HIS club until sold. He alone has the power to sort this out. 2. Can any of us seriously believe that he is personally remotely happy or satisfied with the current situation and that he doesn’t want to see the club succeed. Of course not so let’s keep him onside. 3. This season is now about surviving to partially reset FFP and go again next. DC must know that so let’s hope he had a plan for a more competent manager to bed in to do that. 4. Finally and perhaps most importantly - a fall out between fans and owner is not a good path to take. Look at Blackpool and Hull to see examples of owners in dispute with fans. Be be careful what you wish for
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