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  1. Was talking about this last night. When Football Heaven didn't take itself too seriously and was still worth listening to.
  2. How's the weather up North? Any chance it will be called off with all the rain, or is it not too bad up there?
  3. Saw this on twitter over the last few days and wondered who it was. Thanks Nath83 for explaining the circumstances. RIP Dave
  4. Merthyr Imp Vital Squad Member 5 minutes ago #419 Why did nobody ask him about Danny leaving? Sheer incompetence. Lincoln fans seem confused
  5. Is that a good sign? Not turning up at the press conference?
  6. About 99% of the media is pro establishment and quite keen on Brexit. Why do you think ordinary people have such a distrust of Europeans? They been fed anti Europe propaganda for 20 years by the tabloids and broacast TV. That said I can't stand the Guardian either, Morning Star for me (or the Indy now and then)
  7. Phew! That's a relief. Looks Like Bully's getting the job then
  8. I think his ambitions to be a Tory London Mayor worry me more than any of the other stuff. He seems to be very ambitious so I'm not sure he can even be relied on to stay in football. Never mind stay at one club for any length of time. Never trust a Tory.
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