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  1. Danny Mayor

    DJ signing I think. Didn't he go to Preston?
  2. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Not impressed with Cardiff
  3. Predictor For Remaining Games

    I had us 4th from bottom, 2 points above Birmingham with only 1 win and 2 draws from remaining games
  4. Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 1 Bolton OMDT

    it's on again
  5. If the players aren't really injured...

    I just assumed people claiming that players were not really injured was some sort of Owlstalk in-joke. Didn't think for a minute that some posters actually believed it. (or have I been wooshed)
  6. Stay classy, Bristol...

    When social media is mentioned I think mainly of Facebook and the like. I wouldn't have anything to do with that sort of stuff my self. Just seems to be middle aged women (and men I suppose) bragging about where they have been on their holidays or who's having it off with who. Think twitter is slightly better because there's not so many privacy issues to worry about. I don't buy a paper or watch much tv news so it's where I can get the stuff I'm interested in. Podcast aregreat too.
  7. Stay classy, Bristol...

    Twitter is great for following people/things/news you are interested in. There's a few loonies on there but it's easy to avoid them.
  8. Bristol City game in doubt??

    Can't imagine it will be on if its anything like we have in South Wales this morning. Big snow drifts everywhere and now its freezing. Won't melt for Saturday.
  9. Rob O'Neill and John Pearson. Can't stand the Radio Sheffield mob, apart from Paul Walker
  10. Thought Staton worked for North Norfolk Digital now
  11. Boyd

    Never like slating our own players but don't know what's happened to him since he's joined Wednesday. I'd have loved him with us when he was younger but he just looks knackered/disinterested since he's been here.
  12. sheffield star

    You're not to supposed to complain about local media. They are the best in the World ffs! Complain about Carlos and you'll be fine though (even though he's gone)
  13. Sounds like we're playing well, can't remember that feeling at half time