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  1. Graham Hyde

    He's great in that show about metal detectorists
  2. Bolton beating Sunderland
  3. POLL - Carlos in or Carlos out?

    Wish we could give him a non-football role at the Club, maybe just dealing with the press, Then appoint Heckingbottom as head coach to work with Bullen. I'd hate to see Carlos at a rival club.
  4. iFollow

    Working fine here
  5. Which Ex-Wednesday player said this?

    Miguel Llera?
  6. Help!

    Can't you get Mobdro?
  7. What mood are you in?

    Tired (little un woke me early)
  8. Social Media Embarrassment

    S'pose it depends on who you follow on twitter. I've not seen anything like that because I don't follow t***s. Never go near Facebook either.
  9. At least Buchan will go home happy
  10. Always sounds disappointed when Cardiff lose the ball
  11. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Is the commentary in sync with the video?
  12. Man of the match

    Bannon - Brilliant!
  13. Best performance for ages