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  1. A friends been down and seen it for real this morning, they've now been took off the shelves so def no photo shopped
  2. I think Reda is out for the Leeds game due to suspension isn't he?
  3. You still going to wear your Semedo mask? ;)
  4. How come Wikipedia says Madines current club is Stevenage?? Also why does it say he is 6ft 6? lmao
  5. I'll take him being banged up for 6 months, he can have a lovely Christmas in there!
  6. Wednesday are well known for having a lot of support outside of Sheffield, lots in other countries too. So if you're a supporter outside of Sheffield how did you become a fan? Did you used to live here? Just curious............
  7. Can i 'borrow' this to show the Wednesday fans on our FB group?
  8. Nicholas Edward "Nick" Powell is an English professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Manchester United and the England Under-18 team. Not Nick Powell news presenter http://hub.tv-ark.or...owellc92-01.jpg
  9. It's a proper dog shirt. Unless he could walk on 2 legs i'm not sure you'd see it on the front
  10. This is my best friends dog Pippin. He is fantastically cute but wasn't impressed at wearing the shirt
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