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  1. They really are a thick bunch

    You see ethos of the victim mentality, inferiority complex, blind hatred towards us and justifying the latest incident of cowardly thuggery that runs right through the fabric of that horrible football club. Right from the top with the megalomaniac chairman right down to the Carling drinking, coke sniffing chav of a “Blaaahhhyyyde”. It’s been said on here before but some of the calls to FH last night which I misguidedly turned on had to be heard to be believed. I’m not condoning violence but………then proceed to condone violence! The 56 year old who “felt like coming out of retirement”. Moron. Wildhog just reinforced the tone with his school boy rant after Saturdays game too. It will be a distraction for him this week before the derby though………..he’ll need to locate the dummy he spat out. Naughty nasty Norwich playing to keep their lead. Whatever happens Sunday you do realise they can’t lose? If we win…..well you’ve spent all that money and that ref was at fault for your 5th goal!. If we draw…………..we should have won and that’s a great result for us being the away team. If we lose……we said we were coming for you…mind the gap! Nothing in their mind-set will ever say they were beaten fair and square in a derby. Let's hope we smash em!
  2. I can think of another four letter word starting with C to describe this waste of skin. So the minutes silence disrespecting (Matt Busby 1994), urine chucking, flare throwing, rapist chanting, victim abusing, cowardly porcine set of t**ts can add this to their list too. In recent years they have "endeared" themselves to West Ham fans, Coventry fans, Middlesborough fans and now Norwich fans. They are generally quite a disliked set of fans and as a club. They must be so proud. The old quotes are regurgitated like "all clubs have idiots". Well yes but some clearly have a worse and larger element than others. Will the club itself act to ban these "fans" and especially the ones involved on Saturday with the Norwich fans? Deafening silence so far. It appears many of us have had "encounters" with the grunters we have the mis-fortune to share our beautiful city with. I recall during Euro 2004 being in town after England had just won on lovely warm summers afternoon/evening. Sat in Llyods having a few beers (I think alanharper my mate who frequents on here at times) was with me. Anyway, two pigs sat at a table not too far away were giving it the usual nonsense about eating chips and smoking fags and the we are Blavdes drivel. Actually sat with them were two females who clearly were their partners. This carried on for about half an hour so. First opportunity the woman left the table I had to go up to these two morons and politely tell them to shut the *** up. These hard men were like mice after. In hindsight it could have got messy even though I wasn't on my own but it's that mentality they have that gets very tiresome. Lets hope we smash them (on the pitch) this Sunday!
  3. Any confirmation on exactly how many we have been given? Sure Lower West holds (or used to/should hold) 2,300.
  4. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    Fair comments about the midfielders but if we are wanting to improve on last seasons 4th Joao isn't good enough.
  5. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    If you read my full quote this is something I actually do mention.
  6. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    So what does he had that Bannan, Lee, Hutch, Jones and Abdi don't? Winnall offered something different up top which I've already explained.
  7. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    Silly negative? Why's that? It's called constructive criticism/an opinion based on evidence. We lack goals and I'm not sure why you think Butterfield has more energy than Lee, Hutch and Bannan because he hasn't. Why on Earth would you bring Butterfields age into too? You do realize there's only a few months between Butterfield and Winnall age wise??
  8. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    We only have 3 strikers that are good enough. Forestieri shouldn't play up top in a two and Nuhiu and Joao aren't good enough. We now have 6 central midfielders!
  9. I may as well add my take on the Winnall/Butterfield swap. For those who think it’s a good move just ask yourself these questions. What is the one the thing universally recognised our squad lacks? It’s pace/mobility. Is Butterflied quicker/more mobile than Winnall. No he’s not. Problem not addressed but exacerbated. Can Butterfield offer something different/better than Bannan, Lee, Hutch, Jones and Abdi. I would suggest not. Can Winnall offer something different to the forwards deemed good enough for current squad i.e. Hooper, Fletcher and Rhodes. Yes. He’s probably the most hard working and the one that can run in behind defenders the best. I’ve not included Nuhiu who as much has he tries isn’t good enough and Joao isn’t in CC’s plans/hasn’t progressed. .That leaves Forestier who it would now appear will be playing as a central forward. Does this mean CC has given into his demands not to play down the left? I would suggest when Winnall has played he has forged a better partnership than Forestieri has with any our current forwards. There’s the balance of the squad too. If Winnall had stayed we would have had 4 forwards (play Forestieri in his best position which isn’t up front in a two) and Nuhiu and Joaa aren’t in the picture along with 5 central midfield players. Now we have 3 centre forwards and 1 forward that appears to have got his own way after more disruption and 6 central midfielders! Winnall definitely offered us something different even if it was form the bench. OK we are only 5 games in but Winnall had scored1 goal every 136 minutes this season which is by far the best strike rate of any other player.Carlos sees fit to let him go. I hope I’m wrong and Carlos plays 3-5-2 or the diamond with Forestieri at the tip playing like he can and being one of the best players in the Champ. I have serious doubts though. Playing devil’s advocate maybe there is more to the injuries of Hutch, Lee and Abdi and therefore central midfield did need strengthening. Like I say I so want to be wrong but reluctantly conclude that on the surface I don’t think this is a good deal for us. Time will tell.
  10. 150 anniversary dinner

    I'll be there. Seven of us on a silver table. Went to the 91 do last year at Magna and that was really good especially meeting Big Ron and a tuned in Shezza! Glad Wilkinson is going to be there next Monday. Great manager for and really stepped up for us again in 2010 when there nearly wasn't an us!
  11. Carlton says...

    Awesome player and Wednesday legend. However, this is the same Carlton who insisted Dave Jones was a good manager while he was destroying us just prior to his sacking. Pigs? Yeah momentum etc but once the dust has settled I’m sticking with my prediction of 16th.
  12. Djourou deal back on ?

    From a spot on source who has close friends within the game and at the club mate. I'd rather not give anymore detail as it's not really my place too. I do believe it's genuine and why the deal collapsed.
  13. Djourou deal back on ?

    Love some of the theories on here as to why he didn't sign for us. :-) It was eventually down to DC being unwilling to pay sky high insurance for him with only having played relatively few games for Hamburg recently. Combined with wages it wasn't considered a good deal by DC.
  14. Dear Mr Chansiri and Family

    Very well said. You should send this directly to the club for his attention.
  15. Really? You nice and safe behind that keyboard? As for Oughtibridge I'm only passing on what I've been told. Take it or leave it, makes no difference to me but apparently there is land there for development.