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  1. Those scrubbers will always need to play us more than we do them so no, fk em! Nothing will top BDM79, FACSF93 and MTG12
  2. Imagine this record for nearly half a season? PL 17 W 0 D 2 L 15 F 9 A 31 PTS 2 168 days on Boxing Day since last win. 10 points off safety with worse goal difference. On current form it will take 85 games just to bridge that gap!
  3. Great performance last night and the tone set by the energy, work rate and movement of Windass and Katchunga up front. Just an observation and not intended as criticism but we need to rotate a three of the aforementioned and Patterson up front. Marriott has started 4 games and we’ve lost all 4. 6 games he hasn’t started W 3 D 2 L 1. The way we played last night and in other games this season with decent pressing and high energy all falls down when Marriott starts. Just saying.
  4. I’ll answer my own question that was answered ridiculously by some.... no, no it’s fkn not! Hindsight is a great thing but foresight far better.
  5. Great clip. I was there as a young kid and remember big Norwich numbers and being really disappointed we weren’t going up. Official attendance 24,687. Really?? Bear in mind Hillsborough held around 50,000 at the time.
  6. Pigs Post Lockdown League Record: PL 13 W 3 D 2 L 8 F 8 A 18 PTS 11 Taken over full season that's just 32 points. Since 1995 over the past 25 Premier League 38 game seasons the lowest points totals to stay up in 17th place range from 34 points to 44 points.
  7. BDTBL? Seriously? Or as I call it....Sty! Another myth busted by evidence about how all that grunting from the stands helps the Pigs. Aug 19 to lockdown 1.6 points per game Post lockdown 1.8 points per game They’ve actually done better at home without crowds....so far. Last 14 in all competitions PL 14 W 3 D 2 L 9 11 pts in 12 PL games in that run relegation form. Weakened keeper and had to spend £18 million for the privilege. Arguably the worst forward options in the PL based on goals per game. Players playing at full tilt
  8. I'd suggest it's a bad run already Beaker! Last 12 in the league W 3 D 2 L 7 PTS 11 Relegation form
  9. CV19? Colin's Virus! Get well though big nose.
  10. Post Lockdown Pigs PL 11 W 3 D 2 L 6 F 9 A 16 PTS 11 (17th placed finish over a season based on 19/20 Premier League Table) Last Four PL 4 W 0 D 0 L 4 F 1 A 8 PTS 0 Make of that what you will UTO! FTP!
  11. There have been times when Rhodes has had decent service and he hasn't shown the desire and/or hasn't had the pace, strength or quickness of thought to get there. I take absolute no pleasure in saying it and if anything it saddens me to say he seems finished at Champ level. What's happened to the Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield I simply don't know. All this lack of service rhetoric is just an excuse that is becoming lamer and lamer. Taking a penalty from 12 yards is service enough and he can't even do that. We should take whatever we can get for him.
  12. Nail. On. The. Head. At the risk of getting stick I actually signed for the Pigs as a schoolboy/youth player. I won't bore you with the protracted reasons as to why. It doesn't make me less of a Wednesday fan in fact it makes me more of one now knowing that there is a general tangible difference between the two clubs. I trained at Wednesday too before signing for the dark side and as alanharper rightly states, we tend to ridicule and laugh at the pigs. We are almost dismissive at times which winds them up even more. I was shocked as a 15 year old once I signed for the m
  13. In your post. Have another look. Assuming you’re not a woman, maybe you are but if not I find it a bit odd and almost disturbing you call me “love”.
  14. Again, where have I wished ill fortune on Monk? It is a result based job exactly. Look at the last half season results which prompted my question. Of course there are alternatives but DC clearly isn’t going to pursue them.
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