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  1. Not sure he was "absolutely shocking". You've substantiated the point of this thread even more. He was a decent squad player (at least) in a Wednesday side that was promoted to the top flight and then finished 8th and 5th respectively in the top flight before he left in 87. He was only 20 when he made his debut and was versatile to play right wing, right back, left back and 3rd centre half in a back 3/5 The abuse he received was totally disproportionate to overall level of performance. He left us to play for Celtic when the Scottish league was at least remotely decent, then went on to play in the top flight again for Middlesbro not to mention being an important part of the ROI that qualified for the Euros in 88 and World Cup in 90.
  2. Jon Newsome comments

    You would be right too. I didn’t really want to say but I used to play in the same side as him so I don’t think, I know. Also, what TaxiMark said.
  3. Jon Newsome comments

    Except Jon isn’t a Leeds fan, he’s a Wednesday fan.
  4. Very simplistic but some fans understand the game enough to give an informed opinion and others just.......don’t. Some very good players in the past that have received unjust abuse from those that fall in the latter category. The likes of Bob Bolder, Zico, Chris Morris, Shezza (one game), Brighty (incredible!), to name a few and unbelievably more recently arguably our player of the season (not hard I admit) Adam Reach. Sometimes some of our fans need to look at what a player does not what he doesn’t or can’t do.
  5. Jon Newsome comments

    Jon is fan like us and he’s not exactly wrong in anything he’s just said. Also, if you look at his previous comments about us he’s usually spot on or thereabouts. His own career “peetered out in such a mediocre and injury plagued fashion”. I fail to see the relevance of that if it was true.Would this be that same careeer that won a title and was played in the top flight for the most part?
  6. Matias v Jeffers

    It was a close call with Bothroyd but Jeffers swung it as he was with us longer and how he bottled that header v Palace in relegation game. Both had appalling attitudes when with us.
  7. Matias v Jeffers

    When the OP is quoting goal scoring stats then where a player plays is totally relevant. Doesn't really say much for a player like Jeffers who's main function was goal scoring when he has a worse goals per game record than a player like Matias who has also played as a wide player. Best example of why position is completely relevant......Frank Lampard. Goal scoring record if he was a forward....OK.....as a midfielder.....tremendous. So position is relevant.
  8. Matias v Jeffers

    So an out and our goal scorer in Jeffers who had very little else to his game scores 1 in 10. Compare this to Matias who can play wide and is more creative scores 1 in 7 is an argument to prove Jeffers wasn’t as bad? Jeffers was worse and anyone who has seen both him and Matias who thinks otherwise is, quite frankly, plain wrong. I can’t recall any player lazier and with a worse attitude for us than Francis Jeffers. Matias showed more against Reading than Jeffers did in his entire time with us.
  9. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    It’s just something I have to live with!
  10. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    We have always had 3 available or 4 if you included, say Palmer. All that shows is Carlos and his inability/reluctance to play 3/5/2 or try something different.
  11. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    Thanks. Be interesting to hear from some of those who claimed I was being “negative” and it was a “pointless” thread or even told me to stop being a “football professor”. :-) I’ll admit that those who said Butterfield offered us something different were right. His level of ineptitude blinds anything from other midfielders we have!
  12. Another Winnall/Butterfield

    So, anyone still think this was a good deal? I want going to revisit this but on the basis of some of the earlier comments here and Butterfields “display” Saturday.....I will! Shocking deal.
  13. When did owls become pigs

    It’s a phenomenon called….pig logic! Don’t try and understand it. Let’s just say like their current ground and nickname it’s something they’ve taking from us to use themselves. There is perfectly logically reason as to why we refer to the pigs….as pigs. All they have done is call it us back for one simple reason…………we called it them first. Brilliant! UTMO! FTP!