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  1. Getting turned by one of the best centre forwards in Premier League history or letting the ball from a decent but saveable shot spin off of your hand? I’d seriously question that makes Iorfa as much at fault Speaking of Iorfa, my man of the match for us.
  2. Absolutely this I like Wildsmith and I thought he would progress more when he first came into the team. Injuries and loss of from have conspired. As for last night. He did OK. He made some routine saves and a few good ones but nothing spectacular. He was at fault for the goal too. As some have already said if Dawson lets that in he gets lambasted. With some of our fans Wildsmith is now a saviour and Dawson is useless. Neither of which are true. Based on last night Wildsmith probably deserves to keep his place overall, Going forward my money is on Dawson to be better of the two. It would be ideal if they could both fulfil their clear potential and push each other to the limit for the good of the team in years to come.
  3. Yet you still continue. You see the irony? I have some numbers you may find useful to get the help you need.
  4. Well at least this time you're half right instead of just being plain wrong as usual.
  5. OK Nero. What about being “intelligent” enough not to see my words “clearly part of numerous other problems” for you to respond with “the more intelligent fans can see that the manager isn’t the main problem at the club”. See if you are “intelligent” enough to spot where I actually said Monk was the “main problem at the club.” To remind you, in the last 10 games we’ve obtained 5 points. You carry on fiddling.
  6. Testicles? They are facts. Point I was making that appears to have been missed is that Jos was rightly sacked and yet Monk is as bad and yet appears to divided opinion amongst our fan base as to whether he should stay. He is clearly part of numerous other problems but ultimately not part of the solution and needs to go.
  7. Jos PL 48 W 16 D 13 L 19 PTS 61 1.27 per game Monk PL 27 W 9 D 8 L 10 PTS 35 1.29 per game (defeat at Birmingham 1.25 per game) 10 games before Jos W 1 D 4 L 5 PTS 7 0.7 per game 10 games before Monk W 4 D 2 L 4 PTS 14 1.4 per game Jos inherited a team that had picked up 0.7 points per game in the last 10 under Carlos/Bullen. Jos went on to gain 1.4 points per game. A 100% incline. Monk inherited a team that had picked up 1.4 points per game in the last 10 under Bullen/Bruce. Monk is currently on 1.27 point per game. A 9% decline. Players similar albeit 18 months older. A major difference is that Jos hasn’t hinted publicly which players he wants and which he doesn’t unlike Monk . More worryingly Monks last 10 W 1 D2 L 7 PTS 5 0.5 per game 23 points over a season and rock bottom of the league in any season. That will be all your honour.
  8. So what about the other 8 out of 14 that didn't apply to at Luton? Forestieri as left wing back etc etc?
  9. I’ve kept my council since Wednesday but some of the comments on here solely blaming the players are so wide of the mark it’s prompted my post. Of course the out of contract in the summer players should be moved on but some comments like, did Monk ask Iorfa to play a bad pass or Dawson to mis-kick etc aren’t a defence for Monk. Monk told Forestieri to play left wing back For Bannan to play so deep For two new wingers in De Cruz and Windass to play so centrally For Wickham to toil up front on his own To not play 4-4-2 with any of the 5 wide men available and attack the most vulnerable side in the league in Luton To just blame the players is just simplistic and wholly inaccurate. The out of contract players need moving on granted but 8 players that featured at Luton technically aren’t out of contract in the summer. With a very similar set of players since Jos left. Bullen 1.66 points per game Bruce 1.61 points per game Monk 1.34 points per game What’s the difference? Monk is the difference Last 10 games. W 2 D 2 L 6 Relegation form. Have the players suddenly stopped playing or is there more to it? Of course there is more to it and the buck stops with the manager. Monks record is patchy and always seems to leave a club under a cloud and it’s easy to see why. The biggest squad re-build will take place in the summer, what evidence is there that Monk is the man for the job? Give it Bullen NOW until the end of the season to keep us up. In the summer a huge clear out and try and tempt someone like Chris Hughton who being out of a manager’s job for a year may just be tempted. A manager who has promotion from the Champ to the Prem on his CV. Just blaming the players is a ridiculous notion to complex problems we have much further up of which I include Monk and even further up than him.
  10. You were right in questioning Nuhiu all pre game and then he provides an assist and a goal in a third of the time Winnall toiled? You weren’t right though where you and you did question Nuhiu. Liam? You are a strange one.
  11. No. Where do I state or even imply that? Pre game you were questioning what Nuhiu does and it's there in black and white for you. Not just a "hugeowl" are you?
  12. Sorry you were saying about Nuhiu? Just the 1 assist and 1 goal in 25 minutes today.
  13. I said for us and when all on a level as in playing for us at the same time. Yes stats are great and have completely destroyed your argument.
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