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  1. I fully appreciate I made the reference to BB in what is a Luongo thread. I think it's all about value for money. With what reportedly both players are on one clearly is value for money. It's highly debateable if the other one is. I'd say not and judging by the complete lack of tangible bids for him so do other clubs. I digress. Luongo is a huge loss. Without ML last season in 46 game league season W 8 D 8 L 5 PTS 32 over a season that's 69 PTS and we'd have finished 11th With ML W 16 D 5 L 4 PTS 53 over a season that's 97 PTS and we'd have been Champions by 5 clear points Make of that what you will.
  2. Fair comment. Commensurate indeed. Couldn't agree more and not just in Luongo's case.
  3. I could say the same about our disproportionately highest paid player too. I wouldn't say it about Luongo however who made us a completely different animal more than any other player in the squad. Massive loss this.
  4. Huge blow. Our most important player, as results suggest. Luongo and Vaulks could have played together in 3rd tier of English football with the qualities required to get out of it.
  5. Bristol City interested Outside chance of going to World Cup in November with Australia
  6. Exactly mate. That's what I was trying to do but others appear not. As I say by far and away my primary point was about football and nothing else.
  7. Well it was but you make of it what you will but I'm best qualified to know what my comment was meant as. As for addressing CB issue, it's still not resolved as Storey and Dean are no longer at the club and it should have been addressed last August not last January. It took Alex Neil 18 games to sort Sunderland and here we are nearly 18 months on with Moore.
  8. The irony of that is....I'm not making an issue out of it but you clearly are and are drawing far more attention to it than anything I intended by it. I'm not the only Wednesday fan but to make a light hearted reference to it. My primary point was how DM hasn't addressed our CB problem and made huge selection mistakes that cost us dearly last season and made reference to them. For the record I couldn't care less how anybody speaks and if my early comment real upsets the likes of yourself so much I'll refrain in future. Sadly, I'll have enough to criticise a manager we are going nowhere with. Hope that helps.
  9. Oh sorry treacle, bit touchy aren't you? I tell you what is pathetic, playing said players in said positions and conceding a higher than average volume of goals from set pieces last season.
  10. What like left wing back Marvin Johnson and full back/wing back Liam Palmer? Pigs had Wilder then and we have erm erm Darren Moore!
  11. I hope someone takes out some serious retribution on the pitch like this piece of sh** gave the poor cat. The punishment doesn't even come near to fitting the crime in my view.
  12. I’ve not encountered any Wednesday fan that doesn’t think Bannan is a good player. He clearly is, he has great attitude, always puts in a shift and seems a nice guy. Him being a good player or not eally isn’t the question or the issue. As some have already pointed in the past few years our ethos of playing through him has been synonymous with abject failure. Of coursd that isn’t all down to Bannan but it’s a fact nonetheless. Add to the fact he’s our biggest earner by some distance apparently you have to ask is he value for money? Carlton Palmer recently pointed out no one would pay the reported £27k a week he is on and hence why we haven’t received one tangible bid for him. Personally, I think it’s time for change and have thought it for a while and his huge wage at Lge 1 level could be utilised better in making the whole squad stronger. Bannan is also 33 in December and the high energy game he plays can’t last for much longer. A different time and different t circumstances but a notable comparison was when Big Ron sold Dalian Atkinson in 1990 and with the funds acquired Williams, Wilson and Harkes making the balance of the team and overall strength oof squad better resulting in promotion and a cup win. Fast forward 2004 when Quinn, Bromby and Geary were allowed to leave and had good careers elsewhere. For us we got promoted the following season with the likes of Wood, Bullen and Whelan. If you believe it’s right to keep a soon to be 33-year-old on a massively disproportionate high wage as our main game plan in sides that have failed hugely in recent years that’s your opinion. Very good player Bannan and be fondly remembered but for me it’s time for a change. If we go up playing through him next season I’ll be delighted and happily eat my words but if not then the evidence and time for change will be overwhelming
  13. Funny how different disappointments effects different people. I’m 50 (username spoiler alert) and have been watching our beloved Wednesday for nearly 44 years. The worst I’ve ever felt was the relegation in 90 and Pigs going up closely followed by FA Cup Final replay in 93. I think that was partly down to been young etc. Recent disappointments like Wembley 16 and last season’s relegation I wasn’t too bad at all. I’m usually extremely pragmatic about normal league game defeats and it tends not bother that much straight after compared to some. Last night though? Straight after the game I felt like I wanted to rip someone’s throat out. Not proud of that but just answering the question. Not felt much better today but the need to kill has subsided….a bit. I think last nights defeat was the manner of it. Losing to a shithouse like Neil and team that reflect him. Utter frustration at having highest wage bill in league and Moore failing but that’s for a different thread. Also, a real fear of repercussions of failing to go up and how it could set us back. Add to that the unthinkable that Pigs could be two divisions higher than us too have all conspired to my current mood. Wish I didn’t care so much sometimes but that’s love for you. UTMO
  14. Great post I was just 8 years old sat on a barrier on the Kop with my old man. Just remember it being a hot day, a dull game and seemed more than 33k there.. We were promoted and that's all that mattered. What a legend Big Jack was. Great memories.
  15. One or two beautiful looking pints in those pics. However, I also spotted a can of Fosters and a pint of Carling! Get tut Lane! Safe trip to all travelling fellow Owls and bring 3 points back.
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