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  1. OasisOwl72

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    I understand the guy on the right is the angry, bitter, deluded pig Michael.
  2. Perhaps but you're talking all the coaching and playing staff getting the best fitness advice/specific plans going and being monitored for the foreseeable.
  3. One thing I do know is that the players will be as fit as they possibly can be and much much fitter than last season and quite possibly the fittest in the league. Just after the season finished the club spent £1 million to go to St George's Park for every coach, player and I believe Jos himself to have individual training programs over the summer. Apparently they are due to return just before the official pre-season starts for their results and to see if they have met the required targets. Any player not meeting certain levels won't be allowed to start pre-season until they do. It's quite brutal (in a good to get fit way) by all accounts. Clare, Pudil, Joao to name a few have been posting on social media too. Jos did a similar thing when he was at Stuttgart.
  4. OasisOwl72

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    Don't be modest...erm... Alan you've also been to his house and drinking on Division Street with him.....with me too! :-) I was at Sunday night session and Monday afternoon session. I'd had a few gratis Peroni's in VIP lounge so when I got home I thought I was seeing things when I saw DC! Wednesday chairman and Wednesdayite ref in charge Final.........WAWAW!
  5. OasisOwl72

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    Although someone else did score a hat trick! :-)
  6. OasisOwl72

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    Thanks for clearing that up. I’m sure no one else on here thought of that. Meanwhile Maddison won’t score a first half hat trick on Sunday!
  7. OasisOwl72

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    So what’s your point? Do you conclude Maddison will score a first half hat-trick as the OP eludes to? I’m quite certain he won’t.
  8. OasisOwl72

    James Maddison of Norwich City

    After 41 games this season scoring 14 goals at a rate of 1 goal every 2.9 games I bet he doesn't score 3 in half a game against us.
  9. OasisOwl72

    #OnThisDay in 1980

    I was there as an 8 year old shouting come back Terry and carry on playing!
  10. It's been said on other posts but Wallace has been a very good signing and well be fondly remembered. However, it's the right time for Wallace to leave and he goes with our best wishes
  11. Reach for me just in front of Atdhe.
  12. Those that don’t think Jos’s appointment has had any factor in us staying up clearly don’t think he’s the right man. However, those hat think he is the right man because he’s perceived as keeping us up doesn't necessarily mean he’s the right man equally. I personally think it falls somewhere in between. I believe Jos has had a positive influence in keeping us safe. We were in free fall under Carlos and it’s now apparent he was neglectful in the latter months of his term. Just look at some of the comments made by senior players since he’s left. Is he the right man to fulfil his remit which we all safely assume is to make us into a play off side at the very least again? On the evidence so far I understand why some fans think he isn’t. For me DC has two clear choices. Back Jos as best he can (no reason to doubt he won’t) OR let him go and get a tried and tested British coach at top end Champ level. There is one that’s available that’s just left Ipswich who has guided Wolves to promotion out of the Champ. There is also a guy who once did it with their nearest rivals who is also available. I would be happier with the latter in all honesty. What DC certainly doesn’t want to do is get rid of Jos and replace him with another relatively unknown foreign coach new to English football. I know Jos’s English is better than my Dutch but he way he comes across isn’t exactly inspiring. I know that’s only a small part of it but small margins count at Champ level.
  13. Presuming they are the line ups for the 1991 League Cup Final win you have Harkes and Wilson the wrong way round.
  14. Not sure he was "absolutely shocking". You've substantiated the point of this thread even more. He was a decent squad player (at least) in a Wednesday side that was promoted to the top flight and then finished 8th and 5th respectively in the top flight before he left in 87. He was only 20 when he made his debut and was versatile to play right wing, right back, left back and 3rd centre half in a back 3/5 The abuse he received was totally disproportionate to overall level of performance. He left us to play for Celtic when the Scottish league was at least remotely decent, then went on to play in the top flight again for Middlesbro not to mention being an important part of the ROI that qualified for the Euros in 88 and World Cup in 90.