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    Not got access to Sharepoint at the moment mate, but if you put "mailto:abc@xyz.com" in the hyperlink box it should fire up the users email client and add in the email address.
  2. Cheers guys - ended up with iPage for year 1 as it was cheap, but will make sure I look out for the price hikes at renewal time.
  3. Looking for any advice on cheap website hosting? I want the capability to host 2-3 small business websites with decent availability etc. I've created a few HTML/CSS sites but am new to the hosting side of things, so any recommendations would be welcomed!
  4. Got to focus on trying to get some £££ for the out of contract players in the summer (if possible) - working on the basis there are 3 worse teams than us in the division we’ve really got to clear the decks in January / summer. Really struggling to see many players I think have a long term future at the club from the current crop...
  5. NTT20 podcast suggesting Appleton would be a good fit for us which I found strange as don’t recall it ending well for him at Blackpool / Portsmouth? or Bruce for me!
  6. Popped in yesterday and there are plenty of shirts but a really limited amount of training gear which was disappointing. Would be nice for the club to share the Christmas opening times ASAP. Pretty sure they normally open the club shop on Sunday’s in December to make the most of Christmas shoppers?
  7. With all the negativity being aimed at the club at the moment (rightly so I may add) it’s important the good work being done is highlighted as well - great move Wednesday for a couple of really worthy causes close to many peoples hearts! UTO
  8. Plenty of local non-league action this weekend: Coming off the back of a 5-0 thrashing of Harworth Colliery in the Sheffield and Hallamshire Senior Cup, Hallam take on Ollerton Town at Sandygate. Sheffield FC sitting 7th in the table take on AFC Mansfield at the Coach & Horses Ground. Local interest as Swallownest host Rossington Main (managed by Ryan Hindley - ex manager of Hallam FC and Worksop Town) who stopped the rot of 4 straight defeats by securing a point at home mid-week against Dronfield Town.
  9. Video quality was fine throughout for me (would be nice in future if they could look at including replays if possible though?). Commentary in the first half was drowned out by the crowd (should be an easy fix in future), but in the second half, couldn't hear anything.
  10. Can't get AIrPlay to work - just get "Connection Error" - as soon as you disconnect AirPlay it fires into life on my laptop. Annoying...
  11. Picked a MacBook Pro up over the weekend. Just went for the basic model as I'm a fairly light user and didn't really need the extra onboard memory as I'm an iCloud user. Fantastic bit of kit so far! The Retina display is fantastic!
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