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  1. Haha I know they don't need him they have cisse and ba thats what I said just seeing if it was actually true
  2. Are the rumors true that the goal machine is going to Newcastle ?
  3. Actually nor it was a 1-1 draw in 2003 at hartlepool
  4. Can't help if I am a part timer, it's hard for me to get to Sheffield its not my first game btw My first game was 03/04 we beat hartlepool 1-0.. .Season ticket next year !
  5. Been to Hillsborough twice couldn't get a ticket in the home end tho, Watched Wednesday about 10 times all together... From Hartlepool so can't go to every game
  6. First Wednesday Game at Hillsborough against Carlisle can't wait :P
  7. Does anyone know if DJ is going to try and sign Antonio
  8. Dave Jones has a full summer to bring in players who are championship worthy
  9. I got mine about a week ago for my 4s great buy
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