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  1. manilovetheowls

    The Westwood penalty incident

    Yeah as a keeper it's not so difficult to judge, you never want to concede so you make a split second decision, if you don't go in for the ball it's a goal, if you go in for it there's a chance you stop it but a bigger chance you commit a foul. The new rule helps keepers no doubt but i think it's right about not 'double' punishing teams.
  2. manilovetheowls

    You've seen the picture but have you seen the video?

  3. manilovetheowls

    We're a far better team than last season

    I think some people need to look back to where we were less then 5 years ago, yes we have had some good seasons in that time frame (Mind the Gap season comes to mind) but seriously we would all take where we are now, so stop whinging
  4. Foooooooooooooookin Getttttt Innnnnn!!!! Fessi needs some lovin
  5. manilovetheowls

    Tattoo sleeves

    A lot of people will say 'ooooh but what about when your 80 with them sleeves on your arms that look minging etc, i won't give a shi'ite (no, not the muslim variety) My grandad died in the 1995, born 1920. He had the most Vile (to me) tattoo sleeves on his arms, but i overtime i asked him about them he told me it was from a secret story that you only learn when your older. Later learned he served in WW2 and he had a new tattoo after every friend died. he even had them re done over every year until the 70's. TL:DR Yes a lot of tattoos are meaningless and stupid (like the Fijian school name on my right index finger) but some mean a roger ton so be mindful
  6. manilovetheowls

    Colin Murray Talk Sport

    Colin Murray is the only presenter I have heard say good things about us on there. I refuse to listen now though as it is all about making statements that will rile people up to get a reaction and make a 'good show,' even though the presenter making said statements doesn't actually believe what he is saying. Gough and that *** Durham (I think) spring to mind Plus it's like 5 minutes air time followed by 7 minutes adverts all flipping day.
  7. manilovetheowls

    We go up

    Richie, Tas, if we go up I'll meet you both in the gay bar and I'll wear drag.
  8. manilovetheowls

    Highlights v Bees

    works beautifully with MX player on my master race android
  9. I'll be honest. I'm a lifelong Wednesday fan who used to go to 20+ games a season (home and away combined) up until 2 years ago when I started a new job which means I work most Saturdays and Tuesday evenings ( yeah I know, complete wrong job for a football fan) I went to 2 games last season and haven't been at all this season.... and the reasons are 1) I'm usually at work 2) when I haven't been at work the games have been to expensive. coming from East Yorkshire to a home game for me, the missus (who doesn't really like football but loves the wee wee up day out) my 11 year old step son and now my 3 year old who I want to get into Wednesday is just too expensive. Fair enough I could probably have got to a few games this season if it wasn't for work but the times I haven't been at work the games have just been too pricy to justify it. And before any of the 'well I live in madeupistan' which is further than east Yorkshire starts, that's fair enough but it's still a decent wack on top for trains.
  10. manilovetheowls

    League Cup 4th Round Draw

    Wow what a draw
  11. manilovetheowls

    If Carlsberg did birthdays

    Happy day of birth remembrance mate
  12. Domino's pizza delivered to my seat at half time. Are you lot doing it wrong??
  13. manilovetheowls

    Adam Pearson

    He's a Leeds fan int he? Anyone know?