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  1. The Westwood penalty incident

    Yeah as a keeper it's not so difficult to judge, you never want to concede so you make a split second decision, if you don't go in for the ball it's a goal, if you go in for it there's a chance you stop it but a bigger chance you commit a foul. The new rule helps keepers no doubt but i think it's right about not 'double' punishing teams.
  2. You've seen the picture but have you seen the video?

  3. We're a far better team than last season

    I think some people need to look back to where we were less then 5 years ago, yes we have had some good seasons in that time frame (Mind the Gap season comes to mind) but seriously we would all take where we are now, so stop whinging
  4. He can take mine, i'll sacrifice!
  5. Foooooooooooooookin Getttttt Innnnnn!!!! Fessi needs some lovin