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  1. Because some disabled Owls fans are situated at the Leppings Lane end of the ground below the West Stand, they don't always get thanked by the players on the walkabout at the end of the last home match. We are not away fans! Please acknowledge these fans who follow the team through good times and bad. Thank you!
  2. After last night's match, whilst loading the car with the wife's mobility scooter etc, in the disabled section in the Hillsborough Park car park, I stupidly left behind a shopping bag, containing Wednesday hats, two programmes and a Thermos flask. I don't suppose anyone has found it? If so, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Just need to improve our throw ins now, we lose possession from them nearly every time.
  4. Joey O'Brien been released by West Ham, reliable right back who was loaned to us a few years ago, could be a good shout.
  5. The big lad Skoda for the Czech Republic caused Croatia lots of problems when he came on as sub. Pudil could have a word in his ear about Wednesday.
  6. All the time, and at Hillsborough! My wife is disabled, and because there aren't enough disabled areas in home fan areas, we have to watch from the Leppings Lane disabled area. Not nice when the away team brings loads of fans that fill the lower tier, especially when it's Leeds fans!
  7. How much do you think the average English top division professional footballer earned in the early 1960s? £100 a week? £200 a week? Would you believe £20 a week in 1961, the year the maximum wage cap was lifted? In 1962, the average "rocketed" to £25 a week, in 1963 it was £29 a week, which is around the time we are talking about when the bribes scandal occurred. The average wage for top footballers didn't reach £100 a week until 1974. By 1985, £1000 a week, by 1995 £3393 a week. With big money coming into the game from Sky, by 2005 the average was £18,367 a week, and by 2010, £33,868. Heaven knows what the average is now, but Rooney is said to be on a "basic" £250,000 a week. No need for Wayne to risk his career for a few quid by making a silly bet. Most footballers in the early sixties couldn't afford to run a car. Johnny Fantham , I believe, lived with his parents in a Council house in Greenhill. They might have earned a bit more than the average worker, but nothing like the huge differences we see today. Please remember this before you judge. Anyway, I thought this post was about the talent of Bronco and Hirsty as footballers?
  8. You must remember that all of Bronco's goals were scored in the old First Division, now the Premiership. In his first season, 39 appearances and 29 goals, including 2 goals both home and away against the Blunts, whose fans naturally hated him with a passion. I was at the match at the Lane and one goal was a thunderbolt freekick from 25 years which ripped into the net at their Kop end, an unbelievable strike, He also scored 1 FA Cup goal that season, so 30 goals in total. His second {and last) season, 35 appearances and "only" 23 league goals. However, Bronco scored 5 goals in the Inter City Fairs Cup, a precursor to the present European football, in 3 appearances! So a total of 28 goals that season. In total, then, 81 appearances and 58 goals. Only Derek Dooley ever had a better strike rate than Bronco. Comparisons with Hirsty? Why bother, both are Wednesday legends, Hirsty all left foot, Bronco more right foot and a great header of the ball for his size. Much has previously been written about the bribes scandal, still very painful for all of us who lived through it. There must have been many others involved, but Wednesday suffered by far the worst. Bronco was expected to play for England, no doubt about it, before the scandal hit. Swanny would have played many more times than the 19 caps he achieved. The team went from consistently in the top six, to relegated in 1970. A very sad decline, some of which must be down to the bribes scandal. But Bronco Layne will always be one of my greatest heroes.
  9. Disappointing that the biggest percentage increase in season ticket prices is for our disabled fans. Also, those in wheelchairs have to sit below the away fans at the Leppings Lane end as all wheelchair spaces in the North Stand are taken. Would be nice if our new Chairman could ensure that all wheelchair bound Owls fans can actually sit with the home fans. Are we really all Wednesday?
  10. Had we lost to Millwall and Boro, and Millwall had also beaten Rotherham, Millwall would have been just 3 points behind us, and alarm bells would have been ringing big time. As it is, the gap with Millwall is a massive 15 points. Happy days!
  11. Always liked Lloyd Dyer when he played left wing for Leicester. Seemed to lose his way at Watford, and apparently fell out with one of their many managers. Be a good addition to the squad.
  12. In last night's programme (page 28), did you see how VERY pleased Kieran Lee was feeling after scoring against Barnsley? Impressive for such a little chap!
  13. I was also very impressed with the little Algerian winger, wearing no 11 I think, not sure of his name, but Germany just couldn't get the ball off him. Anyone know who he is?
  14. Think they said on the Germany v Algeria game last night that Magic Bougherra is without a club at the moment. What a signing he would be, absolute Rolls Royce of a player, so smooth. Still only 31, but guess his wages might be a problem.
  15. Seem to remember the last time Mattock was played at right back, he got sent off, after looking totally lost. Please don't play him at right back! Obvious to stick with Lee there, of course we will miss him in midfield, but McCabe got rave reviews at Portsmouth, so give him a chance. Be interesting to see if Antonio gets picked by Stuart after hooking him for that terrible mistake against Charlton.
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