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  1. We have been crap at throw ins for some time, we always seem to lose possession from our throws. Needs some work, Garry!
  2. Four clean sheets (including the Leicester friendly), when did we last achieve that?
  3. Three away draws on the trot, reminds me of 1966 FA Cup when all our games were away. We're on our way to Wembley!
  4. I thought Moses was one of our better players yesterday and that he did not appreciate being substituted, which has got to be a good reaction, surely? If you feel you are playing well, you don't agree with the manager's decision to sub you.
  5. Anybody think Iorfa could be our new Carlton Palmer in central midfield, using his pace surging forward would give us something different. Tom Lees has played pretty well in the 2 games, and Dunkley should be about ready to start at centre back. I know we are already overloaded with midfield players, but none of them have Iorfa's strength and athleticism.
  6. He's very fit, runs around a lot, and.........that's it, really. Where the exciting player of the past has gone to, I really don't know, but on his current form, he shouldn't be considered for the first team. Perhaps go out on loan somewhere. It's really sad, I'm sure he's a lovely lad, but his confidence seems shot.
  7. Two players worth a look at, Charlie Goode (Northampton Town), 6ft 5in defender with a huge throw, outstanding in their play off win. Alfie Doughty, left footed wide attacker with Charlton, impressive against us, quick and delivers a good cross. Thoughts?
  8. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Murphy Luongo Bannan Windass Harris Wickham Nuhui
  9. Huddersfield needed a result with other teams picking up points, played their most experienced players, fortunately they can't finish, they had more possession, we had the better chances. Still a clean sheet, 4 points from last 2 games. Even without a crowd, we are still poor at home, but score for fun away, strange.
  10. Where has the old Adam Reach gone? Never been good at tackling, but tonight he didn't even close down. One shot was his total contribution. Should not be on the bench for the last two matches, Liam Shaw is a midfielder and should have come on tonight, and ahead of Reach for Fulham and Middlesbrough. Agree Joey did well tonight, and should start ahead of Alex Hunt for the Fulham game. Dominant display by Tom Lees, back to his best.
  11. Thought Atherton played a lot at centre back?
  12. Got to be Norman Curtis, used to take the man, the ball, the linesman, basically everything in his way. When we had a penalty, another player would place the ball and Norman would start his run from about the halfway line before smashing the ball past the terrified goalie. Proper hard was our Norman. Don't make em like that anymore. Mind you, he wouldn't last long with today's referees, early bath every match!
  13. Crazy to let him go at 21 years old when Sheridan was coming to the end of his time with us, we should have done everything to keep him and build a team around him. We have lost so many players and indeed managers (Catterick and Wilkinson come to mind) through a lack of ambition.
  14. Listened on iFollow. Monk chose an attacking lineup. We were likely to be overrun in midfield (with only Joey being a defensive midfielder) unless we kept the ball well and passed it accurately. Sounded as though we did not do either of these things. Being overrun, we panicked and fouled too often. Fortunately, Barnsley did not take their chances. We need a better balance but desperately need a quality defensive midfielder. Bannan needs to play further forward. Hopefully, Fox will be fit for next game, so Palmer to RB and Iorfa to centre half. Four attacking forwards who aren't good at tacklin
  15. Looks a very talented young player, usually a left winger apparently but played very well at left back, and sped past Moses (who is no slouch) to set up their goal. Any chance of buying him in January?
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