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  1. I get your Waddles, Hirsty in his prime aswell , Carlton should have a few more mentions aswell and the Michael Owen one is a great shout But for overall consistency, and been the best centre half the clubs ever had (and ever likely to have anytime soon) without absolutely no doubt in my mind.... it’s Des Walker
  2. Couldn’t disagree more, the lad is strong as an ox and his runs in the side for me have shown he’s more than capable of been a regular at this level Thorniley is a good player
  3. Yeh good points there really, decent league one loan for Thorniley ? Think there’s a player in him ... not seen him have many bad games
  4. Players say these things on a regular basis, they’ll go where the moneys at
  5. Again , i’m not saying we won’t be trying I’m saying I think someone else will out bid us Hope I’m wrong, do question Tom Lees future if we’re brining in two centre half’s
  6. Didn’t say Bruce doesn’t want him back, am sure he does but not a chance we’ll be getting involved in the auction to sign him, Chelsea won’t do us any favours and I’ll be very surprised to see him back here
  7. Weren’t we linked with Cattermole Morsy is a far better player in my opinion
  8. Sam Morsy sounds like Bruce’s top target surprised at that if that’s the case, surely Pelupessy on his way
  9. I reckon Szmodics might worth a look from Colchester me, nippy little attacking modfielder whos got a goal to two in him Bristol City are admirers
  10. Seem to be getting linked with players all over place now, Morsy ? Not for me , steady player but I’d rather we had someone come in whos a bit more creative, Morsy is just a grafter , probably upgrade on Pelupessy though
  11. With Powell, or any signing like him , I really think it would mean moving Forestieri our first not just for financial reasons, I wouldn’t say there identical players but it would be hard to see them both in the same line up
  12. You say 10-15million like clubs will immediately bend over and pay that when they know we’re strapped for cash, optimistic at best fella but like I’ve already said, not selling players has and continues to be one of my biggest criticism of the owner, has to change regardless of the ground sale or not for a start I’d have sold FF when he was worth a few quid, but speak to me about the level of pandemonium and meltdown that would’ve caused at the time ?
  13. Yep, more than agree , one of Chansiri biggest failing is not selling players and I’ve said it on here many times I wanna see that change, but I guarantee there will be instant flapping as soon as he sells anyone Any kind of negative to beat the owner with will be used to full advantage
  14. Putting the club at risk.... because he’s bought the ground that the club he OWNS lock stock and barrel plays at If anyone is putting clubs at risk it’s the EFL with there tinpot schemes to stop people competing with the premier league
  15. So what we saying here ? let’s scrap any ambition of promotion, stagnate in the championship which would more than likely result in relegation like it would have done if we had continued under MM with zero investment, and just be happy that kids for a quid will be back to entice the few that don’t wanna watch premier league football at the Lane ?
  16. Imagine people actually not assuming the most negative outcome is a given, actually backed the chairman/manager and team and actually believed we could get promotion Imagine that ! Apathy rules in our fanbase, and Roland with his mental health insults when anyone dares question him
  17. Correct, best post on this thread all day but it’s all Chansiris fault, how dare he have ambition to see SWFC back in the premier league
  18. Bet Chansiri would’ve been delighted if someone had told him a few year ago that all the fans wanted was to be a mid table league one club, no need to spend millions old boy just give us kids for a quid and cheap tickets we’ll accept that
  19. People getting insulted by YOU because they disagree with the drivel your spouting
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