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  1. Not a fan of this one Trust DM though, unsure how he would convince another loan signing though now with the 5 in match day squad rule
  2. Byers looks like been done eventually and I do agree with previous comments that some kind of agreed fee down the line will be in place Still been told that Marvin Johnson is a Wednesday player, and don’t think they’ve given up on Josh Sims either Be 2 excellent signings
  3. That was my first thoughts, I watch a bit of the PL 2 games online when I can and saw him score a couple against palace once , very quick and 6ft + He’s definitely very very highly rated
  4. No, strange one that , I think a few have said it should’ve been done last week
  5. Am sure I’ve seen Corbeanu play up top, Canadian international , bagged at Gold Cup
  6. I rate Johnson yes I think he’s a very good player, in league one there won’t be many better than him Sims and Johnson will create in league one, Alongside Bannan and Wing it could get very exciting if we can now go and sign a proper number 9
  7. Was told earlier than Johnson and Sims would both sign, I really wasn’t convinced Johnson would come here so didn’t put it out there But if my source is correct, Sims is also pretty much done as really wants to play for DM
  8. That’s a fantastic signing for League One
  9. His distribution looks far better than Dawson, Wildsmith or Westwood’s Did parry a couple though
  10. Left back , winger , and a striker required Lewis Wing is a quality player, thought Jaden Brown and FDB did excellent off the bench aswell
  11. Kamberi a strange one, unexpected signing though and there all out of woodwork Arnt they claiming it’s not a DM signing Let’s give the boy a chance eh
  12. Not too sure why we need another central midfielder, expect to see Hunt leave at the very least
  13. Feel like maybe they we’re backup options if DM couldn’t land too targets ? Obviously Lewis Wing was a top target
  14. I think Jasper and Uwakwe have a strong chance of a deal aswell
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