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  1. Young goalkeepers not allowed at Hillsborough 30 +yr old old experienced dossers only please
  2. I think chansiri will be looking for around £1.75mill personally
  3. I thought the point in the book was more, has Bannan had a similar impact to the likes of Sheridan and held in a similar high regard, I’d happily discuss that and possibly agree with it To compare players of today with anyone from the 90’s is something I find absolutely bizarre, it’s the same when you hear people saying Sergio Aguero was better than Andy Cole, Shearer in there prime etc , very hard to try and make that comparison and really .. who cares ? Completely different era’s and see no value to the discussion The one thing I would say to CP though who i’m a huge fan of and believe he was a massively underrated player of his time, is he might want to acknowledge he played in a side with quality throughout it , Barry Bannan has performed for this club whilst been surrounded by absolute dross and carnage off the pitch
  4. I think that’s wholly unrealistic, For a player we paid circa £500k for and struggled to kick a ball last season
  5. Told the chairman has spoken to the Argentinian club after Windass, open to selling , but miles apart on valuation
  6. I totally understand Plymouth’s stance on that one, the lad is a top player and the club will fancy there chances at a promotion push so to sell him to a league one club would be madness But ultimately, if he won’t sign a new contract , they’ll have to take the best offer that’s on the table, so be interesting to see how this develops if we are in for him
  7. Fair play, all about opinions isn’t it For me I think FDB gives us an energy and drive that’s invaluable in this league, would he gain from a spell in league two at 21 ? i’m unsure , but I accept he’s still got some stuff to learn , I wouldn’t entertain loaning him to another side in this league personally
  8. Strange why we haven’t offered anything yet then, surely DM is aware of this lad What’s happening with Leojo Davidson ? I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about that lad, he was bagging for fun at one point wasn’t he ?
  9. Can’t say I’ve seen too much of this lad, anyone got the knowledge ? He decent ? Sounds like needs tying down to a proper deal
  10. Yeh fair play, he’s definitely scored a few goals at this level so I’d be happy enough in that respect , not sure what went off towards end of his time at Rotherham but if he’s someone DM went after on deadline day you would be surprised if he isn’t again interested now he’s been released
  11. Freddie Ladapo is a bit ‘meh’ We could do worse, and is an upgrade on Sow and Kamberi , but overall I’d like to think we could possibly do a bit better
  12. Really ? I fancy FDB for a big season here next year, For me we should be building around Adeniran , Byers and FDB long term
  13. Who’s actually seen enough of him to even judge if he’s ready or not ? Let’s leave it to the gaffer eh, suspect he might just have more of a clue Who’s to say he doesn’t sign a deal, have a cracking pre season and really be in contention for game time ? I’m not saying a loan wouldn’t be useful but let’s have a good look ourselves pre season first
  14. He’s a player who’s good enough to play in the championship, the problem is though he’s never fit enough .. I think I could see DM and owner selling for a good price We can talk about how good he can be all day long, but he’s not fit enough to find that consistency for me and I wouldn’t be particularly bothered about losing him
  15. Left footed centre half, heard him mentioned before , don’t know too much about him
  16. There’s some interesting names on that list, for the system the gaffer plays here I bet he would absolutely love to get hold of Kane Wilson and Nicky Cadden, suspect there both Championship bound though
  17. Amadeu Paxaio was introduced to the football club by Milan Manderic, not too sure he was an advisor during MM reign
  18. More chance of DM been interested in Lewis Gibson on a permanent from the loan crew, left footed option Dean for me, I dunno , not entirely convinced he’s the right signing
  19. Absolutely agree mate, we don’t , and probably for the reasons you state But that’s got to change, and for me it’s the most important thing , but I also feel as a fan base we’ve gotta change our outlook on giving these younger players a good run How many league one clubs do we think would be excited looking at building a side around George Byers, Dennis Adeniran and Fisayo Dele Bashiru ?? Been excited at a youngish goalkeeper coming back into the building who’s had a cracking season in league two ? Having a manager who’s absolutely willing to go with youth ? We seem a bit scared of it
  20. We need to strengthen that defence without a shadow of doubt , couple of strong centre half signings has to be a priority and I’m not really into this experienced 35yr old clogger nonsense , we’ve got experience in this squad skipper Iorfa Palmer Johnson Hunty Gregory We need some centre half signings that have some potential, Jack Tucker and Will Boyle both good ages and showing promise , god forbid we might land on a player who we could make a few quid off down the line …. That’s what we got to look at doing to move forwards as a football club
  21. Ideally yeh but we’re not in an ideal world, what we don’t need to be doing though and what we can easily avoid , is signing journeymen on daft wages for a year It is not the way forward, sooner or later we have got to start bringing a few young players through at S6 , If there not coming from in house then we go out and try to steal a few Scott Twines etc
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