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  1. He’s no better than last time I seen him play, just a very average player who I think will be lucky to scrape a career above league two Also thought he looked unfit
  2. Unfortunately so, and i could more than likely find worse if I went looking hard enough Its common place on the swfc hashtag, always someone getting abused , and not just the owner
  3. The mind boggles …. We’ve got some absolute weapons amongst us as a fanbase
  4. Bit of a dis service to Dom Howson I feel, he asked about the ST ticket policy , he asked about refunds Bit unfair some of the comments he’s getting on social media
  5. I think Robs a great journo, probably the best we’ve got in the area in my opinion Not sure he rips anyone to shreds though , what’s that even mean ?
  6. So have they had a row or what Whats the gen ? Did he speak to RS before Rob came back ?
  7. The same as I said it was yesterday, an own goal that I wasn’t going to try defending (although was still accused of trying to do so)
  8. Well that’s entirely incorrect, but anyway , any chance of an answer ??
  9. Question … Are you still a Chansiri fan boy/defence league () paid up member if you actually don’t agree with the policy but also don’t wanna get involved in a labelling/slanging match with fellow supporters ?
  10. Cant understand why he wasn’t pecked about outstanding refunds in the interview last night
  11. Nowt like twisting one off the cuff rather funny comment, into 3 things that absolutely nobody said is there
  12. absolute no brainer he left the club ?? I’m not sure about that really , whatever deal Wednesday offered him I guarantee he’d have got more game time Vey short sighted move, and he’s now quite rightly gonna be struggling for a club in England to give him a change again
  13. Should’ve took that bet that some mongo on here was insisting i took with him, he seemed to think Ipswich under Paul Cook we’re gonna walk the league
  14. I get your point, I can afford myself as well personally , but I think on this one the very fast majority can’t or won’t on principle The only real way a message will get across to the club that this isn’t acceptable is if very few buy, so I’m interested to see how many don’t
  15. Fans group ?? Who are they then ? I’m not even jesting either … who are they ? This Trust who released a statement other neyt ?
  16. You cannot really defend it due to the timing and the way it’s worked out, your always gonna get people whinging about season tickets ,whatever or however there released, but this one’s quite clearly different and over the line It’s a huge error of judgement this one, how much of it is directly down to the owner I’m still as always of late not entirely convinced , the fans engagement panel says they spoke to him directly over this and advised him against doing it ?? I think it’s complete guesswork who’s making the decisions and if it’s cash flow related, it could blatantly just be an horrendous idea (which it is) but down to sheer incompetence and nowt else
  17. Guesswork, be very strange to go about signing NML and then not be able to afford wages would it not It’s just a badly thought out idea, How much influence has the CEO had on it though is my question and is he willing to be interviewed You will get nowt from the owner, he won’t speak to the fans again in my opinion
  18. People will still buy them though Cashflow issue again most likely
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