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  1. Poor free kick to give away, but the referee has had an absolute nightmare, wasn’t taken anywhere near where the foul was committed and he’s played about 10min of extra time Nowt Dawson could have done, excellent game from the lad in my opinion
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both Dawson and Wildsmith leave in the summer, Wildsmith especially needs game time , I think Dawson’s decent he could get a Number 1 shirt somewhere
  3. Not too sure on Westwood signing a new deal me, think there could be drama He’s in top form, injury record isn’t great so may put a few off but I definitely think there could be clubs able to pay more than we’re willing to
  4. He’s up there with the best keepers we’ve had for sure, incredibly hard call but if I had to call it I’d put him a close second behind Pressman for me , mainly down to Kev having played most of his prime in the Premier League and Westwood just falling shy of cutting it at the top level
  5. Sorry got to disagree, there are Sheffield Wednesday ‘supporters’ that don’t want him to play well, and probably the same supporters that cry when he doesn’t celebrate with the fans when he scores
  6. Reyt delivery from Bannan, but how many people are gonna be raging that Nuhiu got a goal
  7. Fletch has always had the ability, he’s got that little bit of class and confidence you need in games like last night , he hasn’t been able to show it here on a regular basis for me mainly down to fitness issues but who knows .. maybe the tactics of the previous gaffers have had an effect But if Fletch wasn’t injury prone and had the consistency he wouldn’t be playing championship football, he’s a top level footballer and it doesn’t surprise me whatsoever that he’s performing like he is. It just looks to me like he’s stepped up and took the bull by the horns, a fit Steven Fletcher is as important to this side, and as influential as a fit Forestieri
  8. Replacing squad players with better players ? Can’t say I see the drama
  9. They aren’t very good at a lot of things
  10. Forestieri has the quality, we all know that the biggest thing for me is that even though he’s probably not fully match fit or in his usual form, Bruce has the faith in him to give him a starting shirt , that will do FF the world of good .... he needs a firm arm round the shoulder on a regular basis man management is huge with FF
  11. More likely to be Fletch been the hero for me, game has his name written all over it with the form he’s in
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