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  1. Royal_D

    Sam Hutchinson

    He’s injured
  2. Royal_D

    Any news on Bannan injury

    Bannans position is the only one Abdi could potentially play, but he’s been out of the picture for so long now it would be an unbelievable ask
  3. Royal_D


    Both big presences, put some much needed physicality into the side and seem to be the managers signings Promising stuff
  4. Royal_D

    Shocking but happy

    We can talk about things we should be doing better, absolutely, but we’re 6th in table picking up points and this manager for me is beginning to do a fantastic job If we had seen the game out against West Brom , and Joey P will learn from that , we would be on 21 points 4 off the top of table
  5. Royal_D

    Shocking but happy

    Fair one Jos.... I honestly thought you had got it wrong with that team selection but you have pulled it off, it’s scrappy and it’s not attractive to watch but you know what I don’t care because it’s 3 more points on the board in a season I thought was shaping up to be horrendous did I think we would be in the play off positions at this stage going into the international break with all the drama and nonsense going off around the club ? Not a chance did I !! And suspect not many others did either ! Fair one again to the manager He’s going about his business quietly, and we’re in the play off positions under the radar really happy tonight
  6. Dawson has kept it 0-0 upto now, and still everything’s his fault mind boggling
  7. It’s as though he doesn’t want to tire out whatever he regards as his first 11
  8. Royal_D

    Almen Abdi

    He hasn’t played regularly for so long I’d be surprised if he’s anywhere near the player he was anymore
  9. Royal_D


    Joao is gonna have to start putting the graft in with Winnall coming back, one thing your gonna get with Sam is 100% and I’m not his greatest fan but as an option off the bench he could be more than useful
  10. Firstly .... Kirby is a very good prospect and I do believe he will be a first team player here in the future but fully accept he’s probably not ready yet Last time I saw Jones play he looked like he had never had a ball at his feet in his entire life Boyd just doesn’t fit into how we play, never going to get a game really and it’s pointless even discussing Abdi even if he was fit I don’t know where he gets a game ? Is he good enough to get Bannans shirt ?
  11. Royal_D


    Which resulted in what ?! Come on now .... by his excellent standards it wasn’t his finest hour was it Overall I thought he was excellent tonight though
  12. Royal_D

    Joey p

    Should’ve gone straight through Barnes for the second goal but overall I thought he was superb tonight
  13. If we had a fit Winnall he would’ve been ideal to bring on tonight, really think he will be a big part of Jos’ plans me
  14. Royal_D


    Should’ve made it 3-0 , very poor finish