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  1. Don’t think Millwall would get him, but wouldn’t rule out us selling him
  2. Kadeem Harris .. dunno about that one It’s a shame Aarons has injury issues, would be a good addition but wouldn’t take the risk personally with his injury record
  3. Dont really know what ur getting at there ?but yeh what I’ve got against him is he just doesn’t apply himself enough for me, 1 week can look like a superstar next week he’s a dis interested Kim Olsen
  4. Don’t buy into the Joao hype me, the lad needs to screw the nut and put in a lot more graft if he’s ever going to be consistent for me I’d sell him me, I won’t lie
  5. It will have been known in and aroud the football world yeh, 100% Sorry but I ain’t having it ,not a chance would Steve Bruce have turned up here if the proverbial is about to hit the fan
  6. If any of what your speculating had half a chance of been legit, it would have been common knowledge a while ago and Steve Bruce would have gone nowhere near the job
  7. Wildsmith and Dawson both need to leave for first team football
  8. Heard one today ..... Dawson asked to leave apparently
  9. Aint got pace but we’ve definitely not got anyone that can swing a delivery in like him
  10. He’s not just adequate, the lad was one of our stand out performers second half of the season Absolutely had other championship sides after him
  11. If Iorfa stakes his claim for centre half, Palmer 100% is a starter
  12. Couldn’t agree more Some will never be happy unless there digging at someone, percentage of our fanbase are absolutely bizarre
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