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  1. Tryna get a fee now out of Hannover for Julian Borner Darren Moore dealing with it rather than DC
  2. It’s not just Dunkley, let’s remember we’ve got Lee Bullen and Liam Palmer who rarely use social media anymore due to the plethora of absolute morons we have in our fan base who think abusing players/staff online is perfectly acceptable No excuses for me, if these people think it’s an acceptable thing to do they need driving out of the fan base , every last one of em
  3. Any ‘fan’ that goes on social media to abuse our own players needs driving out of the fan base Simple
  4. Palmer and Paterson ? Happily sell them both in all honesty, easily replaced if DM is allowed to do business
  5. Yeh, and doesn’t Odimayo play RB ? Wonder what system Moore is looking at
  6. Anyone seen much of Odimayo ?? Cant say he’s one I’ve seen play, been used at centre half and right back at Swindon
  7. All other matters aside, potential for the club to get a great deal for Windass As a championship player he’s average for me, let’s see how much Millwall want him , what did we pay ? 500K ?
  8. Nothing can change until the owner either jumps on a plane and comes to S6 or actually picks up his phone, total complete radio silence Don’t know where it goes from here, thinks he’s completely lost interest
  9. While the outstanding wages issue will need settling and assurances given going forwards, I still have faith we’ll bring some in we simply have to
  10. Att isn’t making no decisions Get a grip, he’s a kid who’s took an interest in the club his dad owns , or did have an interest … last I heard he wasn’t all that bothered anymore
  11. Anyone with half a brain knew that one was a joke
  12. Where’s anyone listed AP’s achievements ?
  13. Did hear he was tryna move a business on back home, but there’s some issue in taking money out of the country No clue what type of business it is, had heard in the past he owns a few construction firms over there
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