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  1. A player we left it far far too long to sign, not sure he was hated by many when he was here though
  2. He been offered a new deal ? Heard there’s loads of interest and he’s not convinced about staying at S6
  3. Yep, who’s to say it’s evidence or fact ? On what basis are you working off that footballtyper knows exactly what the relationship between SWFC/Chansiri and doyen/paxaio is or was ? it’s all speculation
  4. I’ve no doubt he’s spent many many hours collating ‘evidence’ , and fair play to him if that’s what he wants to do, imagine he’s gained many followers on his account for doing so Again, your just twisting my words , I’ve not told anyone to shut up and stop questioning him. My whole issue is why are we asking the same questions over and over again because his answer doesn’t match some geezers ‘evidence’ on twitter As for refusing to debate, what you want me to debate ? I debated On the Chris waddle thread that his opinion meant no more than any average joe because he’s absolutely no idea how the club is ran behind the scenes , and you deleted posts because you didn’t like my opinion so why should I debate on this one ?
  5. Not at all ‘mate’ It’s an issue because people choose to believe twitter accounts, which I personally think is as laughable as you lot think supporting the owner is
  6. Challenge him about Doyen/Paxaio ? Hasn’t that already been done to death ?? We signed players with Doyen links because we had an agreement with doyen when Chansiri bought the club
  7. .com/dan-petrescu/ We bringing Doyen back into the fold aswell now ? Wonder what Milan Manderic thoughts are on doyen
  8. I’ll go and review this ‘information and detail’ then , can’t wait to be educated by owlstalk
  9. Information and Detail put infront of them hahaha , from what ? Twitter ? Chris Waddle ?
  10. I have never said don’t question him , I’ve said what’s the point in asking him the same questions time and time again when your minds are made up and you think you know better anyway Pointless
  11. Not really, you was insinuating im someone who believes his, and the clubs every word
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