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  1. Who’s getting it next season ? Championship relegation decided on who gets the biggest points deduction Have to try harder and harder everyday not to fall out of love with this game
  2. I hope anyone who hasn’t seen that offside call has a look at it Dear god
  3. Despite the performance, don’t think anyone can really argue that it’s the Referee who’s cost us the points ultimately That offside decision is absolutely horrendous, a Sunday league ref wouldn’t make that mistake , really really poor possibly up there with worst official I’ve seen
  4. Pure apathy back in the house now, feel like Darren Moore needs to change it round sharpish I just feel it’s all a bit leggy, we get bogged down with how other teams want to play and can’t keep our heads up when the slightest thing doesn’t go our way
  5. Heads just go down way way too easily, missed pen and we threw towel in Am nowhere near ready to write DM off but he’s got to change his ideas, preferably quite quickly
  6. And there’s lads out there on the pitch who aren’t fit
  7. DM needs to change his ideas, he’s a bit too reserved for me, seems overly keen on playing it out from the back slow and steady and not really prepared to go for the jugular against teams Shrewsbury at home is not a game to be dropping points, he’s got to be far more aware of how these sides are gonna play against us especially at Hillsborough and his set up here today just isn’t good enough
  8. Just get back into them !! no good feeling sorry for yourselfs
  9. Really don’t buy into this logic, get over urself , no point disrespecting teams just because we as a fanbase think we should be playing in champions league
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