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  1. Don’t know if he’ll hit 20+ , has he ever in his career ? But yeh , he’s been absolutely phenomenal this season stepped upto the plate and made himself the main man
  2. It can’t happen anymore and I think GM has seen that today , Nuhiu will have an impact over the season but he’s far far more effective coming off the bench Its time to get Rhodes in the 11 , get him upfront with Fletcher and give them a run of games , he did exactly what the gaffer said he did this afternoon in terms of stretching the Brentford back line and opening it up for Fletch It’s next to impossible to move him on in January without letting him go on a free , no more excuses let’s get him playing
  3. Woeful this, Bannan and Hutchinson as a pair does my head in
  4. Wardsend cemetery could outsing home support at Hillsborough Ps... Bannan FAR FAR too deep causing us no end of problems once again, I don’t know why we play like this time and time again
  5. Lees hasn’t got a patch on Borner , sorry , wrong decision
  6. Of course his plan is promotion, he appointed the wrong manager in JL , every chairman at every club in the country has done the same ! I’ve never been prepared to accept the dropping of senior players was down to D.C. and still aren’t, understand people have different views but there not for me Your posts don’t particularly irritate me, there’s far far worse on this forum, anyone sending abuse wants to get a grip of there life really
  7. What’s the point in crying over spilt milk, who cares about Jos anymore ? Think the EFL might be interested in a few other things rather than why Keiren Westwood didn’t get a game under Jos Luhukay
  8. There’s only one way out of where we are at and it’s promotion, I’m not defending what the chairman’s done either before people start bleating Whilever the game is like it is , the obscene amount of money in the premier league , people are gonna take the chance and chase to reckless levels just to get a pop at the PL knowing If it goes belly up they’ll have the failure payments to fall back on, like it’s all well and good Steve Gibson crying about FFP and a ‘level playing field’ so we can all compete but someone explain to me how anything in the championship is ‘fair’ when we’re up against these clubs with huge failure payments from the PL ? The EFL , PL , FA and whoever else reap what they sow in my opinion, yep have your FFP regs and enforce them , but the game stinks from the bottom up there’s nothing ‘fair’ or level playing field about it
  9. Fair points to be honest, it’s an interesting debate , I still don’t see where it all ends personally I see a lot of lower league clubs folding in the next few years, eventually we’re gonna run out of interested people to bankroll clubs
  10. There has to be consequences I agree, but these clubs are in crisis , it’s not as if they can take the points deductions and come back in a few years time, the clubs will be gone ! As has been proven in the case of Bury If it’s a case of pay up or we’ll bounce you out of the league how many more clubs we gonna lose ?
  11. Can we really compare any other business to football ??? On the current mindset how many clubs will we lose from EFL ? Where’s it end
  12. Im talking about exceptional circumstances There’s clubs struggling , Bury have gone and Bolton barely survived , the EFL now face another Bury situation with Macclesfield and there telling the players to just play without wages or we will charge the club etc ... this is exactly what they did with Bury who not only carried on playing with no wages but won promotion , how did that end ? And why are they repeating the process ? If they carry on doing this how many more clubs will be lost
  13. If the EFL ban Chansiri he will be gone, sold to the first reasonable bidder But don’t worry .... no dodgy people will get past the EFL’s fit and proper person test , will they ?
  14. Surely Postponing a fixture without fines and deductions until such time they can actually sort there issues out and field a full strength side is protecting the integrity of the competition ?? Surely it’s a better option than pummelling an already skint club with fines , points deductions and a probable relegation out of the league , how’s that protecting the integrity ?
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