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  1. Joey Pelupessy

    He’s a hardworking defensive minded player, still getting upto the pace of the championship in my opinion , managed to score a great goal some of the comments here are incredibly harsh
  2. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Suspect Lee and Hooper are done for the season, hope the rumours about Lee retiring are just rumours still say when fit he’s the most important player in the team
  3. Really showing signs of quality, Jos seems to rate him much higher than Carlos ever did be really interesting to see how Jos chooses his teams when Hooper and Fletcher are back
  4. Rhodes is finished here, not too sure where Bolton would get the funds from though
  5. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    I bet there’s more than a few managers in this division that wouldn’t mind Nuhiu as an option, should he be first choice ? No he shouldn’t but he also plays a very important role in this squad as yesterday proved, and it’s not the first time he’s proved his worth and won’t be the last
  6. Sam Hutchinson for centre back

    He’s a central midfielder for me
  7. And more importantly there coming back fitter, and stronger thanks to the rules put in place by the new management team Hutch was clearly made to work very hard to get back into the team, Bannan the same , I can’t wait to see the rest back fighting fit
  8. Jos has bought discipline, standards and rules into the club ! It’s obvious for all to see that it’s going to take a while for things to change ... Jos has hinted more than once at the state of the current situation , we’ve heard players saying he’s had little time to change much on the training ground it’s going to be a long term job to get this club functioning the way Jos Luhukay wants it to, am I happy we’re going in the right direction ? Yes because like the chairman I believe we needed discipline bringing into the club, I think we will see players coming back fitter and stronger and knowing what standards are expected of them
  9. This echos my thoughts of Hutch aswell, some good points made there
  10. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    That second goal was not a sitter, brilliant finish into the far corner
  11. Why do we always think we’re good enough to sit back on 1-0 leads !! It’s like Groundhog Day ... could see it coming
  12. Steady 45, Reach and Hutchinson playing really well , looked offiside to me
  13. Formation doesn’t and won’t work until we have two actual wingbacks
  14. I don’t think Carlos would have had a clear out at all