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  1. Westwood is nowhere near the level required, shirt should be Wildsmiths
  2. Still don’t accept that’s a dangerous challenge , Blokes more at risk of a serious injury by falling about like he’d been shot
  3. Correct Not high, not reckless , and not a red card
  4. Imagine how many thousands are gutted there not at Hillsborough to give him a good old booing
  5. Wildsmith is far far superior to Westwood isn’t he
  6. Readings lad went down like he’d been sprayed by machine gun fire, is it a red ? Probably in today’s game
  7. He’s had a long old lay off and most likely expected to be back before now, but I wouldn’t get anywhere near ready for writing him off , will be a huge player for Pulis if he gets back fit
  8. Yep pretty much this, let Pulis judge it , be fantastic to see KP back at Hillsborough if Pulis thinks he’s the man for the job Also, bang average keeper for us ? I bet there would be a few keepers who wouldn’t have minded Pressmans ‘average’ career if that’s the case , how many PL games ?
  9. In my eyes he’s a Club Legend up there with Sheridan, Nillson and CP, and would be delighted to see him back at the club but wether his recent goalkeeping coach credentials stand up I’m not too sure, I know he had a good spell at Millwall but no idea how or why that ended and doesn’t seem to have done much since One for Tony Pulis to judge id say, but if he was up to the job it would be fantastic to see him back, also be great for the Owner to be able to bring someone like pressman into the staff , a bloke who knows this club inside out
  10. Westwood needs to return to top form to get the shirt off Joe, it’s that simple really
  11. Dejphon Chansiri has explained it, fairly sure Steve Bruce did aswell The recruitment team is Dean Hughes and David Downes mate it ain’t no mystery
  12. So was Joey Pelupessy not a Luhukay signing ? It’s beyond laughable that people keep banging this drum of Paxaio signs all the players , Even to the extent of exonerating a ‘manager’ like Monk of any blame whatsoever for recruitment based around a useless system that HE wanted to play
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