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  1. And it’s a great suggestion, fear they will find an issue with wherever they are , it’s clear as day that SYPD want a sizeable capacity reduction
  2. Revolting against them will also result in SYPD blaming the club even more for supposed lack of crowd management, the things there been asked to ‘enforce’ are completely ridiculous borderline dangerous and all designed to try and comply with SAG’s prohibition notice
  3. He’s on a planet where he’s wise to the ways of SYPD, what sham suggested to you is exactly what’s happening you have a genuine complaint, unfortunately it will be used against the club and not the people you intend it for
  4. I’m not too sure what the clubs stance is on not attending ? Without a doubt the club should have attended regardless of any frustrations etc I suspect there’s a complete breakdown in relations between the club and SYPD, I have my own personal views on SYPD and ain’t gonna air them on here but I do suspect we arnt getting the full story
  5. Owt that gets them a big reduction in capacity and it will be like Xmas has come early in SYPD headquarters
  6. There also videoing the exiting onto penistone road and any complaints will be used against the club to justify a further prohibition notice
  7. Whole situation has been implemented by SAG SYPD and SCC so it causes issues exiting onto penistone road, so they can then issue a further prohibition notice or whatever they call it to CLOSE the north stand Anyone who thinks anything other needs to give there heads a shake and wake up
  8. Think we would all have loved to see Hector back, but so far Borner is looking like some signing and especially on a free transfer Bates I have no idea about, but you wouldn’t imagine we will go without fair share of injuries and suspensions so you can’t say the cover isn’t necessary
  9. Said it many many times and been ignored , the amount of stick some of our own ‘fans’ dish out to some of our own players is an absolute joke
  10. Our own fans booed him when his names read out ? Can easily understand his confidence been shot
  11. Ive seen quite a bit of the bloke and tonight he just looked as slow as he always has been to me, but it’s all subjective ain’t it , good point with the trying too hard aswell
  12. Don’t really wanna start throwing negatives about when we’ve just won but those who jump on the kids back every time he touches ball , heckling , bit of booing when his name was read out aswell ? Do us all a favour and get a grip eh ? Not really any need is there
  13. Was he ‘off’ the pace or was he just as slow as he always is ?
  14. All that, and worse got said about Liam Palmer not so long back
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