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  1. Just seen Cheltenham getting hammered in cup, lost both league games so far aswell surely Alfie May is wanting out of there, I’d take him here I think he’s a goalscorer at this level
  2. Nobody could’ve seen it ?? I wonder what some fans are watching sometimes me …. I’ve been absolutely confident all summer FDB was gonna be a serious player this season, i’m not having that DM and his staff hasn’t seen this coming, he should’ve been pecking the chairman all summer to sign FDB up to a new deal
  3. Genuinely cannot stand football heaven so am afraid I didn’t listen to this, but still sad to hear It’s time the chairman explained his stance on banning these fans who requested refunds i think, I know he sees a lot that goes on this forum so I hope he sees this and realises a response is required
  4. Whilst I totally agree, we’re a league one club at present , and until that changes we will always struggle to keep players with FDB potential, and talent If we can agree a contract, fantastic , if we can’t then it’s a decision as to wether we keep him until the end of the season or we take a few million and cut our losses
  5. Pal of mine said Cadamarteri looked average at best, new lad Cook got a decent turn of pace
  6. No chance, if he won’t sign a new deal Chansiri will sell for £1.5m + , I think it’s still chump change personally for a player of FDB potential Worth £3m of anyones money
  7. Sounds like we have yet another good young keeper on the books in Pierce Charles Excited to see how Luke Cook gets on going forward
  8. Isn’t Luke Cook the lad who Brentford was looking at ? Sounds like a very well taken goal, and on his debut , can only do him the world of good that
  9. Wanted to get across to watch this, few there I’m really interested in seeing how they get on Agbontohoma because I expect he may close to the first team for cover at centre half, certainly expect to see him play in the pizza cup Al Jahadmy I’ve heard a lot about and he’s in the starting 11, Cook and Adetoro are new lads and obviously Cadamarteri who everyone’s demanding gets thrown into first team I’d like to actually see if he’s anywhere near ready
  10. Your right, he came through at Wolves as a right back played 20 odd games before they sent him out on loan , Not sure you could say he’s played most of his career there , made it quite clear a few times he sees himself as a centre half I think aswell I’d have a major concern over his ability with the ball at his feet to have him at RWB, his distribution is absolutely shocking and one of main reasons he can’t play in a DM back 3
  11. What makes you think Iorfa could play wing back ? The biggest reason he can’t play in a back 3 for me is his woeful distribution He’s a straight up standard centre half in a 2 for me, and a very out of form one at that
  12. Cadamarteri needs to start playing well and scoring for the U21’s before he’s thrown anywhere near the first team
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