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  1. The lack of discipline in this squad is an absolute disgrace Comical
  2. I’ve seen that Burke fella post a few things, he’s an absolute disgrace of a reporter to be fair
  3. Just a play on the fact he said he would take his time isn’t it, Which he certainly has Wether it’s totally down to that fact, or there’s something else going off is anyone’s guess
  4. Just watched it back again that challenge after hearing the boys out for 6week What an absolute joke he walked away with a yellow there, beat fair and square by Brentford other neyt no complaints by me but Jesus Christ ... what an unnecessary disgraceful assault on FDB that was, and it wasn’t a ‘challenge’ because he made zero attempt to play the ball But it’s ok because Brentford have had that done to them loads this season .. nonsense Red card all day long
  5. Absolutely wiped him out, with intent aswell in my opinion At best it was a very poor challenge, but malicious in my opinion
  6. Absolutely Good luck to the boy, but hand ur shirt into kit man on ur way out
  7. The EFL are forcing clubs to play on behind closed doors with no income ... How on gods earth would they be able to justify any points deductions for not paying players on time ? What do they expect ?
  8. Pitch is an absolute state, thawed or not thawed
  9. That goal is just about as typical Jordan Rhodes as they come, At Bournemouth it was a fantastic finish but that one tonight is literally exactly what he’s always been known for
  10. There’s no getting away from the fact JR has struggled last few years, none at all But he’s the best we’ve got, and if it means changing our style to best utilise him that’s what you do, thankfully NT seems to doing that at the minute and Rhodes is doing better than anyone else in the squad would be , Monk never had any interest in him he scored a hat trick against Forest and Monk couldn’t wait to drop him again
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