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  1. Royal_D

    Where is winnall?

    Chansiri told him he can’t play so he’s pretending to be injured
  2. Royal_D

    Paul cook

    Rather give it Bullen than bring someone like Cook in
  3. Let’s have some serious people down there who are gonna pose the right questions in the right manner, anyone who just wants a row with Chansiri or wants to cry about KM’s past at Charlton just stay at home
  4. It better not be full of questions about the club badge , wrong shade of blue on the shirts and when is the club shop selling beach towels and 4yr olds socks
  5. Royal_D

    Our fault again

    100% agree, Lots won’t though
  6. Royal_D

    Our fault again

    We don’t do ourselves any favours when we twist articles like this and turn them into something it’s clearly not All Reach has said is its difficult to play at Hillsborough while there in this form and fully accepts the fans rights to voice opinions
  7. Royal_D

    Our fault again

    Don’t see where Reach is blaming the fans anywhere in that article ?
  8. Royal_D

    Westwood starts u23

    Dont see what value it adds to any move for him in January by playing 45mins of an U23 game, he’s a keeper everyone knows all about, doubt any potential suitor would take notice of a few U23 outings for fitness reasons or anything else
  9. Royal_D

    Westwood starts u23

    Somethings going off clearly
  10. Royal_D

    Alan Nixon

    Got to be contract related with Westwood, if not that then Jos has either fell out with him ala Hutchinson or for some bizarre reason genuinely doesn’t rate him
  11. Royal_D

    Alan Nixon

    There was a lot of talk that he was interviewed for the Villa job before they gave it Dean Smith, think he’s just took Benfica B side on quite highly rated
  12. Royal_D

    Alan Nixon

    Gathering momentum
  13. Royal_D


    He’s the best manager amongst those mentioned, just don’t think he would entertain it
  14. Royal_D


    Who would you go for pal ?
  15. Royal_D


    It’s hard work getting an atmosphere inside Hillsborough at the best of times, I thought we’d turned a corner with it , but this season it’s back to its worst