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  1. It’s just the Wednesdayite way to expect us to sell players for a pittance, me personally I think DC will drive a very hard bargain
  2. Lopez ain’t even that good, mad how our fan base clamour over random ex players
  3. Royal_D

    Andy rhodes

    Suggesting Jordan will go anywhere just because his dad is moving on is ridiculous at best, he’s a grown man ... I’m fairly sure he hasn’t had his dad alongside him the whole of his career its not even a ridiculous suggestion that it’s added some pressure on him playing here alongside working with his old man
  4. Royal_D

    Andy rhodes

    Been a fantastic servant, heard nothing but great things and I’m sure the club don’t want him to leave I’m not too sure what Jos will do, he’s a man with his own ideas and you hear he’s pretty involved with the decision making so you would assume he will bring his own man in But yes...For me and I suspect a lot of other Wednesdayites it would be brilliant to see Pressman back where he belongs at SWFC
  5. 12-15m for Forestieri would be tempting i can see us moving on one big earner, and I can see it been Rhodes probably away on loan with a permanent option Abdi moving on will also be another big earner off the books, people are assuming just because the word in the press is we need to move out a top earner that it will be Fessi or Bannan .... there’s numerous top earners on our books and it could easily be a Fletcher or Jones moving on
  6. Royal_D

    Our fire sale

    Lazy journalism
  7. Royal_D

    Reece Burke and Jordan Hugil

    Not fussed about Hugill, and never looked like been good enough to step upto the PL for me
  8. In terms of the chances of him still been our player next season I think it definitely has
  9. Maddison at Norwich, price tag quoted at £25m in one of the rags this morning Nearest we have to his quality would be Forestieri .... if he hadn’t spent majority of last season injured im pretty sure we would be taking in some massive bids for him this summer
  10. Not too sure what some people are expecting... we’ve got a massively unbalanced squad that’s probably a bit too heavy and our main focus needs to be on shifting some dead wood out I’m more than happy with using the loan market if it’s done correctly and addresses the areas were lacking in with players that will help us push on
  11. Nice one I must have missed that, refreshing to hear we’re going for a new approach lot of faith that Jos is gunna get this right
  12. When was this said ??
  13. Blackpool away has always been a favourite of mine but it’s nice in my opinion to see a bit of a traditional pre season programme, I’ve never been a fan of mad tours to some foreign country and maybe it does distract like Jos is saying Let’s not forget this is a man who’s still new to the country, not a bad shout in my opinion that he’s staying here and getting a few games in against some traditional English teams
  14. Royal_D


    Obviously Hutchinson fully fit plays infront of most CM’s in this division but I like Pelupessy and think he will play a big part next season, grew into it i thought last season game by game he seemed more settled blatant leader aswell