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  1. Couldn’t agree more, I think a huge part of the latest issue is there’s been a breakdown of communication between the club and SYPD , doesn’t particularly surprise me and I probably won’t call the club out on this one because my own personal opinions of SYPD are probably best not shared on this forum or anywhere else I think this is where the issue is though, the police and the club aren’t talking properly and the police are pressurising the council into a hardline approach
  2. Westwood wouldn’t have allowed it to affect him possibly, but how people are claiming he wouldn’t have allowed it to happen is a bit weird , hows he gonna do that then ? Boot Flint outta the way ?
  3. It’s a great point, but should have been a win , and by some distance Horrendous ref
  4. Lacks a bit of height but genuinely don’t think I’ve seen the fella put a foot wrong yet, Iorfa also playing well is gonna give GM a massive headache when the captains back fully fit Borner has a bit of calmness about him, and I think it rubs off on the back 4 as a whole , in a similar way to what we had when Loovens was at his best here
  5. He’ll have to earn a start like Luongo just has , and everyone else bit bizarre to be calling for him to be thrown straight in, and there’s not a chance he’s gonna keep Harris out the side , not too sure where Monk will play him but be interesting
  6. Because Lee isn’t a defensive midfielder and JP is
  7. Wether it was woeful or not , I’ll reserve judgement because haven’t seen it due to work tonight , but can’t really hide from fact we should be beating Hull Sounds like Winnall has again missed his chances, and from little clip I’ve seen I’ve got no idea how that’s not been seen as a pen on Murphy , a draw tonight I think majority would have been content
  8. Winnall missing again ? Not doing himsen no favours is he
  9. what’s crack ? Not watching , any good ?
  10. Atdhe needs a huge game tonight, Fletch has been nowt short of immense Hopefully Winnall is chomping at bit after missing those 2 against Everton
  11. Some people insist Iorfa is a right back like they insist Hutchinson should play at centre half, I think Lees injury has given Iorfa the chance to play in his favoured position and he’s done himself no harm Huge fan of Thorniley aswell me though
  12. Cowley won one at Huddersfield yet ?
  13. sounds like big Atdhe has had a reyt game again
  14. Few of us did say we fancied it lads didn’t we ... sounds like we’re on it today
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