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  1. Royal_D

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I’d have gone against the baying mob and played Nuhiu
  2. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Gonna get done here
  3. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Get Fessi off
  4. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    No words for Forestieri there, worse than Reach miss
  5. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    0-0 cheers Reach and Fessi
  6. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Should have scored, the end as should Reach
  7. Royal_D

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Forestieir should have buried that Palmers playing well
  8. Royal_D

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    In all fairness.... Forestieri has it in his locker to do that to the best of players at this level
  9. Lazarr is probably Bruce taking a chance, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t He’s a left back and we definitely needed one
  10. Royal_D

    OFFICIAL: Iorfa Signs

    Iorfa seems to be a player who’s been destined for Hillsborough for a while, tall quick athletic right back something we have definitely lacked
  11. Every time I’ve seen Hogan for Villa I’ve wondered why he’s rated so highly
  12. Royal_D


    The problem with Winnall is he’s just not very good
  13. Mate don’t come on here talking sense we should have had at least 3 up front against Chelsea’s ‘reserves’
  14. Unbelievable some of our ‘fans’
  15. 100% should have been a corner