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  1. Wow , fair play , crack on makes no odds to me that’s me tuned in by the owlstalk Mafia
  2. I never denied what I said, it’s you that’s twisting it into something it wasn’t regards threats , if you want to take them seriously that’s your prerogative but it’s not on me or anything I said
  3. Yeah your reyt , I really hope he reads my advice and acts on it , you got me Jesus, people need to calm down and take this site a bit less seriously
  4. Me, clearly don’t really know why I’m even answering that
  5. There’s a lot of belief about that Chansiri is in this for the long haul, I’ve no idea why , there’s 100% a limit on how long he will be able to fund the losses this club currently makes without promotion , for him to stay long term it will need scaling back to Allen/Mandaric investment levels and I doubt he’s any appetite to do that If we don’t go up this year (very unlikely) I think he will very seriously consider cutting his massive losses and running
  6. Wouldn’t have been Forestieri would it not golden boy, he wouldn’t have done it surely
  7. Weren’t suggesting he should, don’t think he believes he should either Goes a bit further than criticism am afraid though
  8. Quite a bit of personal abuse been thrown about yesterday aimed directly at Mr Chansiri, on social media especially Hasn’t gone unnoticed
  9. Not interested, we’ve had good performances , and been 3rd In league , atmosphere is abhorrent Mowbrays comment about managing to take the ‘sting’ out of the crowd is funniest thing I’ve heard all week
  10. At least Monk took the young lad off at half time last thing he wants in his career is the toxic dross Hillsborough serves up yeh, I said it , and I’ll say it again and I don’t care who gets upset Home support is TOXIC
  11. Yeh why would anyone wanna come , worst club in football league
  12. In terms of Sheffield United yeh and so what ? your constantly whining on about there results , who the actual fizz cares ? Doesn’t affect my life whatsoever if they win lose or draw unless we’re playing them
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