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  1. We’re screaming out for a LB if we change to a 4 Have a suspicion though that Darren Moore won’t change system hence won’t be chasing a LB
  2. And ? Remember Sanchez Watt ? He also played for Arsenal
  3. Got as good a chance as this arsenal kids got if you ask me
  4. Who the hell is playing at left back in a 4 ?
  5. Can’t see point Too many loan players, where’s he fit in ? Makeshift Wing back at a guess
  6. He also said It’s been sorted since we got him back to that level ? What level ? And when was that Darren ? Day one level ?
  7. Don’t think any journo would have to try too hard to create fan anger amongst our social media nutcases If he’s had false info it’s not exactly end of the world is it, Who’s to say there wasn’t anything in it and DM was just pushing it under the carpet
  8. Why the hell is Alex Miller bene accused of click bait ? The blokes doing his job, him and Joe do a fine job Leave the lads alone, honestly , it’s getting embarrassing the amount of strange ‘fans’ we’ve got circling on social media like hawks waiting to destroy any journalist for making the slightest mistake
  9. I did wonder how comfortable the chairmen was committing to wages like his, It’s very poor But I’m not surprised, and again he’ll go to the highest bidder
  10. Every passing statement from Mr Gibson makes him look more and more like a petulant child Why he believes Derbys administrators should make information from the HMRC available to him is beyond me, I’ll give him one thing …. It’s not totally down to his actions why Derby will struggle to exit admin , but to Chuck his toys out of the pram and accept no blame whatsoever is petulant at best You wasn’t good enough to make the play offs that year, dry your eyes and get on with it , maybe concentrate on achieving it this year
  11. Am just not a fan of that system really, I don’t really think any of those players mentioned are natural wing backs so I think long term it’s square peg in round hole whoever you put there out of the current options
  12. Agree, I wouldn’t sign another centre half anyway We need a left back
  13. It seems they always have there finger on the pulse Frustrating really
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