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  1. If were still struggling towards the deadline I wonder if we would take another chance with Wickham, wouldn’t think twice about a move here Another who doesn’t score enough for me though
  2. Yeh, pretty much my thoughts Can’t say I can put my finger on a name who we could realistically look to bring in, I think it’s a case of taking a chance on someone
  3. Kabasele has clipped his feet as he’s about to shoot, hard for the ref to see , looks like he just got outmuscled , but the defender is been outpaced and he’s clipped his heels at the last Penalty
  4. We probably should move on from Zohore, where to though is the question honestly couldn’t put my finger on a name
  5. Based on ? I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2 or 3 knocked off
  6. And he was supposedly the best CM in the league, clubs were gonna fall over themselfs to sign him up
  7. Disagree with the bench been league one subs standard, I’d argue every single one of them would start week in week out at majority of league one clubs
  8. Washed dirty linen in public or gave the fans the truth ?? Mr Hirst has had ample opportunity to tell everyone all about DC’s nasty unfair treatment of George through absolutely no fault of there owns 😉, not like they have much to lose is it ??
  9. Now is the time to keep him in that 11, give him a proper 10/15 starts and then let’s judge him I suspect if Zohore comes in, and I think he will , that Rhodes will be on bench duty
  10. Watford are delusional if they think they battered us, they’ll have to improve ten fold to get anywhere near running away with the league like many thought they would
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