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  1. Dunno what to even say, if that turns out to be true ... wow
  2. Reading about the potential betting link to Wigan’s admin is sickening this game is absolutely stinking
  3. Can’t someone get these gimps to change the heirachy at least ? Vote of no confidence from the clubs in the leadership of the EFL ?
  4. Did that stay on ? Neils been deleting my posts for calling Kivo a liar last neyt
  5. Can’t believe you have made a rumour up like this, come on Kev , it’s a serious matter
  6. Club waiting on EFL’s direction for releasing a statement some kind of mutual agreement/arrangement to drop charges is what I’ve heard off 1 or 2 credible people
  7. Can’t say I’ve seen owt on Twitter from anyone with any credibility yet
  8. I don’t see how that would come about if am honest, any guilty verdict has to be a points deduction
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