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  1. It's been a few years since I posted on here, but wishing you all good luck today. I think Colin will outwit you today and City will win 3-1. The best thing that happened to us was losing 3-0 to Preston mid Week, now, he can alter a winning side. Colin can bring in Tomlin , Feeney and Bryson. I can see you fetching a few down today, should be a good game
  2. We know what we are... We know what we Arrrre. Sheepshagging barstards. We know what we are.
  3. . The fans are singing... We'll always be blue - Cardiff You used to be blue - Wednesday We'll always be blue - Wednesday You'll always be poo - Cardiff
  4. This fred is for banter only. 20 mins to kick off and I fancy we are gonna stuff weds today. With our new boss Russell slade watching in the stand. Owls, pigs, steelers all people from Sheffield , sit back and watch this now. 3-0 cardiff. Bring it on you lot. P.s. I'll be back In 5 mins. My missus wants me to go up the shop a minute. be right back like. Nugent.
  5. Tan is a clown mate. He's becoming a hated figure. The first part of your post is spot on. The second part is utter nonsense .
  6. So was I. Curious about the premier league...Turns out it was poo poo
  7. Yes mate.I'm 37 . When I was a kid Sheffield weds were in the top flight and cardiff were in the old 4th division. I took the red if it meant my team were gonna get a bash at the big time.
  8. No. I'm on strike. I'm not paying my hard earned money to watch that bunch of prima donna.
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