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  1. There should be the option of Season Ticket and match by match. That would cover every potential fan. As @Geedee says there are many fans who can't go for a variety of reasons but would love to watch them whenever they can. Season tickets may fall slightly but those who can go will still go as there is nothing like just "being there". It would give thousands of other fans in the UK the opportunity to watch their team.
  2. But that was before our new coaching team arrived and the new positivity around the club. It will be the best test yet for our clean sheet record. I'm not predicting anything.
  3. In order to recoup some revenue for the club under the current conditions, would you subscribe on a game to game basis? If yes how much would you pay.
  4. Whose going to do it. Mr Chansiri over to you. I feel a poll coming on.
  5. Just wondering how much of the fee we pay to ifollow (whoever they are) goes to the club. As has been suggested on another thread, Wednesday/Chansiri TV would possibly be an option. Other clubs have their own channel so why not?
  6. If Mitrovic plays then we need a brute of a CB to defend against him. Somebody who isn't going to be knocked off the ball easily. If Lees is back to his best then he might be the man to do it.
  7. Great idea. Unfortunately there will be some contractual arrangement with the football authorities who run the game that will prevent it happening. The ones who are bleating about clubs losing money due to the pandemic but will not change their rules to allow clubs to recoup some much needed funds by allowing all games to be available to stream on line by anyone who wants to pay. A sensible amount per game would attract thousands? of fans to watch. Will it happen? Vote now 1. Yes. 2. No 3. Too early to decide. 4. Don't know 5. Don't care 6. Summat else Thank you
  8. Are you living on this planet or Mars?
  9. Neither have I. Mind you I've never met a good looking Bulgarian woman either.. Come to think of it I've never met a Bulgarian woman at all. (to my knowledge) Can we have a poll? Have you met a Bulgarian woman? 1. Yes 2. No 3. It's too early to decide 4. Don't know If you answer yes to part 1 please answer part 2. Was the Bulgarian woman you met 1. Ugly 2. Beautiful 3. Too early to decide 4. Don't know (she had a bag on her head). Neil will compile the results into a statistical table and @Whitechapel Owl will start a last man standing competition . Winner gets a trip to Bulgaria to find a good looking woman.
  10. You would have to call it ChansiriTV. Its all part of the franchise.
  11. Just shows what difference the right coaching team can make to a player. Might be skill, might be mental but good coaches get the best from a player. And just earn some Brownie points from Neil, And a good manager.
  12. You'd not want to sit behind him either. You wouldn't see the game.
  13. I dislike the Scousers anthem. Have to mute the sound when it's on. Conversely I love hearing the Celtic crowd singing it. There are some superb vids on YouTube of Celtic songs.
  14. That's why it's not shown on the scoreboard then. I still think it should be shown before every game as the opposition come onto the pitch. Wednesday Warcry. Chaaaaaarge.
  15. There is much debate on the subject. Vote now. I've no idea I havn't seen it. This is a vote only thread. No comments needed. Thank you
  16. Tango will use up the full allocation of spaces.
  17. Wasn't he in the army based in Germany at the time he played for us? I think he used to travel from Germany to play for us every week. Apologies if I've got the wrong player but I think I'm right.
  18. Another one of my idols gone. RIP The Mighty Quinn.
  19. The ghosts of Abdi, Urby and Jones appeared as the Three Wise Men. Monk decided there were going to be even more ghosts and they all went awol for 3 months.
  20. Will Neil tell us? 1. Yes 2. No 3. Too early to decide.
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