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  1. What would you have expected monk to say? "There are some positives to come out of the game. We were unlucky to lose Fox so early. The rest of the lads worked their socks off?" What sort of reaction would he have got from the fans? It was better that he said it wasn't acceptable and didn't name any individual/s. They know who they are and either ship up or ship out. If it is player power and they are trying to out Monk then I think they will fail. It's not as though like Jos everybody was against him. Monk has good support from most of the fans and most can see he is doing his best with what he inherited and without help from any of his previous assistants . Probably DC wouldn't cough up any extra for more staff. With the financial restrictions and possible punishment hanging over the club's head then it's not an easy time for the club or it's supporters. No excuse for the players who are priveledged to pull on a Wednesday shirt to under perform as they did last night and against Blackburn.
  2. It's still open till Friday. Jim White with his yellow tie is waiting to announce 11 new signings. Not for us but 11 new signings.
  3. He's got more yellow and red cards in his limited appearances than Sam gets in a season. Send him back.
  4. Let him come on. It won't make any difference
  5. I think I'm glad I didn't find a live stream.
  6. I've given up. Listening on ifollow.
  7. I'll let somebody else fall for that. Thanks for your input.
  8. Anybody found a stream yet that works
  9. The game could go on till tomorrow.
  10. That's working. Thanks. Missed the netgate though.
  11. There is usually some stream from an ifollow transmission from somewhere. Will wait till nearer ko to see what appears.
  12. There has got to be some far eastern country that wants to watch Wigan v Wednesday . Come on let's have a live stream from somewhere. Somebody must have a camera at the game I blame Brexit.
  13. And here's me thinking it was Tuesday today .
  14. For every positive somebody has a negative.
  15. Wow. Did you really paint that trev? It's amazing . I knew you were an artist but that's unbelievably detailed. How long did it take?
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