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  1. Do you really think anybody would believe It?
  2. That's exactly what the manager does for every game . That's his job.
  3. Exactly. It's not rocket science is It? If the opposition havnt got the ball they can't score.
  4. If Joao had kept the ball in the corner on 93m 34s then the rest would never have happened. Naive from Joao. If Nuhiu had been in his position then no Norwich player would have got near the ball in the corner.
  5. First half he just ambled around watching what was going on. Second half started with a bit more energy. Must have had a rocket from Bruce. Overall a bit like Joao. Got ability but not a lot of commitment. Appears to have the energy and skills , if only he would use it all for 90 minutes. Can't afford any passengers.
  6. Farke says having to play against ridiculous decisions against them. What can he mean.....a hand ball goal and a goalie staying on the pitch after handling outside the area. What is he talking about. Goodness knows what would have happened if Dawson had been sent off and we had to play goodness knows how many minutes with a non goalie in the net .
  7. It should never have got back into our half if joao had stayed in the corner in 93m 34s. Game management lessons to learn.
  8. How can anybody score in 97 minutes when only 5 minutes of added time. No additional delays after the 90 minutes so shouldnt have been no added added time.
  9. Just replayed last 3 minutes . Joao had the ball in the corner on 93m 34 secs and goes to dribble for goal instead of holding on to it. Idiot. Could have should have wasted at least a minute or more hanging onto corner flag . The free kick came after the clearance .
  10. We are giving away a lot of free kicks. Hope nobody gets a second yellow
  11. Whose going to score our 3rd. My money would be on Matias.
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