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  1. How is that a topic header gets changed after posting?
  2. Don Megson......best left back Wednesday have ever had. Happy birthday . https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/june/happy-birthday-don/
  3. Reading OT is there a "crowd favourite"? Everybody gets slagged off at sometime. There has to be ONE player that doesn't get slated by OT. Name that player.
  4. Didn't he win goal of the season on MOD and a Knigthood for stopping play when one of the opposition players was injured?
  5. The attendances at S6 will increase dramatically when everbodies kids attend.
  6. So the criminal charges were not guilty? How do they justify their actions. Oh hang on.....The FA don't have to justify anything to anybody.
  7. Forestieri' s defence should be...... "I didn't say it" The FA then have to PROVE that he did. There will probably be 10 people (From mansfield) who will say he did and 10 people from Sheffield Wednesday will say he didn't. Then they will all be accused of perverting the course of justice. The 20 people involved will then be banned for 5 games and the club forced to play a whole season behind closed doors. There will be an appeal which will be heard in 2020 until such time as somebody has been bribed to swing the decision in favour of the Mansfield player. SWFC will then be thrown out of the league due to not controlling their player. That's our normal luck isn't It?
  8. Havnt they had enough time already? Nearly a year to bring charges. Why?
  9. He scores winning goals in play off finals. What more can you ask for?
  10. Some on here would just look at his age and say he's past it.
  11. That's what we could have .
  12. Bruno the Brighton player retired at 38 this year . Admittedly he only made 17 appearances but there is a lot of difference between a 38 year old and 31 year old. Keogh played 49 games for derby this season. He's 32. If a player keeps himself in good shape and has the right attitude then 30+ is not a problem.
  13. What very often happens with teams that get promoted from championship with a selection of older players is that they get released. Villa have realised a few. The blunts have realised a few and Norwich have released the older ones I think. It's a case of a one year deal then bye bye and thanks if we got promotion. Older players with desire and experience are necessary in getting promotion. Bruce will know whether he is worth a risk. If an over 30 is better than what we have then sign them . As long as the contract is right. The problem in the last 3 or 4 years has been the amount of wages and length of contract. Bruce will not let the same happen again.
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