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  1. Didn't weeds and Norwich play a high pressing game last season? Didn't do them any harm. Teams playing out from the back are vulnerable as most arnt familiar with the system and get themselves into bother. Probably not possible for 90 minutes but for a period if could cause disruption and create a goal. It also gets the crowd onside. All plus points in my opinion. Luongo apparently has lots of energy and calls himself a box to box player who would have the energy to chase the ball.
  2. The period after we scored when we were pressing high up the field is how we should be playing all the time. It puts the opposition on the back foot and looked in a state of panic. Needs a very fit squad who are willing to chase down the opposition when they have the ball in their own half .
  3. I am satisfied with 3 points regardless. Would rather play rubbish and get 3 points than play like Barcelona and lose.. Which would you prefer if you had a choice.
  4. Roll on when we are good. Top of the league when we are poor can't be that bad.
  5. I didn't see anything he did wrong all game.
  6. Hope the cameraman turns up or we will be watching the middle of the pitch only.
  7. 5000 making their way from Leppings lane to penistone road.
  8. We have a picture. No commentary as yet. Crowd a bit sparse in north.
  9. There didn't seem to be any noticeable segregation of Palace fans on Sunday.
  10. I hope your losing run comes to an end tonight your Worshipfullness. Otherwise it's SNOOTY out.
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