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  1. Have I missed something about Forestieri? I thought he was injured. Is there something else?
  2. The truth of the matter is that nobody including EFL know what will happen including what we are supposed to have done to breach any of their daft rules . In the words of you know who message to EFL...Lets get sanctions done. The club need to get on with the season with a full knowledge of what punishment (If any) we are going to be stuck with. No doubt it will be dragged on as DC contests and appeals against the sanctions. 2020 promises to be even more interesting than 2019 and 2018 and 2017 and 2016 ad infinitum.
  3. It's a case of playing a formation that suits the players Monk has available. Round pegs in round holes which is something previous managers didn't do. As Monk and Bruce have said we have an unbalanced squad . That's because nobody has built a squad to suit a playing style for years. Continuity of management and the correct transfer policies just hasn't been our strong points recently. Until a manager gets to build a squad around his preferred tactics we are going to have difficulty in winning the square against round hole game. If monk is given time and gets some freedom in January then it will start to fit in place. Presumably he has his targets from his scouting team. We just need EFL to "get it done" whatever they are going to do and let the club get on with their job. Meanwhile we are doing better than expected and must get better at game management towards the end of matches . You cannot plan for wrong decisions though. As someone else said, if we were 2 or 3 goals in front then the odd fauxpas or Ref mess up wouldn't matter.
  4. He is very often in the opposition penalty area when we are attacking. I think he is the best option we have for the position
  5. Nobody has mentioned Fox as a WB. He seems to have the energy and is decent going forward. Has put in some good crosses from fairly deep. A very calm character who just gets on with the job. I know he's got his critics but his improvement this year has been good.
  6. I would agree with you. The back 3 is a no brainer. Midfield has so many options then there has to be a decent 5 to pick. Problem is the front 2. Fletcher and who?
  7. Commentators disagree. Booo Chris Martin scores
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