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  1. A12owl

    New survey

    You have won the Star prize.
  2. A12owl

    Back from Lincoln

    Lee we know about but the other two......what has been the problem? Goodness knows why they have taken so long to recover from what?
  3. A12owl

    Fantastic from Tango

    Caught a glimpse of him at one of the matches on tv. He's either nuts or a dedicated footie fan. Second option in my view. Great guy. Well done sir.
  4. How Do you know he didn't score when he got home?
  5. I might just start a Jordan Rhodes appreciation society in Norfolk. I'm sure he will do well with Ben 10 firing in crosses for him. Rhodes will get a minimum of 15 goals for Naaarwich next season , get them promoted and they will sign him permanently. You my friend will be gutted. We will however finish above Naaarwich as they will have to go through the playoffs . Rhodes will score a penalty in the shoot out to take them up. How ironic that would be?
  6. It's like Carlos saying he's always wanted to manage Swansea his boyhood hero's. As Ipswich was one of Jordan's early clubs not sure how every Naaarwich fan will be feeling.
  7. You will have to join the Naaarwich forums and give him grief and criticism on there. You could become Canaryrocket .
  8. A12owl

    Lessons from our neighbours

    I thought there was only 1 Villa and they are in the poo as well.
  9. I could hazard a guess that Rhodes and a few people at both clubs will have some idea. . It's doubtful you will find anybody to spill the beans though.
  10. This one looks a bit fit and topless?
  11. I'll tell everybody at the end of the competition. (Carlos never did tell us his story did he?) Don't want the opposition to know the reason. Let's have everbodies best guesses.
  12. Does anybody want to know? It's a tactical masterstroke.......