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  1. Or Dom isn't strong enough to pursue a point. A tape recorder could have been used to ask those questions. If there is no response from the journo then what's the point. Dom is no Andrew Marr is he?
  2. Neville and Giggs own the hotel. So it's as near as you can get to being a personal gesture. They will lose income as a result and will cost them to keep the staff employed to look after the NHS people. Well done to them.
  3. Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs hands over their hotels to NHS employees.
  4. They will be self isolating in their hot tubs and indoor swimming pools to keep away from us that help to pay their wages. Abramovich has opened the Chelsea Hotel to NHS staff at his cost. We'll done to him. A drop in the gas field for him.
  5. He will self isolate for the benefit of the club and not be available for 4 months.
  6. And where would we get another 16 or so players. And how would we pay for them?
  7. Has he had serious injuries or did I dream it. Did he have a ban or did I dream that. Do we currently have any other player with as much skill and the ability to run at the opposition? Has he been played in his best position.
  8. I thought I read somewhere that the idea is to get as many people infected in a controlled way to create some immunity and spread the load on NHS. Any volunteers to be artificially infected?
  9. Average age in Southwold just south of Lowestoft is already well over the average. 80 year old are the youngsters there.
  10. What a brilliant idea to provide health advice on a football forum. Who would have ever thought about it. Glad you have seen sense and provided some useful information for Wednesday supporters.
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