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  1. You must have attracted the wrath of the boss man. And you had such a pretty profile pic @TINKERBELL Just wondering why you attached that question to my post about replays. Contrary to popular opinion......everything that's wrong on here isn't my fault.
  2. No Replays in 5th round. S**t or bust.
  3. That's what I've posted in response to @theowlsman post earlier. That will do me nicely thanks.
  4. That will be Norwich then. Will suit me thank you.
  5. Reach has to play wide left Murphy wide right Winnal with Harris in a no 10. (While fletch unavailable) Centre Midfield of Luongo, Bannan (stay forward barry) at Home Luongo to do the fetching and carrying. Hutch or Joey to replace Luongo away. Back 4 Palmer Börner Iorfa Fox (Lees in for JB or DI if not available) (Urho for Palmer if needed) Dawson It gives pace up front (Harris) and decent crosses of the ball in Reach and Murphy. Flexible to adapt with subs.
  6. The wolves home support the other night against Liverpool was incredible. Noise seemed to be coming from all around the ground.
  7. Liverpool away. Somebody has to beat them on their own ground sometime. Why not us. Or Plan B Shrewsbury.
  8. Note to @torres .. .. I was there.
  9. "Throw it long and forrard" That's your job done.
  10. He's still learning as he gets more game time. He didn't get the best of introductions to the1st team when he first started. Lots of abuse when he was the hit man for the fans. As a supporter and lifelong fan he must have been disappointed to the reaction when he was chucked in at the deep end. Hes grown in stature and confidence now hes got a reliable back 4 in front of him. Well done Cammy for beating the boo boys.
  11. I thought most of his kicking is good and he gets a good distance and usually down the middle for our advance man to get on to. He knows what he did wrong tonight with the late kick and will learn from it. Got no qualms about him staying as our No1 keeper. Presumably its Monks instructions but i like the fact that there is rarely any faffing playing out of the back. Get it it up the field and it puts pressure on the other team.
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