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  1. Its all about man management. Whatever it takes and however its done to get Fernando firing on all cylinders again is Monks job. He has been around long enough and seems to be savvy enough to sort it .
  2. The goal against the team playing in orange about 3 clips from the end is fantastic. He fought for the ball a couple of times and smashed into the net from 25yds . Fantastic. I really hope Monk gets him back to his best as he could win us a lot of matches. I believe if the club support him through his problems then he will reward us with a great season. Yes I'm a MASSIVE fan of the little man. Had my photo taken with him at a Special occasion I was treated to last year. The past has gone and cannot be changed. Oh Forestieri.
  3. I listened to the interview with no video. I thought I was listening to Frank Lampard . Obviously they all talk same in Chelski.
  4. How many years ago was that. And it wasn't while playing for us. Have you got a video of the incident. How does the Hull sending off rate in your view.
  5. I dread a "Forestieri" thread on here. Every time the "Norwich" event is dragged out again. Have those same people got no thoughts about the injustice on the above video and the recent ridiculous racist saga. As I've already stated, Fernando apologised unreservedly to DC and the club including the fans for his mistake and admitted he was wrong. He has previously won us games almost single handedly. What better sight is there than Fernando skinning a defender,cutting inside and smashing the ball into the net . Norwich away last season springs to mind. He's been plagued by injuries and probably played when he was not fully fit. He appears to be a very thoughtful considerate human being that does a lot for fans and charities. Give the bloke your support and perhaps we might get our Nando back. I personally would not want him to leave.
  6. Why was Norwich a "debacle". It was one ill informed bad decision that he apologised for. He didn't kill or rape anybody did he? This shows only some of what he has endured and still stayed loyal to us. Potential match winner (and has been) on his day. He needs our total support not constant snipes.
  7. They should but they don't. Those referee decision are unbelievable. Isn't the last ref a premiership ref? Can't remember his name.
  8. We've had 1 game with Monk. He had only a few days with the team before the game. He cannot pick everybody in the squad. Rhodes may not have been 100% fit so that might be why he wasn't picked. Give it until January and see if Rhodes gets in the team. Agree with those who say the 4-4-2 ish that we played on Sunday would suit Rhodes. Give Monk and Rhodes a chance to work something out.
  9. A team is made up of different parts. Reach is part of the team. Isn't it said that no one player is bigger than the team . He will run all day and does any job in any position he is asked. It isn't his fault he is played out of position. Wide midfield (i think left) is his best position. Harris and Reach are the best wide men we have. Playing 2 up front needs wide players who can cross. Every player comes up for criticism recently and "should be sold". Where do you get same or better for less money. If there is better then they would cost more. If they are same then what's the point. Purely on a financial basis it MAY make sense if we are desparate.
  10. Always available, willing to play anywhere he is asked. Never a problem for any manager. Good team man.
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