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  1. When I saw the thread title I thought it was a firm of solicitors DC had employed to deal with our ongoing legal problems with SAG and SYP and EFL.
  2. Build a brick wall with armed sentries in turrets
  3. Some people just dont have a positive view in their bones. Goodness knows what their lives must be like.
  4. Obviously our diving coach isn't good enough . We should employ Tom Daley.
  5. Thanks @cognacbarnowl I will take every opportunity I can. Perhaps when we get promotion Monk might be recognised by the Owlstalk hierarchy. Until such time.
  6. I thought you meant one of these.
  7. Leicester tonight v Arsenal showed perfect game management when they were 2-0 up. They kept possession and passed arsenal to death. If the opposition havnt got the ball they can't score. There was one instance when 2 players exchanged about 6 passes within about 5 yards without moving.
  8. We've got a box to box midfielder. Luongo says himself that's his best position. The only trouble we have is that every player we sign gets a dose of the Wednesday curse and finishes up injured after they join us. Players who havnt missed a game for 25 years get injured after they sign for us. Not sure what the answer is.
  9. Havnt we just brought in a bloke who does "match analysis" or summat? Wonder how he has analysed the last 2 games. He should have made his points after last week. Obviously it's not sunk in. Pun intended.
  10. We should have brought on the destroyers to win the match. Instead we fri-gate and scrape a draw .
  11. I think Swansea might have had something to say about that. You have to have the same number of goals to be a draw.
  12. To be positive. We didnt lose to a team in top 6 who hadn't lost for 256 games.
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