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  1. Have you ever thought that some of the "fans" as you call them travelled from all parts of the UK and around the world for the Wembley game. Reason? It was a one off chance for us to get promoted to the premiership. A trip of a lifetime. Possibly never to be repeated. These fans cannot get to matches regularly because of their location or some other reasons. Many would not have afforded a normal match. There must have been a lot who begged or borrowed to get the money together for the chance to go to Wembley. Any more explanation required ? I am sure the high prices are the biggest reason for poor potg attendances. There may be a few hundred or thousand fans who pick a match when finances or personal circumstances allow .
  2. A12owl

    Penney contract

    I would just go up to him and say....."Penney ......for your thoughts on a new contract".
  3. Anybody any idea how many tickets sold for Friday's game. Would hope for a full house to cheer the lads on to victory. Unfortunately I will have to content with watching it on Sky in South Norfolk.
  4. He also ran forward with the ball. AND Lees had one or two minor forays over the halfway line. Possibly felt that hector could cover for him. We are now getting a few decent players for each position. Jos is going to have a good problem.
  5. As much as i love the guy I think he will be more motivated coming on from the bench at about 60 minutes. It will freshen up the team and give the weeds another dimension to worry about . Wide left is his best place for the team . With Fletcher now getting a run of form going Fessi will be another wide player capable of putting decent crosses in. Joao to replace Fletcher late on if Fletcher runs out of steam. Or Joao from the start wide right. Nuhiu served no purpose at all yesterday. Joao should have replaced Fletcher.
  6. I must have missed him. Only saw Brucie .
  7. I noticed that on Quest last night . Brucie is the media darling as ugly as he is. Prutton and his mates barely talked about us after the clip of the match . It was mostly about villa and Brucie. Perhaps Brucie will get his Bonus when he gets sacked in a few weeks time . Guess who will take over. Surely Carlos hasn't been a lifelong villa supporter as well.
  8. A12owl

    Hector report

    He seemed have given Lees more confidence. They both had runs forward with the ball. There also appeared to be less sideways and backwards passing.
  9. Doesn't that table look similar to the one at the end of last season. I think we were even top of the form table at one time. Considering the lack of signings and the perpetual ongoing injury problems then I think we are achieving far more than we could have hoped for. Let it continue. Also accept there are going to be some poor performances and some losses but at least we seem to progressing albeit slowly.
  10. A12owl

    What’s up with Atdhe?

    He was probably disappointed with his own performance. In the time He was on the pitch he didn't win a header or a duel or pass the ball to a colleague. Unless Fletcher was knackered or was injured then the substitution was the only bad part of the game today.
  11. A12owl

    JOS OUT!

    He obviously learnt from the mistakes at Forest. Well done to him.
  12. Didn't know grealish was a member of Owlstalk
  13. From the FA rules. So why doesn't it apply to him. Compulsory equipment The compulsory equipment of a player comprises the following separate items: a shirt with sleeves shorts socks – tape or any material applied or worn externally must be the same colour as that part of the sock it is applied to or covers shinguards – these must be made of a suitable material to provide reasonable protection and covered by the socks footwear Goalkeepers may wear tracksuit bottoms. A player whose footwear or shinguard is lost accidentally must replace it as soon as possible and no later than when the ball next goes out of play; if before doing so the player plays the ball and/or scores a goal, the goal is awarded.
  14. That would have been Grealish . He's a legend in his own head. And there is plenty of room in it.