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  1. A12owl

    Starting XI

    That's we have done in the past. Hopefully it will change now.
  2. Can anybody post the actual rule of FFP? Cos I'm as sure as heck that many people don't know what it says . I'm one of them.
  3. A12owl

    George Hirst

    If anybody does it will be you.
  4. A12owl

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Has to be Snotgrass. He's got such a stupid name as well as everything else people have said about him.
  5. I looks very retro don't you think. Not a bad thing but not in line with current trends of Ziggy zags and splodges and airbrush strokes and all kinds of other gubbins. I rather liked our Wembley kit.
  6. I have just bought new carp cradle so I suppose I could count that as being a bit of a freebee. Just waiting for a carp put in it. As I won't have nothing to do on Saturday (fIamin football close season) will probably have the rods out for the day.
  7. Not a lover of Yarmouth pleasure beach Lord Snooty. Full of fat northern folk according to Jim Davidson.
  8. Went to Yarmouth Races today. Flipping cold. Had a winner and a couple of places. About £20 in profit. Not sure what to do with this sudden wealth.
  9. And not one mention of Rhodes . How unusual.
  10. Perhaps as he was not surrounded by our normal 1st team players he was a bit lost . Needed time to settle into a new club and country. Next season should see him blossom.
  11. A12owl


    Perhaps Jos will get through to hutch that he needs to improve his discipline. If he does then he's worth the games he can manage. Jos will also need to look after him and not overplay him.
  12. A bit cracked at times but likes a good yolk.
  13. 21 for this comment. Is it that funny or is Neil using all his alter egos to boost his reputations. Mix it up Neil with a bit of variation on your appreciation of yourself.
  14. A12owl

    Jay Bothroyd