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  1. Or you could be neither. At least not very good at either.
  2. I just heard from a mate down the pub that his mate on Facebook heard from an inside source that sky have made a last minute change to their schedule and rearranged the Villa game for a Monday night ko 7.45pm. Only joking. Enjoy the game.
  3. When he's on tv commenting on a football game then he is a Pundit.
  4. With Winnal fit it gives Brucie the opportunity to leave Nuhiu off the team sheet. I think Jos and Carlos had his name embedded in the paperwork. Agree with other posters about Winnal and Rhodes potentially being a very good partnership IF and it's been said many times IF they get the service from the wings. Winnal has a proven 're Ord of headed goals and Rhodes is the poacher from knockdowns. Can't remember the team against Brum when they both scored but possibly we had wingers?
  5. Hooper back for Stoke I didn't know Stoke had signed him . Somebody should have told us.
  6. Sorry hirsty.....didnt read your post before I jumped in. Great minds and all that
  7. That wouldn't have made an interesting program though would it?
  8. I agree with that. Don't see any reason why they shouldn't. If it's an injury then so be it. When Aaron Lennon had Mental Health issues it was reported and he immediately got the support of everybody. Whatever it is it should be made available to the fans. Even if a small amount was withheld for Abdis sake if that's what is needed.
  9. The above is what I said. NOT you said I said .
  10. I wouldn't have started this thread if there had been any suggestion of any mental health issues. He would get my total support if there was.
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