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  1. It's like asking Bannan to go in goal. If he hasn't got the confidence then he shouldn't take one.
  2. Cripes. There has only been one game. What will you be like after half a dozen?
  3. Are we within the FFP rules? If we are, how much can we spend? Are we under an embargo? If not will Pulis be allowed complete freedom to sell and buy as he wishes? Has DC got any money to spend? If he has unlimited funds, how much should he spend? Do we trust TP to spend wisely?
  4. It's worrying that 11 people have voted to keep a player with one good leg who hasn't even played for us yet. That must indicate how poor our team is in the eyes of our supporters.
  5. More votes for the younger players. Potential and cheaper than the "old school". Possibly get rid of some of the older ones while we can and add some younger "hungry" players if our new scout/assistant manager has a few possibles in his notebooks.
  6. Westwood isn't going to pull any trees up even after 12 months gardening leave.
  7. Wow Neil. A12owl discovers hidden facilities. Must tell Lord Snooty for his MOM section.
  8. It's only possible to put 16 alternatives. There is another thread for GK's and defenders.
  9. If you had made that comment after seeing me then I would have been delighted. You are obviously making your assessment of my over critical posts which have regularly been deleted. I'm not offended.
  10. Thanks for that. My life doesn't revolve around TV. Life's too short. There is rarely more than 1 program I ever want to watch at the same time. If you record 6 programmes of 1 hour each, when do you find time to watch them. I am retired and currently totally "locked in". Even then I hardly watch TV during the day. I have other things to occupy me. I have never understood the obsession with TV and all the options I'm sure there are many thousands of people who NEED TV for company. I don't deny it. But it's not for me. I've got sky sports and entertainment + HD and multiroom a
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