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  1. Why do people have to take the pee when it comes to Nuhiu? He has taken loads of stick over the years but still goes onto the pitch with more enthusiasm than many of our other players. You can guarantee 100% from the guy both on and off the pitch. He has got himself into the Kosovo team and made a difference since he has been playing. He is not the most skilful player by a country mile but he is Wednesday through and through. Give him a break and some support. There's not much wonder he went straight off after the whistle on Wednesday as he probably hears/sees what is said about him. Apparently he is a lovely man and is respected by all our players . He is useful as a defender late in a game as well. Makes a nuisance of himself when he gets on the pitch . Opposition managers also don't like playing against him either. He's probably not costing a lot . I hope he gets a bit more game time albeit as a sub. Thanks for the goal Atdhe it was worth the wait. I just wish his name was easier to spell. Never sure whether I've spelt it properly.
  2. Couldn't agree more. The player with most spark,enthusiasm, pace and skill when he is on song. Remember the darting runs he used to make which occasionally got him into trouble when he was flattened. Who have we got that will run at defenders regularly apart from Reach? Matias and Boyd possibly are the others that spring to mind but they arnt playing either. The sooner Nando is back and playing how we all know he can then we might just have a chance. Only if Carlos let's him loose on the left. Reach on the right. Both can/would cut inside or get crosses into the centre. Nuhiu just being in the squad and Nando always seemed to get on well. Little and large.
  3. Either Loovens is the coolest player around or he has just lost interest in the game. He just never looked to be putting himself about apart from kicking the opposition in the knackers. His captaincy had virtually nil effect . Ipswich pressed high up the field and there was nobody who had a clue how to beat the pressing. No speed of passing and very little carrying the ball forward apart from Reach. It was painful to watch . I'm glad I didn't go to the game although it would have only been a 40 minute journey. I feel sorry for those who did go. Although you can claim fame by "being there" when the 3 very rare events happened. A penalty for us. A headed goal against us And A goal from Mr Nuhiu. Carlos will never change his tactics or his favourites as I believe he genuinely thinks he is right .
  4. Wasn't Vernancio the captain of the team loaned him from? Why would he come here unless he was promised game time? He is a seasoned tried and tested (in Portugal) CB? Surely he should be given a game unless Carlos doesn't see his quality in training.
  5. If Nuhiu got a goal in the last 5 minutes of every game that would nicely thank you.
  6. The biggest problem I noticed last night was our players inability to control the ball at their feet . Just about every player failed to control a odd to them on numerous occasions. Passing wasn't good either. Jack Hunt hardly got down the wing to put any crosses into the area. Nuhiu,Bannan and Reach seemed to be the only players with any passion. Carlos didn't seem to be passionate on the touchline when he was visible on Sky. If the manager shoes no passion off the field the players are not feeling the passion on the field. Hooper had a few moans to other players but they just didn't seem together as a team . We need a new drive and fear in the players that they are going to lose their place and money if they don't perform. Are they too comfortable as others have said.
  7. There has been a major change from CC's first season as everybody knows. What is the problem with the players. Is it that they are disheartened by missing out on promotion for the last two seasons? Is it that they are bored with Carlos? Is it that they are frustrated with his instructions and tactics? Is it that their ability have deteriorated in the last two seasons? Or and this is the biggest worry.....have they lost confidence in Carlos and don't believe he can get them promoted. Or is it something else? Their doesn't seem to be the same passion and enthusiasm compared to CC season 1. Wolves and the lot from s2 are doing what we did and that's playing without fear. They just go at the opposition and let them worry about how to deal with them. Carlos I believe over complicates a game and perhaps the players dont know what they are supposed to be doing.
  8. Nuhiu

    Did anybody at the game see him walk off straight down the tunnel. Watching sky that is what seemed to happen. He usually leads the players in front of the fans. Anybody see what he Did?
  9. Nuhiu

    As long as we had somebody whacking in the high crosses then that might work. Or Nuhiu and Hooper with Nando just behind when fit . Nuhiu might not last a full game for a while so might be an option after 60 minutes or so. Or give him the first 60 minutes to batter the CH's Crouch has been doing it for years.
  10. Right...Team for Saturday

    We would but Carlos won't.
  11. January

    That's what the majority have been saying for the last 5 or 6 transfer windows.
  12. player ratings

    Bannan had a good game without being outstanding due to everybody else not making themselves available for his passes . Reach at least went forward when in position. The rest didn't seem able to control the ball or make a decent pass. Westwood was ok as well. Nuhiu was outstanding and deserved MOM. Seriously.
  13. Didn't he go straight off at the end?
  14. Unbelievable Geoff. We get a penalty for the first time since who knows when. We concede a headed goal for the first time this season. Nuhiu scores for the first time this millennium. What a game. Not. We move up the table and are unbeaten in 5. What will Carlos have to say..