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  1. There has to be a date set for the decision. If there is any undue influences in the EFL then the longer this is allowed to perculate then the EFL could make a decision on how many points (if guilty) they deduct depending on how many points we have at the time. Is there any sculduggery with the EFL?
  2. Aaagggh. No no a thousand times no. I wish his name would stop cropping up every time he becomes out of work.
  3. Do we ever practice throw ins. Like statues waiting for summat to happen
  4. You've missed it. Check back 35 pages or so. This thread just keeping going to annoy Neil
  5. Bigger attendance on here tonight than at the match on Wednesday.
  6. Somebody will be preparing 2 club statements as we post. 1 stating we have been exonerated and one stating we have been found guilty. Trevor Braithwaite waiting for DC to tell him which to release.
  7. Didn't the Jordan Rhodes signing get announced in the early hours.
  8. I've said elsewhere, EFL decide not to punish us but state we are guilty of whatever it was they have been blathering about for months. Chansiri appeals cos he doesn't like being guilty. EFL slap us with a 21 point deduction for not accepting a no punishment decision. We get relegated and DC resigns in disgust.
  9. There WILL be a morning. It usually arrives after the night. Hope that helps.
  10. Nothing on EFL Web site since their appeal against Macclesfield 6 hours ago. Doesnt look like we will hear anything tonight. Another sleep till we find out possibly or Monday if the don't work weekends.
  11. What figure would be sensible for him to take to avoid losing even more money every year. £10m, £30m, £50m? Somebody would surely pay one of those figures and DC would stop chucking his money down the drain. There has to be a tipping point even for DC and his unknown wealth. It's only his pride and loss of Face that would stop him selling. There has to be some spin that somebody could put on a sale to avoid him embarrassing himself.
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