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  1. You will attract the wrath of Neil with comments like that.
  2. Not long enough. As the actress said to the Bishop.
  3. Yes. Probably not. Don't understand why people post dubious links to sites that I have never found to work.
  4. Is there a genuine stream which actually works with having to get rid of unwanted stuff?
  5. There should be the option of Season Ticket and match by match. That would cover every potential fan. As @Geedee says there are many fans who can't go for a variety of reasons but would love to watch them whenever they can. Season tickets may fall slightly but those who can go will still go as there is nothing like just "being there". It would give thousands of other fans in the UK the opportunity to watch their team.
  6. But that was before our new coaching team arrived and the new positivity around the club. It will be the best test yet for our clean sheet record. I'm not predicting anything.
  7. In order to recoup some revenue for the club under the current conditions, would you subscribe on a game to game basis? If yes how much would you pay.
  8. Whose going to do it. Mr Chansiri over to you. I feel a poll coming on.
  9. Just wondering how much of the fee we pay to ifollow (whoever they are) goes to the club. As has been suggested on another thread, Wednesday/Chansiri TV would possibly be an option. Other clubs have their own channel so why not?
  10. If Mitrovic plays then we need a brute of a CB to defend against him. Somebody who isn't going to be knocked off the ball easily. If Lees is back to his best then he might be the man to do it.
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