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  1. Congratulations Shandypants Very true, it is a very good game that is easy to understand and fun to play. Can be very quick and easy for those that don't have the time to play something like the new football managers Although, maybe the game engine isn't the best as I got relegated (Looney's) - I refuse to admit it is my poor management haha
  2. Proper addicted to this It may pass, but with the Looney's having a 100% records, loving it *Loses next game, never logs in again*
  3. I am sure he would fit right in...
  4. It is quite worrying the drastic change of direction we have taken If Chansiri had people around him who knew the game giving him advice we would be in a lot better position. The first year under Carlos was magnificent, sadly didn't make it over the line, and it was downhill from there Terrible choice of signings, expensive wages, and Carlos' ego growing made it a difficult following season. We were lucky to even make the play offs and our style of play was horrendous in comparison to the previous year. Bought in even more dead wood that didn't improve the team, no young blood injected in there. If Chansiri had the people around him who knew the league, and a manager who was strong willed, we could have kept it sustainable, bought a few quality players to drop into the team without much disruption, and go again. Chansiri was too loyal for too long. Carlos should have left after losing to Huddersfield, I said it back then, but fair enough he got another stab at it. Just wasn't up to it. Even his third season, we should have got rid and tried for Pulis. Wouldn't have been pretty but with our squad we would be right up there. Jos comes in and keeps us up, and maybe he could have steadied the ship, but his constant changing of formation is bewildering. A 'renowned' defensive coach who can't keep a clean sheet? Admitting he is over his head? Regardless, he has to go. No wonder the players don't have any confidence. Both Jos and Chansiri mean well in their heats, but they just aren't up to it. Jos has pretty much admitted so. The scariest thing about the present is, Chansiri won't admit it Automatically going on the defensive and lashing out at the fans. Fans who have been following the club all their lives. Who remember so many terrible times. Who can't quite believe what is happening to the club after 3 years ago. Who have every right to ask questions, and just want the truth. No sugar coating, just explain why our best players aren't playing. Why Jos is still here. How badly we really are off regarding FFP. Oh and the injury situation, the more you think about it that more it is hard to comprehend. Chansiri might have put in a load of money and may mean well. Try as he might, but he won't ever know what it is like to be a true football fan. He doesn't even know Sheffield reflected in ticket prices. Very worrying times
  5. Guess the trouble with it this is it being subjective. Presumably the majority, if not all of us, expect Jos to still be employed even though we disagree with it. We would rather our best players aren't frozen out, yet they will continue to be. Which makes you think, what are we not going to like about this fans forum? Because unless there is a massive pile of poo dropped in there from the person directing the club, it can't get much worse...
  6. Don't know if the link is working but copy and paste this: http://www.footballorgin.com/championship-play-off-final-hull-city-v-sheffield-wednesday-full-match-replay/
  7. Full match and build up is here: http://http://www.footballorgin.com/championship-play-off-final-hull-city-v-sheffield-wednesday-full-match-replay/
  8. Got a spare ID with 10 points on going if anyone needs it? First come first served
  9. If it is used correctly, it is a brilliant idea Something Everton did in Martinez's first season Get the DM to drop in next to the CB with the ball, allowing BOTH full backs to get forward, offering you the width whilst allowing your wingers to come inside a little more and offer that support to the forward No doubt it is something CC is working on in training, but maybe it just needs some time for the players to get use to it Could work as the season goes on, but it's also on the CB's to ensure they move out a little and cover the sides whilst your full backs get in position Certainly is a very good idea, but it will need time and patience for it to be implement and seen to work correctly About last night, will take the point, all about grinding out the results whilst the players gel and get use to what CC wants to do in terms of his style of play There are a lot of quality footballers in the club at the minute and there's no doubt that they have the potential to be a real threat in the division, stick with it and enjoy the transition
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