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  1. He appears to have a good understanding with Palmer too, and they work together down that side
  2. Maybe we can also have a word with Netflix and get them to come film around the place - DC can get the books cooked to show they paid us billions, just keep adding zeros
  3. I have an idea... Let the consumer become the seller: No limit to the amount of 10 year season tickets you can buy. All I need to make this a success is for two of you to buy this phenomenal offer. If you can then look at doing the same, and passing the offer on to two other people each, minimum. The more season tickets that are purchased, the more money Sheffield Wednesday are going to make Plus the sellers can take a cut of the sales for their time and effort - we all make money NB: This is not a pyramid scheme, invest today
  4. Congratulations Shandypants Very true, it is a very good game that is easy to understand and fun to play. Can be very quick and easy for those that don't have the time to play something like the new football managers Although, maybe the game engine isn't the best as I got relegated (Looney's) - I refuse to admit it is my poor management haha
  5. Proper addicted to this It may pass, but with the Looney's having a 100% records, loving it *Loses next game, never logs in again*
  6. It is quite worrying the drastic change of direction we have taken If Chansiri had people around him who knew the game giving him advice we would be in a lot better position. The first year under Carlos was magnificent, sadly didn't make it over the line, and it was downhill from there Terrible choice of signings, expensive wages, and Carlos' ego growing made it a difficult following season. We were lucky to even make the play offs and our style of play was horrendous in comparison to the previous year. Bought in even more dead wood that didn't improve the
  7. Guess the trouble with it this is it being subjective. Presumably the majority, if not all of us, expect Jos to still be employed even though we disagree with it. We would rather our best players aren't frozen out, yet they will continue to be. Which makes you think, what are we not going to like about this fans forum? Because unless there is a massive pile of poo dropped in there from the person directing the club, it can't get much worse...
  8. Don't know if the link is working but copy and paste this: http://www.footballorgin.com/championship-play-off-final-hull-city-v-sheffield-wednesday-full-match-replay/
  9. Full match and build up is here: http://http://www.footballorgin.com/championship-play-off-final-hull-city-v-sheffield-wednesday-full-match-replay/
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