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  1. The gaffer has ordered me to post this review for you fine people. Get the tea pot out
  2. It needs freshening up regardless of what division we are in. This group isn't good enough, and don't have the character The majority can (and will) do, again regardless of the division we are in. That is evident from the performances We need a group that want to be here because of the club, not because of the paycheck
  3. Think it is very harsh criticising the management, when numerous others have had a go at trying to get this lot fired up. We've seen it all season, lacklustre performances and lack of quality We should have never started the season with Monk The January transfer window was huge, and that has cost us Whoever came in after that, with these players, a lot of them out of contract, was always going to struggle The players don't care. How can they be motivated? The set up probably wasn't right, but with Lees out, he obviously thought he had to put Patterson RB and Palmer CB, as he may not trust the others (which says a lot) 1 sub is poor, but who was he going to bring on, Kachunga? Group isn't good enough, and not applying themselves 100%. No manager would succeed with these Thankful that a lot of them are out of contract and won't wear the shirt again, and a huge, pivotal rebuild is needed over the summer If Moore is taking us forward, he needs time for it otherwise there's no point But he isn't to blame for this group
  4. Was a great first half, sadly the damage has been done Could have done with Moore coming in earlier. To get the organised and playing like that is brilliant, especially consider the comments from Pulis At least we appear to be in good hands going forward from a managerial point of view
  5. Thought so when I was watching Didn't do a great job today sky - it's certain sheffield wednesday will start with 4 at the back
  6. Never really rated him whilst at us. Today sums up why, and not the first time he has been greedy, which is fine so long as you can produce the goods His attempted dribble straight down the middle of the pitch cost us the goal, and not squaring it prior, criminal
  7. Problem is, it has happened far too frequently this season. 'Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it'
  8. It isn't specifically the one game and one result. More so how dire the situation is, and the results are the catalyst for the reactions It's no surprised the majority of us are not happy at the minute. It is a struggle to find any positives at the minute with - crazy chairman (will leave it at that) - no transparency - no direction or long term planning - no proper manager - major crucial issues not addressed in January - not addressing contracts earlier - not signing up young talent with potential either for the squad, or future financial gain - a genuinely very poor squad - little desire within the squad - lacklustre and boring style of play - really hard work to score a goal - concede far too easily - bottling a lot of big games - losing against out of form teams consistently The above are just a few, there are a lot more issues than just these. We may not be relegated yet, but it is hard to see this group grinding out the results to stop up And who knows what happens in the longer term
  9. Apologies - I will follow our our leader blindly to impending doom
  10. Only watched until half time Thought Patterson was creating some real problems for them. Shame about the pen, totally undeserved. Good first half performance, disappointing not to get the win but will go to sleep happy with a point
  11. Incredible to think we would be better off going down... 1. Nearly the whole squad out of contract this summer 2. Based on the pivotal January transfer window, no money to buy new players 3. Following from point 2, having to rely of free transfers and loans 4. Wage cap, means a lot more level playing field 5. Points 2 and 4 combined, footballers plying their trade regularly in the division will raise their game against the clubs with a bigger reputation - similar wages but more desire 6. Sunderland fiasco but worse 7. Portsmouth fiasco but worse 8. No manager 9. Deluded chairman with no footballing knowledge, no charisma and acts like a spoilt child Going down would be catastrophic, and may only be the start of it, or even the beginning of the end
  12. He has just planted the seed, now await the announcement
  13. He appears to have a good understanding with Palmer too, and they work together down that side
  14. Maybe we can also have a word with Netflix and get them to come film around the place - DC can get the books cooked to show they paid us billions, just keep adding zeros
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