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  1. Won't EFL have to pay court fees if they lost case?
  2. Maybe they don't need telling, maybe they are just aware of our financial situation for next season?
  3. Just a theory... Maybe the high earners who's contracts expire in the summer already know they cannot earn another contact here? Chansiri sold the stadium which tides us over this season, next season we cannot afford those wages without promotion (as we cannot sell the stadium again). Then, if these players do earn promotion we will still let them go anyway as we need to buy better for the prem. The whole thing leads to players which stuggle to get motivated. Monk has a hell of a job on his hands, let's get behind him. Some tough decisions ahea
  4. Seen enough of Nuihu he makes me swear. Let fletcher be impact sub. Get rid.
  5. We need different attacking options which hopefully da cruz, windass and wickham gives us. Before these additions we relied on lump it up to fletcher tactics which worked against most teams. Fletcher's injury exposed our frailties in attack I am afraid. Nuhiu should be able to cover for fletcher but he is a slow donkey when he starts a game. Contract extension defo needs careful consideration as he is 32 on very high wages, depends on his knee injury situation too. Very important period between now and start of next season regarding players and recruitment with the bulk
  6. On a plus side we didn't lose any players we wanted to stay either. In hindsight Nuhiu should have gone 2 years ago after scoring an hatrick and FF should have gone for 12 million, but at the time he was our star player, prob still is based on Saturdays cameo. In the past we have had to say farewell to our star players like Brunt and Whelan and suffered, not days I would like to go back to. There needs to be a cleverly managed balance between the 2, with young talent coming through the academy to replace players we sell for top dollar. Academy and young recruitment has
  7. You are probably right but we can live in hope. Maybe he is actually settled in sheffield and knows he owes us?
  8. If Rhodes contract is up in summer as it says. I would offer 2 years to fox and Fessi (as long as he plays like he did saturday till the end of the season). And a 1 year contract on reduced wages for fletcher if his medical is ok following his recent knee injury. The rest need to go.
  9. My hope is he has a good last few months of the season, we offer him an extension and he accepts. This means he stays and wants to stay, as no doubt he will have offers from elsewhere at the end of the season on a free.
  10. He hasn't really been himself last season and season before due to racism charge, injuries and clueless managers. I do think Carlos was that reliant on him he rushed him back from injuries some times. Just getting going this season before he got injured knee. Now if our medical staff know something which suggests he is now injury prone then yes get rid. If not, then offer the lad another contract, best talent we have wont easily find another like him.
  11. I wouldn't keep any of the other strikers, just FF worth another offer in my opinion.
  12. Letting him go for free in the summer could be equally disastrous. How do we know he is not going to peak 30 to 32 like Fletcher has. Maybe he will as a free transfer to a rival if we let him go. Must admit, before yesterday I was thinking same, tio much trouble. But FF is the most exciting player we have had at Hillsborough in many years. Proper handful and gets you off your seat. For me it's - Keep! Let's hope he puts the past behind him and helps us get promotion.
  13. Carlos has been the only manager up to now who knows how to get the best out of him and had him available. Carlos knew he was a "special player" and so did Fulham when they offered 12 million. I think Monk deserves a chance with FF to pick, hopefully he stays available to take that chance. Steve Bruce knew his qualities too but this racism charge was hanging over him, not really his fault when proven not guilty in a court of law but it dragged on and on. Let's hope we get more of what we saw yesterday now the racism charge is all finished. FF is our special
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