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  1. We are going to struggle to fit it in now anyway before next round (which is week commencing 26th Aug) as this week will be too short notice and we have Millwall on Saturday and next week we have Luton on Tueasday / Preston on following Saturday.
  2. First things first....... 1) Get back to the Premier League 2) Build a bigger purpose built stadium say 50k /60k as we will fill it.
  3. Reach on the bench for me. Didn't show much away at Reading, slightly better performance at home against Barnsley but still our worst midfield in that game too. Bannan if fit goes straight back in. His control of the ball / touch is much better, his distribution of the ball to the wingers is faster, making the counter attack more effective and he also has a antenna like communication with K Lee. Reach on the bench also provides cover for any midfield position. Happy days Westwood also staright back in. Dawson did nothing wrong but neither did Westwood at Reading (took one for the team) which helped secure the win.
  4. I'm afraid that we might do a 'Ole is at the wheel' and loose 4 on trot as soon as we give him the job full time
  5. and we swap one for Rhodes who would get on the end of the early crosses
  6. Have I missed something? Have we signed a young centre back from AFC Wimbledon?
  7. Dom Howson says game has now been suspended by the EFL - source Twitter
  8. Probably is, But, going on what I have read so far, I wouldn't put it past him.
  9. I reckon it was Mike Ashley (or someone on his behalf) that lumped a load of cash on Bruce been next NUFC manager early on when the odds dropped suddenly. That's why he had to stick to it and get his man. If he put enough on, it would be effectively the bookies paying Chansiri the compo not Ashley. Just a Thought? Even more snake like if true.
  10. Maybe it is because they offer a similar discount to home fans with season tickets buying extra tickets. Then they have to pass same discount on to aways fans to make it fair? But agree, it is strange.
  11. Don't you think hair is a bit too dark to be Borner?
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