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  1. I'm sure he set off walking towards the dug out before the ref told him to walk the other way
  2. I can't believe how many snowflakes we have in our fanbase and especially on here. lobbers. One thing for certain though, it's not Boris's fault. But blame him if you like.
  3. Yes Lanzarote, retire to your cave and me too. He had had his sandwiches in the foil, good job he had eaten them !
  4. I'm guessing you are making your mouth about something you didn't see or even know the exact truth about. WAWAW ??????????
  5. I saw the so called incident, it was nothing. Make something of it if you want but it's total over reaction
  6. It was nothing, trust me. I saw it all, nothing at all to call owt
  7. I know 100% what happened. Wednesday away fans are turning into real snowflakes. Total over reaction
  8. If Wycombe have a case, then their claim ought to be against the EFL and not Derby. They are saying Derby should have been deducted points last season, the irony being that if we had got our 6 points deducted in 19/20 and not 20/21, then we would have escaped both seasons
  9. While I agree 4 at the back is better, we don't have anyone good enough. Palmer is all right foot and can't cross the ball with his left. If he is sitting back and not going too far forward then he is adequate
  10. Out of interest, who would be your choice for left back in a back 4. Personally I can't see one who is adequate, unless you mean a right footed Liam Palmer
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