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  1. If we need a proper target man for League 1 what about Jayden Stockley at Preston, just been on loan at Charlton
  2. If Rotherham lose on Tuesday then they will need us to beat Derby and themselves to beat Cardiff to stay up
  3. Why play the system then ? Since Monk started it, we have had 2 transfer windows and not signed a single player to try and make the system work
  4. Irrespective of names, when you play the wing back system, why then play 2 players further forward who are wide players primarily. We would have been better off yesterday with another striker and another central midfielder on the pitch. It was obvious from the first 10 minutes it wasnt working and changes could have been made at anytime
  5. We set off far too slow, we were negative, we had all week to prepare for the game and thats the best the management could come up with. If Smith/Moore thought we were not playing to plans then why wasnt Smith screaming at them from the touchline. The tactics were baffling, we looked like 11 strangers
  6. 4 points behind, 3 games to go, does it ring a bell. Weve done it before
  7. Well played robowl4life. It was a bad day for us all in truth though
  8. Apologies Whitechapel but not allowed to send via PM. Swansea for me please
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