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  1. I hope I am never in a Police lineup if you're the ******** witness.
  2. Never been in the Navy then. Fort Blockhouse in Gosport was sometimes referred to as Hotel Jack. Not the best night sleep I ever had...
  3. Hopefully he is a bit better than Jonathan Forte then?
  4. If it was actually a big story that he is waiting to get confirmed he would not tip off every other journalist that there is something to see. They're competitive ******** them lot.
  5. no no keeper would. Schmeichael in his pomp perhaps. No they wouldn’t
  6. If he had come and not got it he would be slated just the same and I don’t think he would have got it. The guy was given far too much time to put a perfect hanging cross in and then the defenders failed to attack it.
  7. What a legend Big Jack was. Can you imagine youngsters taking a blind bit of notice of Monk like that?
  8. probably about as much as the fourteenth tier
  9. That's ******** ridiculous. I'm no Monk fan. A quick look at my posts will tell you I thought he was the wrong appointment, I don't like the bloke and last season was bloody awful. But this year, he told us what the plan was, he has stuck to it, the team are following it and it's working. Whilst all that remains the case a change would be suicide. We are in enough trouble already without going back to square one now. Besides, by calling for his head after one defeat people make themselves look daft. If they are right then we will lose a few m
  10. I've been a bit out of the loop recently what with other stuff going on; I've barely been on Owlstalk and haven't listened to more than ten minutes of Football Heaven in the last three weeks. Are people really calling for Monk to go after one defeat? I'm not his biggest fan but that's fecking ridiculous.
  11. No it doesn't ya big meany. (But you clearly didn't mean it because you didn't finish with FACT in capital letters)
  12. This! With the addition that I will be delighted to be proved wrong. I do like a lot of what has gone on. I like the new signings, particularly Paterson. We are not an attractive proposition for players this season so Monk must be doing something to attract them. I like the Unity principle even if Mr Monk's refusal to pronounce the word correctly makes my skin crawl. As yer man says above, average managers don't suddenly become great ones and we need someone with the potential to be great, but right here and now, Monk is the guy in the hot seat and I want him to s
  13. Who? Oh that ********. Well he can fizz off. And when he's fizzed off he can fizz off a bit further and when he gets there he can fizz off again.
  14. They were right a couple of years ago then when they called him the new George Hirst?
  15. Who? Oh yeah him, I'd forgotten about him.
  16. Yes. I thought he was a terrible appointment but right now things are looking good. It's only one game in the league, i am not getting excited, but I am lot less anti than I was a fortnight ago.
  17. I love Dave. But if this Monk era is going to be better than a total ******** unmitigated disaster then sending out the message that we have to go back to players we have released is not going to happen. Psychologically it's all wrong.
  18. He’s a ********. Watford are welcome to him. To be honest if he was serving in MacDonalds I’d go to Burger King. ********.
  19. What sort of ******** would chose this poo show though?
  20. what flavour crayons have you been eating? someone please send me a large pack because I’d love to feel that way.
  21. Doesn't quite trump the FACT that he has been ******** awful though does it?
  22. If people think that after ten years of managment without any success Monk can turn it around now then anything is possible.
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