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  1. Watch this video at 03.36 Turns out he has a pass in him. So good I had presumed it was Iorfa. Make sure you stop watching at 03:44
  2. though strangely wont be able to say why whilst others who have posted post upon post saying how dire we are right now will be saying how great we are and what a good idea it was to be patient.
  3. and some people will still want Moore out.
  4. I just cannot stand that when I am in the bath on Sunday evening watching the highlights on my Ipad mini it looks like we are wearing red and white to me. But if the youngster like it then all well and good. And I certainly cannot have any of this faux masculinity anti pink testicles. Real men wear pink.
  5. We shiud have gone and got him when Ruud Gullit froze him out at the Toon.
  6. This issue isn't our recruitment, it is everyone else's. We signed a few Championship players over the summer and Wednesdayites got all excited and said how wonderful it was whilst being completely bloody ignorant at the fact that everyone else in the division was doing the same. it is not so much that we overate our signings but underrate everyone else's squad.
  7. Well with his injury record you certainly would avoid having slippery floors wouldn't you?
  8. It feels to me, but I haven't checked, that our record when Paterson and Brown start is much better than when they don't?
  9. Don’t come on here with your ******** the league hyperbole. You can fizz right off with it. The misery oh who were doommongers this morning need to learn just as much perspective as those who got a wee bit excited five games ago.
  10. God you lot are miserable feckers. BPF will be man of the match and we will get something out of it.
  11. Yeah, bought myself a fizz off great big house in Dore with pillars and a faux Georgian portico.
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