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  1. Are you not thinking of Archdeacon? He was more of a left sided midfielder if memory serves? Played in the same rather spiritual Barnsley team as Bishop and Moses
  2. As title. I can't find anything about it via Google but I am sure I read it and that was probably here.
  3. Windlass at left back. That is clearly the change that will make all the difference. I don’t know why the previous four three managers this season didn’t think of it
  4. I think that is what I would have said on Wednesday night. I was fecking livid. And who knows, maybe that is what he said but it is best staying within the ‘group’
  5. I tell you this as well, it stays on the boat and it doesn’t go outside myself and the other owner. If other skippers observe that someone used to sail with me and now doesn’t they can draw their own conclusions. That’s up to them.
  6. No but he might have said ‘we’ve talked about it and that stays in the group’ or he might have said ‘we’ve been very open and Frank and he won’t do it again’ or a whole load of other things. What would Pullis have said? Or Big Ron come to that? When someone ******** up in my crew I get them to come and sit with me, either at the chart table or my tacticians spot at the back of the boat and I ask them if they are pissed off with themselves about it, if they know why it went wrong and if they know how to do it better. The answer is nearly always yes to all of that and if it’s not the
  7. I am totally behind Darren Moore and think he is absolutely the right man for the job (except Paul Warne who would be even righterer). However, his post match interview from the other night scares the poo out of me. I am sure he was just being nice for the cameras but he seemed to be saying it was a good performance. If he really thinks that then bugger me we are in a whole new level of trouble.
  8. I thought that last night; I was just willing him to come forward and stamp his authority on the game, especially after that cracking run in the first half that Bannan wasted.
  9. More or less scored the goal and put in some absolutely wicked crosses, at least one of which should have been converted. Dont get me wrong, he was dog poo the first half the same as the rest of them but he was also part of a big improvement in the second half and he kept running.
  10. Bannan was awful tonight, but bless him he kept going and kept believing and kept trying. I think taking him off was more of a statement from Moore than a tactical ploy
  11. Credit Olusunde too. He was genuinely distract at the end at having made it harder for his team mates even though he was their best player. Izzy Brown take note.
  12. Yep. Credit where it is due. Ive long been a big fan of Paul Warne, even got laughed at by Andy Giddings for saying I wanted him at S6 on Football Heaven.
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