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  1. Im struggling here. I want to neg for being cunttishly unappreciative of a stalwart who has given his all for the cause through thin, thick and thin, and at the same time salute the cruel wit that is the basis of real humour and really made me laugh.
  2. Don't forget Bruce Grobelar (no idea how to spell that)
  3. Sorry, I meant Elphick and Yamaha obvs.
  4. Who was that centre half who came in at the start who was great on FIFA but never played, Lehman, Lachman, something like that? I presume a lotcof these signings are just due to corruption but I wouldn't know how that works.
  5. Had he not left Inter and gone to either PSV or Feyonoord before he came to us?
  6. Ah yes, another player who looks like a world beater playing in empty athletics stadiums in a game that looks like football but in which nobody puts in a tackle. Pecnik looked like Waddle, Sergi Bus looked like Lineker and I honestly thought Big Dave was the result of an experiment of DNA taken from Jan Kohler and Marco Van Basten. That one too.
  7. That game when Frankie Simek scored wasn't as long ago as that was it? Really?
  8. Who was that chap we got from Celtic in the mid ninieties? Tall chap, perma tan, receding hair. Played up front. He were quite good. Can't remember what happened to 'im.
  9. Burton O'Brien was raved about as the best player in the SPL outside the Old Firm. He simply wasn't good enough for the Championship. McLean and JP had done it in England already. Bullen was ok. To be fair to Donnelly and O''Donnell it was more fitness than ability that was the problem and they weren't the only ones.
  10. I hate Brighton and it has nothing to do with living in Pompey. I have disliked them ever since they became a bit successful and all these plastic fans turned up to their plastic stadium to watch their plastic team that they didn't give a flying fizz about at the Withdean and who could not find the site of the Goldstone Ground even if they had heard of it. Plastic posh chinless flaps the lot of them. There one saving grace was Chris Hughton. Now they think they're too good for him. Deluded morons. Can't wait to see them go down which lets remember is what happened to Newcastle. *I appreciate that me having a pop at someone for being posh is a little bit ridiculous but posh football fans really annoy me, as does hypocricy, so I am stuck in a flipping paradox
  11. Surprised nobody has yet mentioned Danny Williamson's first signing, Brian Volvo
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