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  1. George

    Foul on Forestieri

    It's a flipping dive by the cheating little cheeky monkey. Fully expect this to be overturned on appeal and a further booking to be added to FF's record.
  2. Good point, well presented.
  3. George

    Forestieri Red Card

    Should never play for us again. He's a cheeky monkey.
  4. Beat me to the thread as I was driving. He had to hit the ground running and these results have been pathetic. Three points from what should havebeen seven or nine.
  5. George

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I fear its more like Joao wide left and Bannan in the middle.
  6. My Dad just sent me this: In 1966 Banks was undisputed best keeper in the world. I have a memory of a game at Hillsboro about that time of a nil nil draw between SW & Leicester on a freezing cold winter midweek evening. Was it boring? No - just a goalkeeping masterclass by Messrs Banks & Springett.
  7. Presumably not with a freeview box thats older than Joe Wildsmith?
  8. This geezer doesn't sound like a blade to me
  9. Ill tell you how good Banks must have been, I have never met aWednesdayite who thinks Springett should have got the shirt.
  10. George

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    FF was poo on Saturday and this maynot bethe match for a namby pamby. If we do play two upfront, which I doubt, it'll be Fletch and Dave.
  11. Yeah but thirteen thousand of them are Blades as we know they are all obsessed with the Massive.
  12. George

    10 Years Ago Today.

    That commentary was my wake up alarm for a year afterwards. Probably the happiest period of my life. I wonder if that is why?