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  1. Surely we will spend the whole or the run up to the transfer window insisting that despite having a gazillion strikers our failure to be fifteen points clear and have scored fifty goals already is only down to needing a striker and we need to go and spend the entire Chansiri family fortune on a new striker who we can then slag off for the length of his contract for not achieving the above targets?
  2. A refreshing change from Pearson who annoys me. I love his enthusiasm for the cause, I just wish he would be enthusiastic somewhere I can't hear him.
  3. I nodded off after about a minute but it's nice that they have given the work experience kid something to do and then put it on Youtube.
  4. No I haven't. I think he is a cheeky monkey.
  5. It's getting embarrassing isn't it? I accept that the average football fan does not understand the difference in the standard of proof in criminal proceedings as opposed to the EFL's proceedings but the bleating about "dem all got it in for us" is galling to say the least.
  6. I thought this thread was about a pub on the outskirts of Winchester by where the M3 meets the A34.
  7. Typical Owlstalk isn't it. New manager, good day for the club, decent away win. Priority: slag off Rhodes. A bit like the old days when a month before any transfer window there would be a ten page thread about why we should bankrupt ourselves to go and get Jordan Rhodes.
  8. I'll be behind him. But I'll be behind him whilst doing something else.
  9. I would have Pullis. Not my first choice but he is an acceptable appointment. Monk, Rowett and Coleman aren't.
  10. That's been done to death in other threads but the minimum requirement is someone who has won promotion.
  11. I would rather ignore football for the next twelve months and keep my money thanks. If it is Monk then its another dead wasted year.
  12. We'll need it after Pullis is appointed. (*joke - for the record I would far rather have Pullis than some journeyman who has never won promotion or anything else like Rowett, Coleman or Monk but then I would much prefer Holloway to Pullis and Cowley to Holloway)
  13. It seems that some people would rather have proven failure than potential. I have never been more excited by a manager appointment than this. They may fail. But my god they have a wonderful record to date and have the potential to take us far further than any other candidate.
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