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  1. George

    Paul Clement

    Funnily enough my first thought on hearing Kilmarnock had gone top was to wonder who their manager is.
  2. George

    New manager

    Possibly but in any event, this angle DEFINITELY merits a new threat. FACT
  3. George


  4. George


    He's an entitled little poo who has no concept of duty. I would love to have Wilder.
  5. George

    Big Viv Anderson - 40 years on

    It sounds trite, but the reason Big Ron, Fergie and Cloughie didn't concert him to centre half is because of what he was like as an attacking full-back. Honestly, think Antonio but able to defd. Scared the poo out of defences. Obviously his legs had gone by the time he came to Wednesday but I did once see him play like that for the stiffs at Leicester
  6. George


    He doesn't care and is waiting for a move. To blame this on Jos when FF has always had an attitude problem is just pig ignorant.
  7. Presumably you still believe in Father Christmas, Unicorns and Dominic Raab?
  8. See what I done there? Geddit? Geddit? That said, whilst I am on the subject, no rascal really believes it's Jos' decision do they? Not really?
  9. George

    Hapless Luhukay's Frozen Out

    Was Horne not signed by Norman Lovett after hge replaced Danny Wilson?
  10. George

    Matthew Le Tissier

    I was told at the time by a relative who worked at the club that the plan in 1991, if David Hirst had gone to Man United, was to then spend half the money on getting Le Tissier from Saints. Quite apart from the fact that we would never have got Le Tissier to move, can you imagine going into the 1991-92 season with Paul Williams and Le Tissier as a strike partnership? We would have been muscled out of everything.
  11. George

    Martin O'Neill

    Like Warnock... who took the poo show that is Cardiff up.
  12. To be fair, Deon is now 42.
  13. George

    clive betts

    If you have never had a job you would never understand why people can not turn up earlier on a week night I absolutely agree with your Mother. I'm not from Sheffield so maybe it's different, but I always think you can tell, by and large. Not an absolute science and we have an element I would rather we didn't have. It's why the robert Carlisle character in the Full Monty was a Blade. It was an important part of his loser character.
  14. George

    From a player.......

    I'm a reet player since Tinder came along. I'm running all sorts of girls at the moment. Models, beauticians, even an academic.