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  1. A fully fit Fletch would absolutely revolutionise our current team. Of all the players we've had in the last few years, he's the one I'd have back in aheartbeat but his wages were ludicrous.
  2. I was going to suggest that the first in from the left standing looked like Christopher Walken but then realised the chap is infact a relative of mine so I shall be nice!
  3. Sadly watching that video really just reminds me what an awesome player Ian Wright was.
  4. you know Munche was just painting a honey coloured spaniel? Right? Look again, it’s just a dog with long ears
  5. Ah well if he's got a "tooooo seater eBentley" then I'm out. Disaster for Garry Teale and it nearly bought the club down.
  6. Still a ********. Not our ******** anymore. Thank God. And thank God that ******** like him will have no place at Wednesday under the new manager. Mind you, if TP had been in charge, would he have dared behaved like such a ********? I guess we will never know. In other news, I think my blood sugar might be low.
  7. I think if you want to play dem Blades Tone, we'd better stop down this year.
  8. Google Earth is pretty good for tis sort of stuff.
  9. Moning house n Friday; reckon the missus would kill me... Can I pay cash?
  10. ...but as our first signing in January will be someone with a big throw in I wondered where he was now. He is only 29 but plying his trade with Stoneclough, whoever the hell they are? With Bannon off at Christmas the 10 shirt will be free too.
  11. Is he Malcolm's lad? (Ex Barnsley & Oxford Utd for the under 40s) And does he have a massive throw?
  12. I'm pretty sure you can sign unregistered players between windows.
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