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  1. Does anyone know if Katrien has a boyfriend?
  2. As pants as Rhodes? Or Big Dave?
  3. Thank fizz we aren't playing Bath City
  4. Right then, who is our scapegoat. Can't be the usual because Dave, Rhodes and Palmer can't be at fault here. Nor Abdi or Jones.
  5. You're not in your inherited empire now Dejphon.
  6. George

    Quick win Clare

    If any cheeky monkey ever did that then they should be hounded out of the club and never allowed back.
  7. George

    FF Song

    How about "Greedy cheeky monkey, cheeky monkey, cheeky monkey" to the tune of "Mark Bright,Bright, Bright"?
  8. George

    Who next...?

    Forrestieri. Anyone who puts tbeir own hubris over the team is a cheeky monkey who can fizz off. I dint care that he is easily our best player.
  9. Yes. The thought had occurred to me...