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  1. That's a fair point, so here are the reasons:- 1. He has done it before at other clubs 2. We've been as good as any team in the Championship since he has been here
  2. Norwich, L**ds and Derby will go up. Next season Wednesday and United will be fighting it out for automatic. I can't flipping wait.
  3. It's funny how quickly things change, but that really looks like a promotion challenging starting eleven.
  4. How the fizz am I the only one who sees that Hutch was massively at fault for their goal? Or we now like Michael Jackson fans who can hear to criticism of the idol?
  5. I know its been done to death and its all pointless thinking about it, but Big Ron was putting a cracking side together, he was getting the best out of average players like Nolan and Rudi as well as the Italian fancy dans and then picking up signings like Alexandersson and Thome for change from the back of the sofa. If he had had the money that Wilson subsequently blew... I'm a pretty calm guy, but I worry that one day Ill find myself at the top of an escalator with Dave Richards...
  6. If I recall correctly, he came on a free from Benfica as back up to oihr star signing, Goce Sedloski?
  7. Actually thats testicles, their average has, amazingly, stayed around 9k
  8. Coventry ought to talk to Coventry RFC about sharing their ground. It only holds 4k but I am sure that would make a big difference to CRFC in the way that it doesn't to Franchise Wasps. They currently have an amateur team in there. I dare say that it would be better than going back to Northampton.
  9. ...and if your auntie had balls she'd be your uncle.
  10. Westwood - 7 - organised well, looked out of position a couple of times Iorfa - 6 - looks like he has potential Palmer - 8 - renineded me of Ian Nolan Hutchinson - 7 drove forward well at times Lees - 8 - solid Hector - 9 only didn't get ten because nobody is perfect but won everything Bannan - 5 - just wasn't at the races FF - 8 - ran his testicles off and gave us time on the ball. Big blow when he went off. Still a cheeky monkey thougj Fletcher - 7 Reach - 5 - took me a while to remember who had played wide right. Aarons - 8 - scared thegm shitless but achieved fizz all Boyd - 5 - out of position. Hasn't got the pace. I think he gets a lot of unfair stick but was ineffective tonight. Big Dave - 10 - alwsys a ten. Love him Fox 6
  11. You all know that I think Forestieri is a cheeky monkey right? Well I think tonight is his night
  12. You're all wrong. He was a great player.
  13. So after Lazaar went off, did Iorfa play left back or was there a reshuffle? Seems odd to have Pudil on the bench and not bring him on at that point too.
  14. Woods from Rangers and Warhurst from Oldham?
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