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  1. Who? Oh yeah him, I'd forgotten about him.
  2. Yes. I thought he was a terrible appointment but right now things are looking good. It's only one game in the league, i am not getting excited, but I am lot less anti than I was a fortnight ago.
  3. I love Dave. But if this Monk era is going to be better than a total ******** unmitigated disaster then sending out the message that we have to go back to players we have released is not going to happen. Psychologically it's all wrong.
  4. He’s a ********. Watford are welcome to him. To be honest if he was serving in MacDonalds I’d go to Burger King. ********.
  5. What sort of ******** would chose this poo show though?
  6. what flavour crayons have you been eating? someone please send me a large pack because I’d love to feel that way.
  7. Doesn't quite trump the FACT that he has been ******** awful though does it?
  8. If people think that after ten years of managment without any success Monk can turn it around now then anything is possible.
  9. It pains me to say it, but who in their right mind would join Wednesday right now?
  10. You're right. To those people who understand, or at least make a fist of understanding, the sports person's psyche it is indeed bonkers. When I was playing (rugby) I used to drive hundreds of miles to be at every game when I was injured. But that's not right for everyone and certainly not with professionals. Some lads really suffer when not being in the team and to have an arbitrary approach to it just seems daft to me.
  11. Yep. That is certainly true of me. His appointment made no sense and his retention makes even less.
  12. Looks like we are stuck with the ******** then. I guess we ought to give him a shot with his own team now then. I think I shall take up golf or fell running or just sticking pins in my eyes on a Saturday afternoon.
  13. I’d forgotten about him. To be honest it should stay that way. Somewhere between Ian Hendon and Ross Partridge in the backwaters of my recollection.
  14. No. If he could then he'd be in there. But he's not so clearly not as good as Gordon Watson or Rhys Wiggins. In no way was his omission anything to do with my forgetting he had had a brief stint at Charlton.
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