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  1. Absolutely. Trying to fit square pegs into round holes is the last thing we need right now. DM, JS and PW need to look at the players we have and work on a system that will play to their strengths. No point in wishing we had a big mobile front man to be the fairy on the Christmas Tree formation.
  2. I think there was a spell when there were three Paul Williams' in the football league at the same time. The striker who was with us, a left back who was at WBA and went to Plymouth and then *this* Paul Williams who started as a striker with Derby before becoming a centre half and moving on to Cov. As I recall he was one of those players with less talent but who made absolutley the best of it with their application (rather like Guy Whittingham).
  3. "Daddy says I can't have any more money but I asked Mummy and she said okay just another couple of million but then that's it"
  4. I think that is the 1993/94 season isn't it?
  5. Paul Ince was a bit less box to box than Carlton and was best in a Sheridan role - think of a John Sheridan but tough tackling. I really think Ince and Carlton could and should have bene a great combination but instead you got David Batty (decent player but not as good as either) or a past it David Platt.
  6. fizz me you know Football has gone posh when Mischons get involved. What are the terms of your season ticket?
  7. no, but the e Chef at the pub is her other half legitimately carries around a collection of incredibly sharp knives and he also suffers from short man syndrome
  8. Actually when I re-read that I realised it is slightly misleading as it is only one Italian one. Years ago my best chum was getting married as they tend to do. I'd been having a bit of a time of it, come out of a very long term relationship the year before and had been putting it around a bit. Naturally the maid of honour, newly not quite divorced, enquired after who the best man was. Now I have known Helen since our rock and roll days way back when but she's never quite approved of me. Doing her best to be positive she informed her bestie that "he is a bit of a scoundr
  9. Yeah, red and white isn't your colour. And Danish girls aren't Swedish girls; a common misconception. I remember being stood at Copenhagen Airport railway station a few years ago. One platform goes to Copenhagen (a wonderful city) and the other to Malmo. The Malmo bound platform was full of hotties. The Copenhagen one not so much.
  10. ...how far did she get with the offer? Had she taken hers off?
  11. Oh the stories I could tell. I was a seventeen year old media student and volunteered in the Media Centre at S6. I had to lie and say I was eighteen and doing a degree but that was easy enough. It was my first time away from home in a big City, being a country boy from down south, and of course I was surrounded by older students including the translators who were foreign and exotic, especially the Portuguese. We worked pretty hard but it was all fun and I had the absolute time of my life. To cap it all though, even better than the girls, and meeting Wa
  12. So much so tat we should think about promoting Thompson & Haslam?
  13. I can't see Paul Cook being a fit for Bournemouth. They will go for a flash spiv not a scruffy fat northerner.
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