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  1. you ought lay off the Ratler pard
  2. If only 3.5% want Fisayo to be kept I guess he will be off
  3. no. He reminds me of that time a bloke faked a recommendation from him and got a game for Southampton on the back of it
  4. Playing James out of position to accommodate Brown grips my poo
  5. Is it still 2-0? (had to nip to the shops - SWMBO is baking and found weevils in the flour - yes folks, we truly are living in the age where nostalgia got real) anyway is it still two nil?
  6. Any change in the score since half time?
  7. POPhots at the Lop end has got cracking legs
  8. New lad at LCB has started brightly
  9. fizz me! BBM played 59 times for Wednesday? That must include reserve games and pre season friendlies surely?
  10. Who the fizz are Brentford B?
  11. Indeed. My next games were Oldham, who we murdered but only drew with and Notts County who we murdered but only drew with. We faied to win at Oxford just before Christmas. Indeed I don’t think I saw Wednesday win until we beat Coventry away in the League Cup; probably the one game we weren’t favourites for.
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