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  1. Young George Hirst

    Oh good, another Hirst thread. It's been nearly a week.
  2. The first premier league season had Villa second, Norwich third, then Blackburn and QPR. Liverpool were sixth and then Wednesday seventh. The table also included Wimblodon, the Pigs, Sheff U, Coventry, Ipswich, L**ds, Oldham, Borough and Forest.
  3. And West Brom but it was called the third division. Meanwhile Luton and Wimbledon were in the top flight
  4. He was poo tonight and nearly lost us the game. I've no idea how, I was watching Dave in a pub in Portsmouth whilst drinking Tuborg but I am sure he was crap and was bonking Oxfam whilst trying to make Jacob Rees-Mogg Prime Minister and forcing Prince Harry to marry a foreigner
  5. Kinnell. How is tonight's 'I blame Jordan Rhodes' thread going to start?
  6. Curtis Davies is so old that he must surely be entitled to a hip replacement on the NHS by now isn't he?
  7. A very long time ago I used to work for an insurer that covered such things. I was not involved myself but had access to the files and was a nosy bugger. You could choose between cover for wages or a fixed figure for the period out which also depended on the length of contract. This is at least fifteen years ago mind.
  8. So then dc

    DC needs to live on his record and fizz off. He's really ought to accept that he is utter gash at running a football club and get other people in who can prove a track record. Then he can be a proper chairman and enjoy owning a successful club instead of embarrassing himself. Every day like this makes him look more like a wally. He puts his name everywhere and then runs the club into the ground whilst squandering his inheritance. It's embarrassing
  9. A lot of the knuckle draggers think that DC is done sort of genius because he's got a few quid. The same as kids used to think that the bloke at the spirts and social club with a capri and a signet ring must be a business man. DC is dumb as fizz and arrogant with it. The sooner he starts taking advice and remembering that inheriting money is no more clever than inheriting haemophilia the better.
  10. Sadly he's as thick as pigshit.
  11. What the fizz is going on?
  12. Mel Sterland

    What wouldn't we give...
  13. George Hirst

    Who? Never heard of him. Next?
  14. I'm talking about the former editor of Breitbart actually...