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  1. New Team Photo

    I thought having the chairman on the team photo was the height of naffness when Robert Maxwell did it and I have not changed my view since.
  2. It won’t get better until..

    I didn't think United players bothered getting to know a girl...
  3. David Hirst - forgotten goals

    Is there a version that is in focus?
  4. No. That's right, you've been negged even for asking the question. That's how strongly I am stuck in the mud on this one.
  5. Graham Hyde

    I remember another New Years Day game a few years later when I sat in the second tier of their big end and Muzzy Izzet got Stefanovic in trouble with a ridiculous dive.
  6. Graham Hyde

    It was nearly Christmas I think.
  7. Dartboard Targets

    Bullseye - Fessi The rest of the board - the people that call him Fessi
  8. Graham Hyde

    I remember it well. Iwan Robberts was awesome for Leicester that day, as was Mark Draper. It's funny what one remembers.
  9. New SWFC stadium wishlist

    I can't see either of them wanting to relocate to S6 though?
  10. Let's pace ourselves.
  11. It's only wobbled since FF joined. Once he goes it'll be stable again. That better for you?
  12. We have a Hammer at work. He is completely oblivious to the fact that they have had ideas above their station for years. They simply don't see the cycle of being stable in the Prem, having a bad run, dumping the manager, getting relegated and having to come back yet they have been doing it since John Lyall!
  13. He's coming back....

    There's not a lot that's new in the world and mardy bum primadonas like FF have been around a long time. He'll come back in, play his socks off and look to ship out in January. I hope I am wrong but only time will tell.
  14. He's coming back....

    He's coming back in time to play for a move in the window. Parasite.