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  1. Players were decent. Some real positives. But the plan was poor, the changes were negligent and the leadership was absent. a real missed opportunity. Monk out.
  2. You have to laugh. He's had a stinker. But he's not stopped fighting.
  3. Borners cracking in that position. There are actually a lot of positives here. They jsut need a bit of leadershit and to be given the freedom to do the simple things.
  4. Daft thing is, the players are okay. Most have worked hard. They've generally done well. But the managers decisions are testicles. Bannan taking the set pieces? The substitutions? It's just infuriating. Before the world went bonkers I said get Monk out and stick Westwood in charge and I've reverted to that in the last twenty minutes.
  5. Damn straight! I can't remmeber how to do my job on Monday mornings; let alone three months later.
  6. Its the classic name for the modern wendyballist isn't it?
  7. Mate, if I was showing off I would tell you that having to watch this at my desk means I can't see the beach which I would be able to see from my sofa.
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