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  1. Forrestieri. His wee wee poor attitude split the best squad we've had in twenty years and derailed what should have been a promotion push before it got started.
  2. I killed a man in Tulsa; just to watch him die.
  3. Magic 'Most over rated Wednesday player ever' Bougherra
  4. Shez? Are you drunk? He never put a tackle in? And Hutch isn't hard, he's just daft. I'm not sure Carlton was really. Athletic and committed but I am not sure if he was hard.
  5. No. I'd give him a flipping slap and tell him to fizz off.
  6. That was the goalie kit. Kevin Pressman preferred the grey version and Chris Turner the green. But if you had Umbro kit you got all of them.
  7. If Biggs had not been such a dishonest poopydoo in his coverage of Dave Allen's tenure at Hillsborough then we might not be in this mess. And Chesterfield might still be in the league.
  8. Is she currently under contract?
  9. That's Wildsmith's best performance since the first Pirates of the Caribbean
  10. ...and you would never expect a poor decision from Monk now would you?
  11. Ridiculous. Been wi'club eleven year' an' ne'er got near first team. Get rid!
  12. Wednesday fans have never turned up when it is on free tele. No matter how big the game. The people calling for a boycott know this. They will claim its a boycott but they will know that is utter codswollop.
  13. What do you mean? We finished strongly under Bruce and Jos. It were the rest of them seasons that were total flipping gash.
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