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  1. George

    QPR Restricted View

    I remember in '93 for the Cup Final Dad decided to splash out; we'd been in the cheap seats for the Semi and for the League Cup Final but Dad fancied having a back on his chair and it was an FA Cup Final so a bit special. We had a view similar to this one.
  2. George

    QPR Restricted View

    I the upper tier is steep but not steep enough. You cant see the goal line from more than four rows back, unless they have shortened the pitch since last time I went.
  3. George

    Sam Winnall

    Should be club captain in my book
  4. Blowing a whole lot of smoke up Bielsa's arse.
  5. But for Norwichgate we would have had a decent start that season and who knows where that would have led. Most of the folk on here have not got the first clue about the sort of effect that sort of thing has on a team environment but then they all watch Nando play for himself and Big Dave play for the team and don't understand what they are looking at either. Happily, as Nando has made perfectly clear on his Instagram account, he will be off to L**ds at Christmas and everyone will pretend they agreed with me all along. he will fit in well with that scum.
  6. Yes, he's not just a cheeky monkey, he is a useless cheeky monkey. Any cheeky monkey who thinks he should start over Big Dave want their head read. BTW, do we know Big Dave's stats?
  7. You do have to bare in mind that Colin is 55
  8. George

    "Top of the league, yeah?"

    Typical HITC stuff. I don't know why they bother.
  9. For my own part, and I have seen this reflected in sportsmen, to be so down when you have 'so much' brings on a feeling of guilt. I have an amazing life, the sort of stuff working class boys from Sheffield would probably marvel at, all really gained from my working class father from Sheffield's graft and talent as it goes. So the guilt is part of it."If they had half what I had etc, I'm letting my family down etc".
  10. If ever a sentence summed up neatly the Big Dave paradox, this is it. Far too many fans simply do not understand the game and the impact he has on it.
  11. George

    The club is listening and acting

    And there was me thinking this would be another thread about FF.
  12. George

    Safe standing

    fizz me, another safe standing thread. How about a thread about how safe standing would mean that 'fessi the cheeky monkey should start every game until Gary Megson returns and we sign Jordan Rhodes'?
  13. In fairness though, FF has made it clear that he wants a move to L**ds so it might be tempting to start him as he would probably have the game of his life to get Bielsa'ams attention.
  14. no. He's a cheeky monkey and we get better results without him. Quite why most people on Owlstalk are so keen to tug him off is beyond me