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  1. The 1990's Forestieri

    Did Carbone ever refuse to play? Even when the manager was publically slagging him off?
  2. Let's take another look..

    I can see why you feel that way but truly, after the debacle at Norwich he should have gone. I am quite sure that the wee wee poor form of the team that followed was the result and ultimately that cost us promotion or at least a decent crack at it. Maybe I should get over that but I haven't yet and no matter how good he is (and I agree he is very very good at this level) he's still a cheeky monkey.
  3. Let's take another look..

    Sums up perfectly why I can't stand the little poo. See Bannon's shot shortly before; not even trying to get himself onside. At the start of this clip as Reading bring the ball out of defence he just walks out of the way. Infuriating. I can not get my head 'round how people think that's okay.
  4. Let's take another look..

    We knew he was playing for a move in the first half where he actually bothered to use his left foot.
  5. Daily star today

    I think some people on this site took dogs abuse for suggesting he would improve our team.
  6. Pretty sure he took Watford up too.
  7. Danny Batth

    Our transfer policy should only ever be based on former loanees and FIFA. FACT
  8. Michael hefele

    ... And for this reason; its a yes from me.
  9. Well FF can fizz off then In fact I would bring Winnall back and make him club captain.
  10. Fessi and Matias

    If I ruled the world, FF would be strung up and anyone who calls him 'Fessi' would be in stocks next to him,however I can not but admit that the OP does make a very good point, it would be an exciting watch. (Especially with the arch cod canyon playing for a move)
  11. ...and no Trevor Francis? Have I misunderstood the rules?
  12. ANY POINT IN HIS CAREER and yet nobody picks Steve Nicol? Player of the Year in 1988 and one of the m,ost decorated players of the eighties? Also, apparently no Steve Watson who for a few years was the best right back in the country.
  13. I thought we were all led to believe it woz Winnall wot started it?
  14. I think the fact that my eyes in that photo are drawn to the Pukka Pies add tells it's own story
  15. I disagree, in fact the opposite is true. If FF was not such a fool, and used his left foot, he'd be in the Premiership but his attitude has held him back For every Di Canio or Cantona there's a Bergkamp or Shearer