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  1. Fair one. Here's hoping for the lad. Certainly tearing the SPL a new one would be a start. Back in the day it was quite common for top players to come from non league wasn't it. Waddle is a good example, so too Ian Wright. Les Ferdinand was another IIRC? Apart from Vardy it seems to happen less now. Is that because the coaches are better placed to recognise the talent?
  2. He'd be one to eleven (except nine) and all the subs.
  3. I know it sounds harsh but at 22, you have to think if he was ever going to be a player it would have started to happen by now. Mind you, how old was Ian Wright when he went to Palace? Or Jamie Vardy when he went to Fleetwood?
  4. I think you ought to take your new found poverty as an opportunity to lay off the laudnum Snooters old chap. I just rewatched the highlights of the Barnsley game; in all the excitement I think I overlooked just how well the lads played and how hard they worked. I don't think I can recall a performance of such hard work since the days of Sturrock, probably Millwall away infact but this is a much much better team. Worike that and who knows.
  5. Had a beer with him once (I had a beer, I think he was on wheatgrass juice or something). He didn't leave me with a good impression.
  6. Which would be entirely fair enough. In fact I don't see why we should gain this advantage from Bury's plight so he should be banned anyway. It's only fair.
  7. Damn flipping straight I have got an agenda. I have an agenda against anyone who walks out on the team at any time, let alone such a key one. I have an agenda about lazy players who play for themselves rather than the team, I have an agenda against players who don't track back when it leads to us conceding. They are flaps and dickheads.
  8. FF is a cheeky monkey. This defending him as some sort of victim is pathetic. The tailface can pretend all he wants that he is misunderstood, misqouted and there is some massive conspiracy against him. And some Wednesday fans have an almost scouse level of victim complex about them and ought to grow up. If Bullen is half the man I think he is, he'll have none of this bullshit. Sport is about taking responsibility, owning your form both good and bad. If he can persuade FF to do that then we have a game changing player. If he can't then good riddence. But the only way FF is going to make a success of himself if to take responsibility for himself.
  9. When was that? I first went in 1990 and I presume it was prior to that because it certainly hasn't been since.
  10. Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson. In all seriousness, I would like it to be someone who has managed at a decent level. Laws is a good shout. I doubt Paul Hurst would leave Scunny to be a number 2.
  11. Been a cheeky monkey as per flipping usual You'd prefer a proven failure like Rowett or Monk? We're not getting Hughton. The fans won't accept a proven winner like Pullis. Holloway is inexplicably out of the running.
  12. Now that is an interesting shout. Is it based on any more than Bullen having played under Laws? Do you think it better that he dies an old man and is buried under the North Stand as a loyal servant? Sooner or later he has to step up. I don't know if now is the right time but sure as hell you can't never do it just because of what might happen. If you go through life with that attitude you'll only ever fizz munters. I'd like to think DC has given him a date. Doesn't need to tell us. But he can say 'Lee, it's yours until X and then we will talk again' without consulting the great unwashed of Owlstalk.
  13. Yeah, I know where you are coming from. Like I say, he has the skill set but if what you're saying is that he needs to apply himself more consistently then I am with you. I do think that he gets a bit heavily marked sometimes which makes him look anonymous but he is one of those players that in the good old days a coach would say 'give him a whack early on'. But if his head is in the right place...
  14. Because he has the skills to work in tight spaces and occupy defenders, thus creating space for others.
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