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  1. Think we need a chant for Gary Monk... Gary Monk to the tune of baby shark
  2. I'll take them if pod doesn't/or if he hasn't messaged you?


  3. We cant start 433 away at derby they just hit us back after every attack
  4. do you think Our first 3 weekend games be on tv? and if so, is this a record cant recall anything
  5. 2 adult tickets for Derby for sale. £65 to cover tickets, handling fee and postage paid. No profit and genuine sale. Can meet Barnsley/m1 area of North Sheffield. Message or call 07825432735.
  6. Since he has signed a long term deal, we should have a song for him. Perhaps, Hunt, Hunt will tear you apart again
  7. Ross, Ross will tear you apart again. Ross, Ross will tear you apart again. In tune to Love will tear us apart again by Joy Division
  8. We are linked with Kyle Dempsey along side with Forest. He is a 19 year old playmaker.
  9. megson got sacked in league 1 and we want to push for promotion
  10. he originally said he didn't want the job in the first place but ended up taking it
  11. New manager in summer with gray being a coach/assistant
  12. 3-0, 0-3,3-0,0-3 with nuhui scoring all 12 from 20 yards
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