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  1. LaughtonOwl

    Jos Luhukay

    He may or may not be successful but I just don't get it. Where on earth has DC got his name from.... it's not his own personal knowledge, so who is advising him????
  2. If DC's advisors are reading this.... GO AND GET HIM!!! Said it since last summer... definitely my first choice! I think it will be an unknown German though, only because it worked for Huddersfield.
  3. LaughtonOwl

    Injury updates?

    I'm afraid you can blame the injury crisis firmly at the feet of Carlos. The players aren't fit enough, the medical staff were replaced because they were advising against certain players being included in match day squads, the new medical staff are simply not qualified or experienced enough to operate at a championship club and the injuries to individual players have been exaggerated and increased by being rushed back too early (Lee, Hutch, Boyd and Lees) because Carlos signed nobody capable of filling their boots.... basically, it's a mess!!!
  4. LaughtonOwl

    Injury updates?

  5. Don't forget Mcgeady's winner for Sunderland......
  6. LaughtonOwl

    Mate sent me this

  7. LaughtonOwl

    Chapter 2....

    As time passed, memories of the Scottish Sorcerer faded. The Giant once again fell to sleep. Over the years it stirred occasionally but never truly woke, until one day that is. A little known warlock from the southern lands cast his spell and breathed new life into the giant. An 'Arsenal' from the south arrived to finish them off, but we're crushed and swept away. The people began to notice, to talk. The word was spreading. The Giants followers grew until an army formed. Whispers became shouts. 5000 lights shone from its home. And then 45,000 faithful marched south to spread the word to the non believers. The Giant is fully awake. And this time the whole world will know its name.....
  8. Auto refresh.....auto refresh.....auto refresh....auto refresh.....auto refresh.... Getting worried!!!!!!
  9. LaughtonOwl

    Ticket Announcement

    I'm the same... had a season ticket for 17 years. Now I'm an occasional visitor to 7 or 8 games a season and I bring my 9 year old, but buy tickets for him on my ID. I have to wait for general sale and hope, because I won't go without him!
  10. LaughtonOwl

    Olly is in love with Carlos

    He said before the game he has a soft spot for Wednesday!!
  11. LaughtonOwl

    The Pitch

    I've said for years (decades!!), that the old pitch had a lot to do with our injury problems. It was very sandy and as a result, hard. Just look how many players, even our own, used to misjudge the bounce of the ball. When running on a surface like that every other week, it was bound to cause injury 'niggles'.
  12. We've made some good signings this window bit haven't addressed our main priority... and that's a complete disgrace. Unless we've signed a striker and it gets announced later tonight!
  13. LaughtonOwl

    Barry Bannan

    One bannanana, two bannanana, three bannanana, four.....