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  1. Reckon he always looks Unwell bless him . Looking forward to seeing him get more game though as I reckon he will have a part to play in the coming months ta
  2. win today bullens chances of getting job increases , awful performance surely chairman is now to appoint a propper manager ?
  3. I know it’s still early days but I just feel that tomorrow is the type of game we should be winning if we have real aspirations of being in an around the top 6 this season . With it being us though I just know it won’t happen .
  4. Chansiri will announce the new manager (Bullen) today just after arsenal Tonk Newcastle ? . Get Bruce wondering what could have been !
  5. Nothing as yet..... he will still be in bed the lazy chuff
  6. Spit in his face will you ? Thanks in advance
  7. Wondered how many owls there are world world ?estimate of course ta
  8. Neither Wednesday or Leeds are big anymore . It shouldn’t take this long to get out of 2nd tear . Look at Newcastle always have enough to get straight back up
  9. Wednesday fan from scunny here all you fans from Sheffield pronounce Sheffield Wednesday as Sheffier Wednesday you seem to miss the ield out thanks
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