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  1. 100% agree with this, great post. Effectively gives them an extra man, mainly in midfield, so our wide players are forced inside leaving our full backs hopelessly exposed. And to make matters worse, in possession the plan is for us to play a fairly slow tempo passing game in the areas that we're outnumbered. Leicester are the only team I can think of who have had success recently playing 442, but they tended to bypass midfield and use Vardy's pace and Okazaki's energy. Plus, it helped that Kante does the work of three men in midfield.
  2. Agreed, I meant Hooper or possibly Abdi (if alive) at 10 with FF on the left of the front 3.
  3. Isn't the problem here the flat 442 formation? I'd argue that FF isn't genuinely suited to any position in a flat 442, much like Abdi, Bannan, Reach and more. He's not an out and out striker or a traditional winger. Id like to see FF on the left of a front 3 much like the position Martial/Rashford play for Man U. Wouldn't require the defensive discipline as 2 deeper/holding midfielders (which we're effectively playing anyway) will cover and he can cut in from the left which is where he's most dangerous. A genuine no. 10 would also help link p
  4. Went out with a few old work mates who are Leeds fans, weekend we lost to Reading and I think they beat Brighton. One of them said to me 'was gonna ask if you were looking forward to the playoffs but you won't get there, thank Sasso for me.' Just waiting patiently for our play off place to be confirmed.
  5. Would you consider selling? I'm still on the service busy page?
  6. Go with my dad to around 10-15 games per season. Set him up on my friends/family list when it first came in but every time I tried to allocate tickets to him, the confirm/add to basket button seemed to disappear. Since then I always bought the tickets under my ID purely for convenience. Never dawned on me that I wouldn't be able to buy 2 tickets for big games as I usually do, until now. Bought my ticket this morning but will have to sweat it out on Tuesday morning (hopefully) for his. Will be gutted if he misses out as he missed all the fun in 2012 as he'd just had an operation. Finger
  7. I'm in the same boat with the choose seats button greyed out. Doesn't say anything about being in a queue though. I rang the ticket office yesterday to confirm that they would be available to 100 pointers today and the company that deal with the tickets had no idea about it until I read the info from the website to them.
  8. If Dan Jones wasn't the absolute definition of spice boy and looked like a boring Jonny Evans type, he'd get half as much stick. Was very steady yesterday, did his job well and for a back up mid-table Championship full back, you can't ask for too much more.
  9. Born and live in Scunny, first football matches I saw on TV and was old enough to properly understand what was going on were the cup finals in 93. Decided I much preferred Wednesday in pretty much every way to Arsenal, plus fairly local and went from there. Wednesday getting beat only made me want them to win the next game more, got bought a shirt that xmas and I was sold. 90% of the kids at school were Man U or Liverpool, which again only made me support Wednesday more. My Dad never really properly supported a team, he does now. We got our first season ticket in 97 and have been going ever
  10. I'm from Scunny and went to watch pre-season in a 2-0 home defeat to Grimsby. They play some decent football like, but our strikers should be spaffing themselves with excitement at the prospect of playing a team that lets them score 5! Including Madine with one leg!
  11. Got two good mates that are Everton fans, messaged them both asking whether they'd heard anything about this at their end. One said he'd not heard anything but thought it would be a great move for both clubs as Vellios needs a year away somewhere. The other said "Yeah I heard the Vellios deal will go through as soon as Moyes gets a new striker in." Obviously just guess work and internet rumours but seems to match our news that we've got a deal in place. Although there's every chance some Everton fan has just read what we've got on here. Everton seem fairly happy to let him out anyway. Noti
  12. Don't think Aluko played for Hull today because they are waiting for clearance. Everton and Stoke are OK to play Naismith and Ness now I think, but they had to wait a while too. Sure it will be fine eventually, hope we can get it sorted before Derby game if not Oldham.
  13. Gutted about the decision. When you look at where we were this time last year, the progress made under Megson is pretty impressive. Say what you like about the style of football we played, but I find it refreshing that we genuinely look like scoring every time we get a corner or set piece. I'm from Sflaphorpe and watched the game at Glanford Park with some Scunny fans and they were amazed at how much stronger we were than them. (They also thought JJ was pretty much the best player on the planet!) After years of watching the likes of Potter get bullied by teams we should be hammering, I was de
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