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    2 minutes ago, Pilky said:

    They were talking cricket, (had Lamby on the phone) mentioned Steve Bruce was favourite for Newcastle job but also that Steve Harmison was an outsider in the market.  Just nonsense chit chat really, hopefully the Bruce rumours will also turn out to be just that.



    I met Steve Harmison at a game between Knaresborough and North or South Shields (I forget which), as his brother Ben was playing and he was, at the time, banned from attending Ashington matches after some sort of fracas whilst he was managing there. He did not want to talk about cricket at all, but talked so much about football that we were trying to get away from him in the end. Nice bloke, about as suitable to manage a PL club as Wincey Willis.

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  2. 6 hours ago, casbahowl said:

    Where did you watch that Marseille team in the early 90’s?


    Well, their European games were often on Sportsnight; I remember the floodlight failure game against Milan, where Waddle beat half of the team and then fell over. Also, Waddle is held in an extremely high regard by Marseille fans,

  3. 2 hours ago, Prince said:

    Waddle was thought to be done and a spent force, He was out of the England fold at the time.


    Nobody was looking at Waddle and thinking he could hack it back in England.


    Diame has tore this league a new one every time he has had a run in it. 


    Whilst I don't want to give the comparison too much time, anybody who watched that Marseille team did not think that Waddle was a spent force.

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  4. If we sign Stewart Downing on loan, I'll bite my old chap off, spend the rest of the summer in a specially-converted green house growing it back, then run onto the pitch just before our first home match of the season, bite it off again, give it to Stewart Downing on a necklace and then die.

    To be fair, if I could bite my old chap off, I wouldn't be posting on Owlstalk at quarter past midnight.

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  5. Like:


    Exeter City

    Newcastle United
    York City

    I dislike all the obvious teams, with a special distaste for Rotherham United

    Dislike because their ground looks awful on television: Birmingham City
    Dislike because of flags: Crystal Palace

    Dislike because of unfortunate incident in North London snooker club: Arsenal

    Dislike because of fans actually trapping York City players in a stadium: Luton Town

    Dislike because of Paul Devlin: Any club for whom Paul Devlin has played

    Dislike because Gillingham is an absolute sh*thole: Gillingham

    Dislike because of large number of fans holding up relevant numbers of fingers to indicate the score: Watford

    Dislike because of the accuracy of the term 'Scouse Mackems': Everton

    Dislike because of wretched plasticity: MK Dons

    Dislike because 3000 of you turned up in the PL but somehow maintain this aura of self-righteousness: AFC Wimbledon

    Dislike because of being in same venue as Christmas Party, 1999: Barnet

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