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  1. It's odd, Benito Carbone is seen as a mercenary and Di Canio as a misunderstood genius, when Carbone contributed far more to us than Di Canio did.
  2. Other German Wednesday players include Chris Beard-Williams, Steve Pumpernicol and Jerry Jung (for two)
  3. Well, their European games were often on Sportsnight; I remember the floodlight failure game against Milan, where Waddle beat half of the team and then fell over. Also, Waddle is held in an extremely high regard by Marseille fans,
  4. Whilst I don't want to give the comparison too much time, anybody who watched that Marseille team did not think that Waddle was a spent force.
  5. Gordon used to work at the 6th Form College here in York, lovely bloke. He'll be absolutely delighted.
  6. If we sign Stewart Downing on loan, I'll bite my old chap off, spend the rest of the summer in a specially-converted green house growing it back, then run onto the pitch just before our first home match of the season, bite it off again, give it to Stewart Downing on a necklace and then die. To be fair, if I could bite my old chap off, I wouldn't be posting on Owlstalk at quarter past midnight.
  7. Unfortunately, Jake Bidwell has ruptured his epiglottis on his biro whilst signing and is out for life.
  8. Like: Exeter City Newcastle United York City I dislike all the obvious teams, with a special distaste for Rotherham United Dislike because their ground looks awful on television: Birmingham City Dislike because of flags: Crystal Palace Dislike because of unfortunate incident in North London snooker club: Arsenal Dislike because of fans actually trapping York City players in a stadium: Luton Town Dislike because of Paul Devlin: Any club for whom Paul Devlin has played Dislike because Gillingham is an absolute sh*thole: Gillingham Dislike because of large number of fans holding up relevant numbers of fingers to indicate the score: Watford Dislike because of the accuracy of the term 'Scouse Mackems': Everton Dislike because of wretched plasticity: MK Dons Dislike because 3000 of you turned up in the PL but somehow maintain this aura of self-righteousness: AFC Wimbledon Dislike because of being in same venue as Christmas Party, 1999: Barnet
  9. The poor man's Franz Carr, and believe me that man is very poor indeed.
  10. That's how good it was, top corner from 110 miles.
  11. Yep, our old groundsman was a real Desso conner
  12. Great to see somebody finally giving Ray Parlour a chance
  13. I heard he'd been caught doing three other grounds at the same time, a very four-lawn situation
  14. I'm fairly certain that the Green 'Un led with the slightly odd headline 'Disco Briscoe'
  15. I tell you what, the second leg of that game was a very clear sign of the start of our decline, we got absolutely hammered.
  16. I'm afraid that when the doors were closed they trapped Abdi's little toe and he's out for a decade.
  17. There's a bloke who used to sit behind me on the North who was probably the most foul-mouthed man I've ever heard. The chief object of his ire was James O'Connor, and every week as soon as his valiant but skill-free efforts came to nothing for the first of the inevitable many times that day, he'd be out with 'You're f*cking useless, you ginger c*nt', every single time. If anything this became more intense throughout the season, but about 3/4 of the way through somebody must have had a word about the bloke's language, because the very next week when O'Connor's achievement failed to match his work-rate, everybody was anticipating another outburst, but instead he managed to squeeze out the words 'That's rubbish... you... flamin'... carrot-top'.
  18. One of my great claims to fame is that I can play Guess Who without being able to see the board.
  19. Was it Danny John-Jules? Was it Huffty? Was it Mr Noseybonk? Was it Sylvester McCoy? Was it Tom O'Connor? Was it John Craven? Was it Roy Barraclough? Was it Jeremy Spake? Was it Craig from Big Brother? Was it the late Leslie Crowther? Was it Peter Purves? Was it Shadow from Gladiators? Was it Larry Hagman? Was it Papa of Papa and Nicole fame? Was it Bill Hartston? Was it Dr Chris Steele? Was it Elton Welsby, dressed as a French maid on a moonless byway, licking his lips as he creeps ever closer? Was it Robin Houston? Was it Roger Tilling? Was it Peter Alliss, who at the time of his birth was Europe's heaviest ever baby? Was it Peter Sallis? Was it Tony Dortie? Was it? Was it? WELL WAS IT?
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