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  1. He actually went back to play in defence until Hirst got injured again though, didn't start playing up front again until later in the season.
  2. I'm Iucky enough to live in the 1978 World Cup so I'm fine, thanks
  3. I quite liked Guy Whittingham, played out of position on the right side of midfield but did a decent job. Also responsible for one of the worst celebrations of all time with what can only be described as a 'funny little jump and point'.
  4. I self-isolated a couple of times this morning and once again now. Not sure how I managed, I'm not a bloody teenager.
  5. We won 1-0 with the goal coming from Covid (19).
  6. Clearly six jobs: Swansea, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Wednesday, monk.
  7. He's not fit to lace Chris Carr's boots, and Chris Carr didn't even have boots.
  8. Didn't know Jermaine Jenas COULD grow a moustache
  9. Anyway, the correct way to frame this news is as follow[s: [TOP DIVISION TEAM NAME] will make [BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JOURNEY] to face [LOWER DIVISION TEAM NAME] in what is sure to be a hotly-contested tie.
  10. I think we'll win 2-0, with David Hirst turning on halfway to slot home off the far post and Nigel Worthington sealing the win with a volley from a short-corner routine.
  11. On the subject of Dutch wingers who occasionally displayed real talent, let much of the game pass them by and then turned to a bizarre musical career, here's Glenn Helder playing the drums
  12. That's you in the spotlight, losing your religion
  13. Not being big-headed, but I'm the Elephant Man
  14. An pot-holed road surface of a man, ripe for tarmac. I tell you who definitely cares about what Richard Keys has to say: Richard Keys.
  15. I met Steve Harmison at a game between Knaresborough and North or South Shields (I forget which), as his brother Ben was playing and he was, at the time, banned from attending Ashington matches after some sort of fracas whilst he was managing there. He did not want to talk about cricket at all, but talked so much about football that we were trying to get away from him in the end. Nice bloke, about as suitable to manage a PL club as Wincey Willis.
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