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  1. He actually went back to play in defence until Hirst got injured again though, didn't start playing up front again until later in the season.
  2. I'm Iucky enough to live in the 1978 World Cup so I'm fine, thanks
  3. I quite liked Guy Whittingham, played out of position on the right side of midfield but did a decent job. Also responsible for one of the worst celebrations of all time with what can only be described as a 'funny little jump and point'.
  4. I self-isolated a couple of times this morning and once again now. Not sure how I managed, I'm not a bloody teenager.
  5. We won 1-0 with the goal coming from Covid (19).
  6. Clearly six jobs: Swansea, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Birmingham, Wednesday, monk.
  7. He's not fit to lace Chris Carr's boots, and Chris Carr didn't even have boots.
  8. Didn't know Jermaine Jenas COULD grow a moustache
  9. Anyway, the correct way to frame this news is as follow[s: [TOP DIVISION TEAM NAME] will make [BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF JOURNEY] to face [LOWER DIVISION TEAM NAME] in what is sure to be a hotly-contested tie.
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