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  1. I am genuinely fearful for the standard of the other 21 players.
  2. On This Day 150 Years Ago!

    A 'rouge' is still a scoring play in Canadian football, which involves the ball being put into the endzone - no idea what the equivalent is here - which then cannot be returned out of it. In a way, it's similar to how you would enforce a goal-line drop-out in Rugby League.
  3. Joe wildsmith

    As I've said on another thread, if he *isn't* the starter then he'd be within his rights to be irritated, given how he's performed. Either way he'll be wanting an improved contract - not that I'd blame him - and he will be a bankable asset.
  4. Tomorrow

    I'm not sure what that logic has to do with us receiving a bid. He'll be after a much improved contract after his performances this year also and clearly wanting to play regularly. If he continues to get a game when Westwood returns that's one thing; if not then he'll be getting quite itchy.
  5. Pelupessy

    I for one think the multiorificed one will be a very shrewd signing.
  6. Tomorrow

    I can see it; home-grown players who might just be good enough are valuable. The fee wouldn't be huge either.
  7. Tomorrow

    There's a very real chance of a Premier League team bidding for Wildsmith, I'd have thought.
  8. Butterfield

    He's notoriously found it very difficult to score at Hillsborough, mainly because when he does score it isn't given.
  9. Pelupessy

    If reports are to be believed then we'll be playing both of them (although 'if fit' is a bit of a rider). Can't wait for Forestieri to play in his best position, left side of a front three.
  10. Best fans in the country

    Take another photo of the same people with your matchday ticket in full view and a special message for Owlstalk, please. I await this eagerly.
  11. I think we'll upset the form book and win 61-15.
  12. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Yes. Watch out for the goalkeeper kicking the ball from his hands as that would constitute a goal, unlike from a goal kick which wouldn't. Glad we cleared that up.
  13. What a sausage, multipacks are a quid in Sainsbury's.