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  1. Wasn't so much willing to drive him back, more to reconstruct Derby on his doorstep and then blast the whole lot into orbit, the useless tunnock.
  2. The Yorkshire club may very well be Middlesbrough.
  3. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    Here's some quotes from the most recent thread: "Have to flag up a thread on this cheeky monkey. Awful fooballer and spent as an athlete. And as for him being a 'leader', he showed what a coward he is today. He's great psychologically when things are going well, but as soon as the pressure's on, he's one of the first to collapse. He's also injury prone and seriously thick, meaning he's never really and never will develop as a footballer. A core part of our drinking culture which is the first thing Arsene Wenger sacked off when he joined Arsenal in 1996. At his age he's not getting any better. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we will never, ever move forward while Lee Cattermole is a regular for Sunderland on the pitch. " "F*ck him off, over a cliff. " "We need to get this little b*stard out of the club as soon as possible." "I desperately want him to leave today as much as I did 3 years ago. Simply has to go." There's more if you want them.
  4. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    Yep. They are moaning about their high earners (like Cattermole) being rubbish (also like Cattermole).
  5. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    But strangely ignored everything which says he's been rubbish, which Sunderland fans agree with if you care to have a look at their forum.
  6. PopePiusX

    Foxs' head

    Who's ready to have their head bent?
  7. Don't think there'd be music tbh
  8. Somewhere new? South Sudan it is, cannot wait. Also away at Alfreton obviously.
  9. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    I'm going to let someone else deal with the second half of this...
  10. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    He's having a massive party with Winston Bogarde.
  11. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    Maybe we should sign Jack Rodwell whilst we're at it?
  12. PopePiusX

    Programs would you miss them?

    Also, I like getting a programme, just as I like marking the players out of ten with my Dad as we walk back to the car. I agree they're not superb - and I admit that I had no idea that they were mandatory - but I like them and I will be a bit sorry if I can't get one any more. And yes, I keep them and yes, I am Mr Trebus.
  13. PopePiusX

    Programs would you miss them?

    If it was Roger, Jane and Rod it would be the only threesome which came with its own instructions
  14. PopePiusX

    Lee Cattermole

    He also doesn't seem to have been that great a leader at Sunderland.