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  1. PopePiusX

    Westwood starts u23

    You had a pet called Oooh? My muck name is Adrian Chiles.
  2. PopePiusX

    Westwood starts u23

    Well done George Boyd, a lovely way to celebrate your sixtieth birthday.
  3. PopePiusX

    Westwood starts u23

    Heard that a shadowy figure dripping tuna from his pockets just scored a mind-boggling own goal on 28 minutes.
  4. PopePiusX

    Heard it’s Pardew

    When he leaves, can I make my 'A la recherche du temps Pardew' joke please?
  5. PopePiusX

    Westwood starts u23

    Barnsley is twinned with itself As for L'Varn Brandy, I know from watching NFL that people whose names begin L' or D' are either incredibly fat and strong or incredibly fast, so probably the former.
  6. PopePiusX

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Yep, celebrating a late Raddy Antic goal which kept Luton up. A few years later, he had some late Randy Antic goals of his own.
  7. PopePiusX

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    David Pleat moving, erm, uncharacteristically swiftly.
  8. PopePiusX

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Living in York, I can confirm that Luton Town are a dreadful set of arses.
  9. PopePiusX

    Perfect draw

    Pro Soccer Pumas at home please, they were always being described as 'sporting' in the Green 'Un so that'll be nice. Also their goalkeeper was always voted MOTM after a 11-0 defeat, which will also be nice.
  10. We've looked alright second half to be fair, since Forestieri came on.
  11. PopePiusX

    Cowley brothers

    They play a very, erm, direct brand of football.
  12. PopePiusX

    Who is the ref?

    You are the ref! In injury time, the home-team striker, looking to reduce his team's arrears to single figures, hoofs the ball in frustration at his strike partner, who is overweight. The ball is subsumed within his stomach and cannot be found, but he runs between the posts and claims a goal. What is your decision?
  13. PopePiusX

    Who is the ref?

    Andrew Madley, who refereed the Millwall game.