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  1. Let's not even waste the money investing in it. Let's make one ourselves out of rakes.
  2. PopePiusX

    TalkSPORT the place to be next year

    TalkSport is f*cking rubbish.
  3. Secret Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Hirst Jemson Nilsson Nilsson
  4. He didn't, and you should eat your words.
  5. I think the answer is to take him round the back and dispose of him quietly. Either that, or do it on Penistone Road on match day with a f*cking blunderbuss.
  6. In which case I'll have a pint of grass roots and a couple of grammes of schools.
  7. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    In New Zealand, yes
  8. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    No, that was UKConquest as you very well know. Are you the stalk of an owl?
  9. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    People who can't be bothered to find out what Quest is are perhaps not the normal target audience for Quest.
  10. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    Leroy Rosenior looks like a stuffed Leroy Rosenior toy.
  11. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    It's Colin Murray again. The thing about Colin Murray is that he's actually OK when he's not being Colin Murray - say, the long interview show he did on 5Live - but when he is being Colin Murray, he is dreadful.
  12. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    The other thing that they did on C5 which REALLY annoyed me was give the result away before showing the goals from each game with the voiceover. I've no idea why it would spoil my evening to know forty seconds ahead of time that Exeter had scraped a home win against Northampton but it did.
  13. PopePiusX

    EFL highlights

    The Channel 5 thing was OK when Kelly Cates presented it. Adam Virgo on the other hand was an unusual choice of expert, given that he a) is inexpert and b) cannot talk.
  14. PopePiusX

    BBC Video of the brawl

    See, you might think this will blow over but what colour shirts do Villareal wear? Ripe for disguise.
  15. PopePiusX


    I live in York, and when Mansfield played them a few years back there was a group of lovely young men from Mansfield singing 'York's a sh*thole, I wanna get home'. Basically Mansfield is full of idiots.