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  1. Born on Leppings Lane & went to Parkside Rd School…….. Saw the ground almost every single day of my life till we moved what seemed like a million miles away to Wadsley Bridge…… could still see the ground from my new bedroom window! Ball boy at the reserves home games in the central league then at the ripe old age of 14 became a glass collector at the Ozzie Owl Club at home games & Friday and Saturday nights! Saw some things at that place that no 14 year old lad should ever see!
  2. Because he's very close to & extremely well thought of by Les Ferdinand!
  3. Hahaha we must have been in the same company………. Had a drink with both pre Pompey 2 weeks ago!
  4. Was told this & posted it last week….. Fits QPR’s business model & was approached before the departure of Wharburton!
  5. Always led to believe that The Wednesday Cricket Club was formed by bank employees who at the time worked every Saturday & had Wednesday off …….. As this proved to be more & more popular they decided they needed to make use of the winter months to carry on meeting & expanded to The Wednesday Football Club!
  6. Not only that mate, it’s the sheer hypocrisy of the same SAG who allows exit without restriction for both sets of fans on to Bramall Lane from a stand with an inferior concourse….. It’s double standards & needs to be challenged legally!
  7. Really is time to employ a firm of top lawyers to play hardball & legally challenge the outrageous, restraint of trade restrictions inflicted on us by the equally outrageous SAG!
  8. It suddenly became acceptable to the BBC when those loveable, cheeky scousers set absolutely loads off at Wembley…….. commentator:- “Liverpool fans …… as spectacular as ever”!
  9. The season won’t be over for long! Because of the ridiculouslyfuckin corrupt Qatar World Cup we kick off again Saturday 30th July! Not much of a close season to get things like transfers & pre season friendly’s sorted!
  10. Been on loan at Preston along with Izzy Brown……. Ryan Lowe sent them both back complaining of ‘Attitude Issues’
  11. DM is very much on the radar of QPR according to a colleague in London…… Totally fits their business model!
  12. And yet you didn’t think to mention it at the time? Would have been far & away the most interesting thing you’ve ever posted!
  13. What is it now ……… 15 managers in 18 seasons ? At some stage we have to give someone the chance to put his stamp on a squad instead of starting from scratch all the time …….. As frustrating as that seems right now!
  14. He deserves another crack next season…… He’s earned it & he’ll know he has to deliver!
  15. Scrap? ……… S6 1SW ………. One for your satnav ….. There’s a first time for everything
  16. Lol maybe I’d meet you if you ever attended
  17. Full season loan means he’s contracted to Excretia until June 1st!
  18. Usual source but even he says it’s with a caveat ……. Giving BPF till the last minute!
  19. Rumours emanating from the training ground that he’s a likely starter!
  20. Spice ……. Just say no!
  21. Theo’s like that kid at school who can do more keepy up’s than anyone else but achieves absolutelyfuckall on the pitch……… Flatters to deceive!
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