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  1. How many games did Odubajo play for Brentford last season?
  2. Odubajo has played a grand total of 3 games for us ...... Palmer has had 2 decent seasons out of 8 ! Odubajo has by far the better pedigree & has been signed as first choice RB! Lets give him a little longer than 3 games eh?
  3. Could be a big day for our wingers tomorrow with Murphy facing a totally right footed LB & Harris up against the lamentable Fisher!
  4. We have a much better shape/balance with a natural LB actually playing LB. Having said that it’s still a position of concern no matter whom of the present squad plays there!
  5. We’ve had the referendum.... the result stands, it’s high time we actioned the democratic result and no amount of whingeing hand wringers are going to change it ....... democracy in all it’s glory! The only question left to answer is how do we leave? Deal or no deal!
  6. We’ll have to disagree on that because if they couldn’t be bothered to vote in the biggest referendum in a lifetime they simply aren’t relevant!
  7. Actually it was 52% of all those who could be bothered to vote!!
  8. It’s all subjective but for me Nigel Pearson ticks all the boxes!
  9. If player ego v team progression is even a factor then it’s probably time to dismantle the squad, whoever the manager is. We’re a mid table championship club not PSG!
  10. Probably so but we had a real chance of 3 valuable away points, playing against a poor team who for 54 minutes had 10 men......... poor from the team who were picked & the person who picked them!
  11. 20 years outside the Premier League & you’re asking us to “lower our expectations”! Really?
  12. I’m referring to the “high press” mate, the one that’s terrified the defences of both Reading & Barnsley.......... getting “stuck in” in the midfield areas isn’t the same as the high press on the back four! Over cautious against a poor side!
  13. Why change the style of play and ditch the high pressing game that’s been THE feature to our excellent start to the season to accommodate a poor Millwall side ..... let them worry about us not us them! Being over cautious and paying poor teams too much respect has once again cost us dearly........ FFS we have technically better, faster players.... show some bottle and take the initiative Wednesday!
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