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  1. casbahowl

    Not good enough

    I would suggest it’s a little too early to judge ..... serious answer!
  2. casbahowl

    Not good enough

    FFS man!
  3. casbahowl

    Forestieri Red Card

  4. casbahowl

    Big Hec

    The big Rotherham striker did a job on him and got into his head ........... had an absolute shocker on the strength of it. Excellent at times but today highlighted the flaws that will unfortunately prevent him ever being a premier league player
  5. casbahowl

    Serious question

    You want a good stumping!
  6. He’s out ballooned himself!
  7. Dodge #1 rumbled. They’re gonna have to come up with another one to try and avoid coming to Hillsborough after dark!
  8. casbahowl


    Ridiculous.... again!
  9. casbahowl

    New Song

    Uncannily like a Jarvis Cocker original
  10. casbahowl

    caption this

  11. casbahowl

    When was the last time.........

    So you’re saying about 5 years ago then?
  12. We scored a match winning goal when a winger beat a man, got to the bye - line and pulled it back to the striker to smash home? More of the same please!
  13. Think we’ve been conditioned to taking the point over the last couple of seasons pal. Faint hearts etc etc
  14. casbahowl

    Bruce on........AWAY FOLLOWING

    Think it was the game KP tried playing keepy ups from a back pass and the striker nicked it off him to score. Deffo Selhurst park, not sure if Palace or Wimbledon though?