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  1. One of the reasons Bulgaria has been touted as the most depressingly dull and tedious places to live on the entire planet with one of the highest suicide rates ........... Was this the attraction of you moving there ?
  2. My mate who lives in York brought his 8 year old for the first time to the Swansea match his “initiation “ to years of mostly misery with the odd highlights to keep us hooked, a bit like heroin really ........... anyway, I digress. After the obligatory visit to the megastore, tour of the ground and autograph hunt he decided to take the little un for some lunch to the Wednesday Tap to keep his first match day experience on a high ....... guess what , entry refused ! Told by doorman that kids allowed in any other time except for match day WTF ???
  3. Do us a favour Jos

    Sat in the Falcon, Clapham Common. Will be home sometime tomorrow ..... knew what we were letting ourselves in for before we came..... our choice, why mump ?
  4. They’re not fans though are they .... really ?
  5. OK let it begin

  6. Glenn loovens please retire

    Even when the options are limited ?
  7. God bless mate ...... so so sad x
  8. Self description in your last two words !
  9. Millwall pubs

    Millwall just like any other away game these days, certainly nothing like the previously mentioned game where I was never so glad to get back to a minibus in my life ! Camden this afternoon then meet a couple of Millwall old uns down Surrey Quays.
  10. FFP

    Owlstalk’s the place to ask your question pal....... it’s where all the FFP experts are !
  11. Jos dropped a b******* today

  12. George Boyd

  13. George Boyd