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  1. It's the most accurate gauge to date on the OT moronometer !
  2. This Saturday's excuse.....

    Stop talking sense on here!
  3. Short sighted ........

    It was worth double at Villa !
  4. Short sighted ........

    I don't get this having spent more in the last 20 years and charging top dollar rounduns ...... Over the last 2 seasons every single club in the championship have spent more than in the last 20 years with NINE spending more than us ....... all we are doing is what we've always ever wanted to do , compete ...... it costs ! As for charging top dollar , I have a great deal of sympathy for pay on the day fans but on the flip side my 3 year ST on the North Stand is excellent value at just over £20 per game and I refuse to beat myself up for being lucky enough to have one !
  5. Short sighted ........

    What .......... an excuse for us being the best we've been in 20 years ?
  6. Short sighted ........

    But it's our recent history and you can't just ignore it ......... even if you weren't a 'fan' then !
  7. Done with it all

    But you still feel the need for the odd 'look at me' slag the club post .......
  8. Done with it all

    Top fan ....... never mind there's always another Wembley to come out from under a rock for
  9. Not been going long have you
  10. 5-1 @ Stevenage wasn't the best either
  11. Would you understand them if they did ?
  12. Short sighted ........

    Feeling that way out Baz ...... bring it on !
  13. Chairman bashers ......... just remember where we've been for the last 20 years ........ from the fiasco that was the Charterhouse debacle and the abandonment of Di Canio for international gains to the suing of our own fans ......... miracles have been worked in 2 short years !
  14. They know everything those minimum wage match day stewards