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  1. Recurring rumours from the Genting Club re a couple of games in The Irish Republic!
  2. So you don’t think it occurred to them to raise the issue? Hence your disappointment
  3. Flogging a dead horse pal. Facts like these don’t fit in with the same old posters and their “anti Chansiri” agenda! They’ll be circling you like a pack of angry wolves!
  4. Surprised if Abdi starts......... he was still in the Green Room at midnight last night!
  5. Hahaha of course I don’t know who, that’s not what I said! I, amongst others, was told by someone extremely close to the situation that yesterday was the day they were being informed of the decision. When this will be made public is anyone’s guess!
  6. You’ve already indicated you’re capable of much lower!
  7. What involvement did Jos have with Villa & Derby?
  8. If this is what it takes to legally challenge the monstrosity that is parachute payments so be it!
  9. The under 23’s finished their season today!
  10. Pretty reliable, connected to one of the released mate
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