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  1. casbahowl


    Of course it is .......... maybe a massage parlour to boot?
  2. casbahowl


    Could be a lot worse
  3. You really are privy to so much information
  4. I wouldn’t .....tbh but everyone to their own
  5. Generally agree with most of your posts/sentiments but those “true visionary’s” are few and far between pal
  6. Have you ever been to an away match ???
  7. One of the worst stands anywhere in football? what the actualfuck are you rambling on about ???
  8. Pathetic awful point scoring post...... As I said ....... No Mark!!!
  9. Absolute rubbish........ many factors including fans, police and most of all fences contributed to that tragic day. To say “Flawed design” of our stadium does you no favours whatsoever and indicates you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about! Absolute No Mark assertions in the poorest of taste!
  10. It was all part of Thatchers post Heysel/Hillsborough vision for football where a “Think Tank” of non football people drew up a 90’s blueprint to take the game into the new millennium! Deeply flawed yet some still subscribe to it!
  11. Last season was the worst average attendance in the Mad Stads history, this seasons is considerably worse than that, even with the lowest prices in the division, totally unsustainable for a London catchment. 6769 attended for their championship match against the pigs in February this year and that’s the sort of crowd they’ll need to budget for if relegated . Sometimes moving ground is unavoidable, thankfully this isn’t the case with us!
  12. Reading have special match day busses from the train station to the ground and back at a cost of £2 each way which makes it extremely comparable to Sheffield but they’re under used because no one wants to go out to a soulless business park next to a motorway! With match day prices being the cheapest in the division AND subsidised busses to and from the ground they still struggle to half fill it. They also have a hotel which is NEVER anywhere near full built into the ground which is also a massive white elephant! Reading will be lucky to survive in the championship this season and could easily end up back in the third tier of English football with massive outgoings and minimal income. Should this happen Reading would be in grave danger of being the first EFL club to go into liquidation as a direct result of moving to a pre packed soulless out of town bowl that locals have absolutely no affiliation to ! Be careful what you wish for!
  13. Moving to the Ricoh was nothing to do with ..... The Ricoh???