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  1. Which areas are Wednesday

    The Oak is a blunt pub by tradition who run coaches to away games. Tbf a good minority of owls drink in there and the banter is excellent.
  2. Wearing team colours Sunday!

    Have you any idea how ridiculous you've just made yourself look ?
  3. Just been to pick our Birmingham tickets up . Girls in T/O say 273 left for Sunday as of 14.40 today !
  4. They really are a thick bunch

    They never have done before !
  5. Trojan is a record label for aficionados of early Ska/Blue beat music. Quite a vibrant scene in Sheffield with fans of both clubs mixing well.
  6. Had the great pleasure of seeing this vile piece of shot of a father being humiliated at a 'Trojan' night at the Riverside on Kelham Island last year. His photo had been circulated amongst a certain few Wednesdayites after the glassing incident and he was recognised by one of our older lads. When challenged and invited to repeat his actions by just one almost 60 year old owls fan he burst into tears and actually tried to blame his son. His wife , to much amusement of onlookers then through a drink over him shouting 'I told you this would happen you absolute fcuckinwanker' He was allowed to leave the pub without a finger being laid on him ........... therein lays the difference!
  7. The best way to sum up that result..

    Sat in the 'Canton Cross' with a pub full of old Soul Crewe and 8 of us. The boyo's to a man telling us we're the best side to have visited Cardiff in the last 3 seasons and hope they finish within 5 points of us ........... they think that will guarantee a play off place ! It's our season !
  8. Colin's Comments

    Just give it a rest ........ boring in the extreme !
  9. George Boyd

    The sort of post and poster that gives today's OT the reputation it richly deserves amongst the vast majority of the fan Base !
  10. Carlos Out...?

    You may be in a minority with some of the absolute balloons on here !
  11. fredrico

    Wherever Carlos wants him to !
  12. Carlos Out...?

    Are you sure ?
  13. Carlos Out...?

    Owlstalk has spoken ! The single most cringe worthy thread in OT history!
  14. Back to school for Carlos...

    Owls talk has spoken!