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  1. Probably not the right forum for match attending fans pal
  2. All speculation and hope, just like any football fans anywhere. Not ITK at all but a Che Adams family member said to a group of us last night that talks of a loan move to us have been ongoing for a couple of weeks now. Could be summat or nowt but he seemed genuine.
  3. It was big news at the time, no social media back then but the Sunday papers & the tv/radio were all over it
  4. He was the one called on the tannoy just before ko in an FA cup 3rd round tie after Peter Springett was taken I’ll, at home to QPR I think?
  5. It’s impossible to understand when the far superior back 4 doesn’t include Palmer! Let me know if you need any assistance with banging your head on a wall.
  6. Utter cretin eh ...... well done so It’s more important in the flower and unicorn utopia of Sij world to have either Lees or Borner on the bench and play Palmer under any circumstances...... hahaha
  7. Hahaha stop being so precious...... so for clarity your quite happy to sacrifice Lees or Borner & the good of the team as a whole to accommodate your hero? ....... priceless
  8. Hahaha what a strange comment You haven’t answered the original question..... Are you happy for one of a fully fit Lees or Borner to be on the bench to accommodate a starting position for Palmer?
  9. Whilst you have a strange and somewhat sinister man crush on him ....... Each to their own!
  10. I honestly believe a back 4 of Iorfa, Lees, Borner & Fox is our best when everyone’s available! You however, in your infinite wisdom would prefer to see a fully fit Lees or Borner occupy a place on the bench to accommodate Palmer? Hahaha anything upstairs?
  11. You don’t think a Lees/ Borner pairing at centre back to be good enough? We should leave one of them on the bench to accommodate Palmer? Cracking idea
  12. Hope there's some mileage in the Che Adams rumour.
  13. Iorfa is literally head and shoulders above any other RB at the club. To suggest otherwise would indicate more than McRightside has substance abuse issues!
  14. Oh the absolute irony …… calling fans clueless and stupid whilst advocating the return of the woeful Palmer ahead of a back 4 of Iorfa, Borner, Lees & Fox
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