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  1. The old Magnet, Gate, Parson X Hotel triangle ……. Planes, ships & people used to disappear without trace!
  2. Get that, but why then the Examiner’s banner headline……… “Worst financially performing club in Europe“
  3. Yes mate ……. Synced to my Google calendar last Thursday when they came out!
  4. I’m Also the misleading/plain wrong banner headline is entirely the work of the Examiner & it’s journalist/sports writer!
  5. Irrespective of who produced the article it was the Examiner & their journalist/sportswriter who reported verbatim, seemingly without fact checking the content, to a target audience! If one is proven to have misrepresented the facts surely the other is culpable too!
  6. Poorly researched & dramatically flawed article…….. Only 185 teams in Europe?…. Yeah, right! Anyone would think the author, especially with his article’s timing, could be a supporter of a Wednesday hating local rival who’s just seen their best 2 players jilt them at the alter & run into the open arms of their nemesis!
  7. You we’re doing so well up to the crass & boorish reference to a supposed speech impediment.
  8. Yes, but apart from the s you’ve mentioned, we need to sign a player or 2 with a bit of creativity!
  9. Payne is a very talented player…….Runs at players & leaves them on their arse …….. Big things expected from him when at Southend but trod water since ……… Very exciting player IF he’s grown up a bit!
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