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  1. Isn’t the Parry Hoo Hah linked to the timing of the video? Wigan were taken over a month ago and only went into administration on Wednesday but Talksport claiming the video was recorded over a fortnight ago!
  2. If the new owners have been brought in specifically to asset strip the last thing they’ll want is the team staying up!
  3. And if Milan had sold to his first choice it could more than easily have been us!
  4. According to Simon Jordan there are dark forces at work here. Wigan were acquired by their new owners only 4 months ago in a deal which had the full blessing of the EFL. Jordan says it bares all the hallmarks of asset stripping!
  5. TBF it’s sometimes difficult receiving a satellite signal from Earth when you’re on a completely different planet!
  6. If you’re on the bench then surely you’re in the match day squad???
  7. Sunday & Monday nights when the pub was In it’s prime ........ He used to say that he was in a select group of Sheffield DJ’s who listed a gum shield amongst his most important pieces of equipment!
  8. Resident DJ in “The Gate” in his early years ..... Prepared him for anything!
  9. Bang on ......... apart from the 4 times where we actually did!
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