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  1. Willie ......... One of the Gate lads & a Dragon regular to away games! only talking to him the other day.
  2. The rather strange exterior colour plan of the Burgoyne came about when Wheeny decided to have the pub painted blue & white. He employed a couple of the locals who were in between jobs in exchange for beer. Typically he underestimated the amount of white paint required and fell well short. Fortunately the council were painting double yellow lines on Langsett Rd at the time and the council lads used to call in for a pint at lunchtime & after work. A conversation was had & a deal done to supplement the shortfall of white paint with council yellow line issue. Wheeny then claimed he'd had it painted in his favourite Wednesday away colours! True story
  3. The Claymore at the bottom of Roxy’s ramp was a proper Wednesday pub ........ The Sunday football team, all Wednesdayite’s, was called “Snakebites” as it was the only pub in town that would sell that particular mix ....... all the others declared it “loopy juice”!
  4. No mate, where the closed down Chinese restaurant now stands opposite the library. Remember being in there one Sunday night when 2 groups were vying for the right to control the drug distribution in the area when a couple of lads burst in and fired a sawn off into the air bringing part of the ceiling down ...... was open again 2 days later!
  5. Yep ....... Swiggys was one of the many “wine bars” that appeared in the 80’s which took advantage of the more relaxed licensing hours for such establishments, eg if a communal free chilli or curry was available on the bar then it could stay open every day till 1am and all day Sunday. Very often it was empty at 10:30pm and packed by 11pm ........ The clientele was interesting..... happy days!
  6. Hungover in Schipol airport after playing Sparta Rotterdam in a preseason friendly with around 20 of The Gates finest. Wheeny in a highly excited state returns from a shop waving a copy of the News Of The World. Banner headlines......... SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY MANAGER ARRESTED FOR KERB CRAWLING ! WTF!!! ....... literally minutes later David Pleat walks across the departure lounge! Absolutely enraged All 20 of us rush across to confront him with paper! ”Er, er ..... it’s not true lads ..... anyway I’m just about to fly to Rome to sign Paulo Di Canio for Sheffield Wednesday”! ........ “Really Dave, do you want to join us for a drink before you go”? True story #shallowfans
  7. A young entrepreneur & Wednesdayite Bob Murfin (Muff) dipped his toe into the entertainment industry in the early 80’s with the Muff Inn (Later The Owl) ...... It earned him a few quid as all the Wednesday lads from The Limit supported his venture which allowed him to invest in, and embark upon his career defining project in town........... The Casbah!
  8. Imbecile orfuckwitt ...... maybe idiot
  9. What absolutebollox ....... fuckalltodo with Chansiri ...... grow a pair you absolutefuckin gimp
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