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  1. Under 23s Title Defence

    That’s the spirit, let’s create a generation of teenage multi millionaires who are unlikely to play 10 games for their host clubs in their entire careers but that’s ok coz they’re making a mint!
  2. Under 23s Title Defence

    Not quite the same pal, The Brentford model buys a lower league/non league player for say £500k + add ons, that sort of money keeps these clubs afloat for years and keeps the money in the British game where it’s needed most. The Chelsea/Citeh model where they pillage every promising kid from Academies throughout the country for a pittance to the clubs and with little expectation of first team involvement for the players is football eating itself, with premier league blessing! Both clubs have this season in excess of 40 professional players each out on loan throughout Europe. That in itself is abhorrent imho.
  3. Under 23s Title Defence

    Interesting that everyone’s darlings when it comes to young player recruitment, Brentford, actually binned there academy 5 years ago to concentrate on lower/non league scouting. Seems to have been the correct decision for them and interestingly Huddersfield are doing exactly the same from next season. Many more will follow suit if premier league clubs are allowed to continue to rape and plunder academies with impunity.
  4. Not for the first time at Hillsborough........ Total SYP cockup!
  5. That Noise

    Definitely the annoying bint in stadium control!
  6. I wasn’t, till I read this!

    So do many members of this forum !
  8. The clues in “as bad as this seasons been”!
  9. Wish Wilson would have shown half the passion and commitment as the MPs. Little did we know his finest hour was yet to come !
  10. Denim

    Laid back Dutchman .......... wonder what his smoke of choice could be ?
  11. Think I’m letting my blind hatred for all things Leeds get the better of me !
  12. No mention that as bad as this seasons been we could still finish above Leeds.
  13. Calum Best is coming to #SWFC

    Same circles pal be we were more Gate/Limit. Tom originally from Netherthorpe.