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  1. The only joke is this ridiculous post!
  2. Spoken like a true socialist...... Completely out of touch with reality!
  3. casbahowl

    #SWFC to lose a top coach

    I can agree with the sentiment pal but I think the writing may be on the wall when a premiership club (Huddersfield) with all their associated riches have taken a business decision that they can’t compete in the academy stakes and they would get a much better bang for their buck by investing their cash in taking their scouting networks both in this country and especially abroad to another level !
  4. casbahowl

    #SWFC to lose a top coach

    Another reason to dump the academy and heavily invest in scouting, just like Brentford/Huddersfield. Not only are PL clubs plundering all the playing talent from other academies they’re now pinching the best coaches too. The academy system is deeply flawed and outdated and only benefits the top 10 richest clubs. More and more clubs will opt out until the Football League change the rules on what is rapidly becoming a monopoly!
  5. casbahowl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Pretty tasteless and crass reply. At least I know what level we’re on!
  6. casbahowl

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Written in the style of the original article!
  7. casbahowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    I agree pal but I think more and more clubs will go the Brentford/Huddersfield route rather than invest squillions into academies only to see the cream of their talent whom they’ve coached/nurtured from 8 years old have their head turned by a PL club at the last minute for a pittance and then to be loaned out .
  8. casbahowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    Non league & lower league......... just like they have for the past hundred years or so !
  9. casbahowl

    Are their any hidden gems

    Or follow the lead of Brentford & Huddersfield and ditch the flawed academy system altogether and instead invest heavily into their scouting system to pick up the young gems in lower/non league football. This then prevents the corrupt premier league clubs raping and pillaging every other clubs academies for a pittance whilst having 40+ full time professionals out on loan (Citeh & Chelsea) and raking in a loan fee! It also keeps transfer fees and sell on clauses within the entire football pyramid not just the chosen few !
  10. Be interesting to see how this is enforced at Page Hall on a Friday?
  11. casbahowl

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Only a pig could concoct a post of such abject stupidity! Go away pig!
  12. His opinion, he’s entitled to it and he’s not alone in his assumption!
  13. casbahowl

    Our fire sale

    I can only think you’re one of Neil’s “incitement characters” wheeled out periodically in times of low site activity. There really is no other explanation!
  14. Are you always in the kitchen at parties?