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  1. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

    I think most Wednesdayites would be. Most Owlstalkers however .........
  2. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

  3. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

    So many contradictions
  4. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

    You have the advantage over us .......... knowing him like you do!
  5. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

    Owlstalk needs to do another poll........ should the next manager (whoever it is) be sacked? •Yes •No
  6. casbahowl

    Alan Nixon

    This would certainly be Best Case Scenario
  7. casbahowl

    Two full backs needed

    Oh dear indeed
  8. casbahowl

    Two full backs needed

    Palmer must never start again
  9. casbahowl

    Two full backs needed

    We weren’t in an embargo the 2 previous seasons!
  10. casbahowl

    Two full backs needed

    Totally agree....... 3fuckinyears we’ve been waiting for this to be addressed...... criminal!
  11. casbahowl

    Nigel Pearson

    Sat next to us at the 150th do at Ponds Forge. During the meal asked him his views on managing us one day and his only reply was “Too disrespectful to discuss a job when someone (Carlos) already in the position”. He certainly never ruled it out. Was fantastic company all night, sharing some brilliant anecdotes from his time with us. Really does have an affinity to the club ........ who knows?
  12. casbahowl

    Rotherham Press Conference

    Don’t waste your time with this idiot pal
  13. casbahowl

    Alan wheen

    Seems to have been quite a bit of confusion..... just heard from Allan’s wife..... it’s actually 1pm not 1-30 as previously posted
  14. casbahowl

    Alan wheen

    Doubt they’ll be at the same time
  15. casbahowl

    Alan wheen

    Time confirmed 13:30