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  1. Managed to get a ticket for a mate who spends 6 months of the year working in Canada & who’s home in time for this and 6 more games before having to fly back ……… His problem is that his first jab was done in London & the 2nd in Toronto……. He has proof of 2 x individual jabs in 2 different countries but no proof of being double jabbed…… Should be entertaining at the turnstiles
  2. Lowe got his tactics bang on ….. attack our weak points……. Both fullbacks……. Either could have been pulled at HT as they were equally horrific……. Palmer just compounded his complete ineptitude by idling back as his man had all the time and space in the world to score the 3rd!
  3. it's symptomatic unfortunately of PL teams being allowed to stockpile players whom they have no intentions of ever playing. These players take up all the available loan places at the lower end of the PL & Championship who then in turn loan their prospects to LG1 & 2 leaving LG1 & 2 prospects to find game time lower down the football pyramid.
  4. Guessing it’s down to the local SAG trying to justify their moronic existence!
  5. I know …….. I couldn’t help myself in the end although I did try
  6. The days of spending fortunes on the rehabilitation of players only to move them on have also got to be over! He’s our player, he’s an asset, he’s an automatic starter & unlike others in our recent past, he desperately wants to play! We as a club may share some responsibility for his current predicament by mismanaging his comeback under the dark days of Pulis. Wonder if Liverpool forums have been full of “experts” wanting to get rid of Virgil Van Dijk for draining their resources whilst not kicking a ball for nearly a season?
  7. Mario Balotelli a more recent example……. Stick or twist …….. we’ve twisted so the only thing we can do is trust in the manager…….. Could well be an awesome punt!
  8. You have no idea if Judge had a major injury or not but you would sooner have him than Berahino? ....... Bizarre!
  9. Hope he’s prepared for the culture shock ……… Slovan fans are a complete bunch of racist tvvats!
  10. Bert's been a good mate for many years ....... Loves a pint, Used to meet Hirsty, Shez & Carlton in the White Horse at Wadsley Bridge after training for a game of snooker. Tell's some fantastic stories about his time as a pro footballer & the character's he met along the way .......... The Lou Macari story, who used to be his boss at Stoke & signed him for Celtic is truly amazing!
  11. That’s the one mate ……. They arrested the whole coach-load along with loads of other Wednesdayite’s & lined us all up in the police gym as it was the only place big enough to hold us! They really began to lose patience with us when they tried to take everyone’s names & we had brothers, uncles, nephews & cousins from two of the biggest families on Fox Hill all giving the same names! To top things off, as we were being read the riot act by the highest ranking police officer one of the Gate lads, who’d been drinking continuously for around 18 hours let rip with one of the loudest farts ever heard, which the acoustics in the gym added to with dramatic effect & left everyone rolling about in fits of laughter & the senior police officer almost apoplectic with rage
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