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  1. Should be interesting when a few hundred Leeds fans try walking through Hillsborough corner an hour or so before ko. It’s not as if there’s any animosity between the two sets of fans!
  2. Of course you dare say it....... Palmer, after an excellent 6 months playing out of his skin has reverted to type! You only have to see the bollocking he got from Bannan on Friday and his mardyarsed reply to realise that!
  3. Really think the timing of all this, coinciding with Duckenfields retrial speaks volumes. At some stage the defence is going to submit that Hillsborough has a fundamental safety design fault, it had it in 89 and it still has it now m’lud, just look at the restrictions SYP/SAG/SCC have recently had to put in place just to keep the fans safe! Our client can’t possibly be guilty! Wednesday being used as the sacrificial lamb to finally put the disaster to bed!
  4. Not a problem, we’re off to Benidorm for our annual November Fiestas pilgrimage soon. No danger of beautiful women there, foreign or otherwise!
  5. The local media need to get involved, their reluctance to do so is baffling bordering on sinister! Maybe if high profile Wednesdayite’s, politicians, actors, musicians etc made direct contact then the media really couldn’t ignore.
  6. From what I’m told it was Jos who sorted the Deal before his departure!
  7. Has this been sent to the club & signed in your own name?
  8. Same here...... used to run coaches from the Gate, not worth the hassle now, train every time!
  9. Ask anyone who runs independent coaches pal. It’s the reason places like Lichfield, Chorley, North Allerton etc are so popular amongst coach travelling football fans!
  10. Enforcement is the domain of the coach operator, failure to adhere to the law can result in fines of over £1000 and or licence revoked!
  11. Unfortunately this has been the law of the land for over 2 decades regarding designated football fan coaches so on this occasion SYP/SAG not at fault. For some strange reason mini buses are exempt from the rule.
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