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  1. All the skill in the world but supposed to have a questionable attitude. Was a top target for Wilder when he was making headlines at Southend 3 seasons ago!
  2. Mate you’re rapidly turning into a parody of yourself!
  3. Loads of excellent pubs within 5 mins walk of the train station. It's only a crap day out if you go by road to Reading.
  4. Out buffooning yourself ........ priceless
  5. You could name them now......... the posters on here that secretly hope this is true!
  6. If everyone’s available it’s unlikely that Palmer starts. However, because of suspensions & injuries and Palmer’s recent decent form in both fullback positions he may get 20+ Starts and several more appearances from the bench!
  7. Priceless....... best move for him, a move to park football obscurity in the most boring country in Europe
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