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  1. Thanks however I was too slow as they were gone within the hour!
  2. 2x ideally but would take a single Message me here please
  3. Is it because Firefox blocks external addons?
  4. Mine did - make sure you have no blockers and have allowed the relevant add ins on your browser to allow the video to play
  5. Be fine - click here https://www.swfc.co.uk/matches/fixtures/first-team/201718/august/preston-north-end-vs-sheffield-wednesday-on-05-aug-17/ and then "Watch live now"
  6. Go on fixtures on the main site, scroll down to Preston game and there is an option
  7. So whilst on the VPN sign up as a new user, and then go onto fixtures -> match centre and it should give an option for match pass.
  8. On a phone? Could be that it's trying to open a pop-up to your bank. If not a phone, do you have an ad block enabled that could stop this authentication process?
  9. Clear cookies / data cache and restart browser - might fix it
  10. FAQ does say it may not work with Chrome cast / having troubles with chrome. If you can run it in chrome (may need to disable any adblocks etc) you may be able to cast from your browser page. I imagine in the future it'll be like Youtube/netflix/nowtv where there is the cast button built within the iFollow player. Or, plug in an HDMI cable and mirror the screen display
  11. 19 November 1994 West Ham United H 1-0 25,300 Petrescu
  12. Dad & I - 2 hour drive east. Edit: WAWAW
  13. Fletcher vs Dave vs Loovens Who won? Sign him up if he'll fit the system
  14. Reason for FF at midnight was to begin a day full of news Who's next
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