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  1. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/january/club-statement-coventry-and-wycombe-fixtures/
  2. FUN FACT OF THE DAY In the match we are watching wednesday are palying against a team 2 places above us and we are the home team. Its not a conference team away at the Premier league champions.
  3. Shaw marking kazim Richards is a bit like when we had odubajo marking Ivan Toney vs Brentford on corners.
  4. I think it's because he looks younger now than when he was first playing for man utd. It's all a bit Dr Who.
  5. Who's this this sub keeper? What's happened to that Render and Dawson?
  6. I reckon the prem will carry on regardless. They might have a firebreak but too much money in the prem to have a season voided.
  7. And I think we can all agree that we would be delighted with that outcome. Can we all agree to never speak of this season again if it is declared null and void???
  8. Its a good point. As six point deduction is for a 46 game season so if it ends on 23 do we get a 3 point deduction?
  9. Does it have to be everybody played half the games? Because as of tonight we would be half way there but it'll take Rotherham till. The end of January to get to 23 games
  10. Haha fair. I wouldn't put it past the EFL not to have a contingency plan for this in place at all. Imagine how pissed off Charlton fans would be if we stayed up on a technicality
  11. If the season is cancelled (and I don't think it will be) and the league used a points per game average like they did in league 1 and 2 as things stand would we stay up? We have earned 22 points points form 22 games so 1. 00 ppg. Leaving us above Qpr who are on 0.95 But the table says we have 16 points giving us 0.73 points per game and if this was the the case we would be relagated.
  12. All part of the master plan mate. The greatest manager in history doesn't change formations apparently. A bit like me in champ manager 01/02.
  13. The next manager will bin him off. Just in time for the experienced manager after that to bring him back from the cold and give him a new contract.
  14. I mean how could anyone defend him 6 months ago never mind now. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if we ceased to exist by next xmas
  15. Haha that was me. I wanted to chose someone nobody else would possibly have picked
  16. I look forward to these more than the match itaelf these days
  17. Bit harsh on the lad Shaw. It was reckless and somewhat naive but there was no malice involved.
  18. As I kid I always thought it was Seth Armstrong from Emerdale farm. I think I got the hat confused for a deerstalker.
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