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  1. https://twitter.com/SachinNakrani/status/1163927059699326976?s=09
  2. It would be good if we could get a structure like Watfords where the manager is always replaceable. Stops us getting in a situation like with Bruce again.
  3. The stocksbridge bit was a joke. That said I cant think of many new stadiums that arn't built in a out of town. Mainly due to cheap land I'd imagine.
  4. IF we were to build a new stadium theres no chance it would be in Hillsborough. It'll be on the outskirts somewhere. The nearest I would imagine would be up past stocksbridge.
  5. Evacuation out of the ground entirely or onto the pitch?
  6. So just need to get hammered by Reading on Saturday then.
  7. Didn't Lambert the Norwich job after they had lost the first game of the season? And that ended up pretty successfully.Other than that I can only think of keane at Sunderland who did it after 5 games I think.
  8. Just copy the Watford model. That way every manager is replaceable and we dont end up in this mess again.
  9. I absolutely love reading the replies to his tweets. Brutal. Must be one of the most hated people on football.
  10. Because I put a fiver on us to go down and I am rubbish at betting
  11. It would be very interesting if Hirst ends up at Swansea come the end of the season.
  12. Wasn't that a midweek game? Think I went to that one.
  13. Haha yeah, seen as he walked away from a solid job in the prem when he just saved them I'd struggle to see why he would want to come to us. Yeah It does feel a bit like when Laws took over from sturrock. All the same players just unleashed the potential.
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