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  1. Because I put a fiver on us to go down and I am rubbish at betting
  2. It would be very interesting if Hirst ends up at Swansea come the end of the season.
  3. Wasn't that a midweek game? Think I went to that one.
  4. Haha yeah, seen as he walked away from a solid job in the prem when he just saved them I'd struggle to see why he would want to come to us. Yeah It does feel a bit like when Laws took over from sturrock. All the same players just unleashed the potential.
  5. You know he had most of last season at Palace and saved them from from the drop, don't you mate?
  6. He was so ruthless when he sacked Stuart Grey. That's what I don't get.
  7. I know it's been said before but I'd still like to see wildsmith out on loan for a season and get 40- 50 matches under his belt. Looks a talent though
  8. Fair point. The other side of that coin is that people would be vvanking themselves silly if we had just got into the playoff final like he's just done. He's dragged a team who looked nailed on to be relegated when they lost to us at Hillsborough last season to the playoff final all on the same budget of Rotherham. A bit of pragmatism goes along way in this league.
  9. I can see heckingbottom being another Danny Wilson. I'd have Wagner if I could choose any from the other championship teams
  10. The epitome of cant be arsed.Never forget the days of Maddix and Westwood being firsr choice centre backs. Paul Mcclaren signed from luton i think. Went to Rotherham. Phil Scott. 9 app in about 4 seasons. Richard Evans. Signed from brum had a good debut then disapeared. Steve Adams. Paul Sturrock favorite came from plymouth with him as a midfield "enforcer" went to truro city iirc Burton O'Brian - scottish young player of the year or summat. Rocky Lekaj - the great white hope of our youth team. And they are just the midfielders.
  11. Good but should've been built on a different site. Eveything that is great about it wouldve been there wherever it was built. Everything that goes against it is as much due to the location as anything else. As much as they try with all the murals they cant trick us into thinking it has the history of the old place.
  12. Are we not going to get a special retro kit for our centenary (and a half ) celebarations? All white with blue trim i reckon.
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