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  1. I never really understood why him amd/or wildsmith haven't had a season out on loan.
  2. Some of the proposals appear quite positive. The worrying part is the changing of the golden share and the idea that all the power will be in the hands of the big clubs
  3. Him and the legendary Ben Sahar upfront together for apoel.
  4. In hindsight, Winkleman could've bought the local Milton Keynes amateur club and turned them into a league 1 side by now. He would've been lauded as a hero and could've been cheaper
  5. Yeah mine too but yeah Hugh dowd is from Armagh. I assume that why they had him. Giving out the trophies.
  6. I'll go. With the consensus. Cheers everyone.
  7. Thought that but looking at this it's not.
  8. Saw this pop up on Facebook. Ive had had a Google and can't work it out. Any ideas?
  9. Was it Bywater? Not 100% sure. Might have been someone in between.
  10. https://twitter.com/SachinNakrani/status/1163927059699326976?s=09
  11. It would be good if we could get a structure like Watfords where the manager is always replaceable. Stops us getting in a situation like with Bruce again.
  12. The stocksbridge bit was a joke. That said I cant think of many new stadiums that arn't built in a out of town. Mainly due to cheap land I'd imagine.
  13. IF we were to build a new stadium theres no chance it would be in Hillsborough. It'll be on the outskirts somewhere. The nearest I would imagine would be up past stocksbridge.
  14. Evacuation out of the ground entirely or onto the pitch?
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