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  1. I did based on his track record at the time. Despite the snidey implication of the post, no one knows what he would’ve done with the resources at Moores disposal. He may have got us promoted, or like the current manager, he may not
  2. Nothing we will do will satisfy the current SAG mob so spend any money we have for ground improvements on tarting up what we already have.
  3. I think I would probably go with the view of a manager with donkeys years experience about the quality of the playing surface and Pulis fits that bill.
  4. I don’t want to hear anything from him other than maybe goodbye, and thanks for the fish.
  5. A truly great CB and leader. I will never forget in the warmup away at Charlton where they were giving him some headers around the 6 yard box and he was heading them to the halfway line. He was doing it over and over again before the match even started. They weren’t the beach balls they have today either.
  6. Well, he did last year and we nearly got there so I expect him to do it again.
  7. An outstanding job is getting us promoted or to the final. An outstanding manager doesn’t give you heart attacks by playing out from the back when we aren’t equipped to do it. A decent job is moulding a new, expensively put together squad together to challenge. None of us have a clue what the team will be from one game to the next other than if someone is MOM they will probably be dropped. Darren isn’t a crap manager who deserves to be sacked but he certainly isn’t outstanding
  8. Are you talking to Sunderland fans or Wycombe fans?
  9. If I was younger I’d say give him another season, and I probably will stick to that but I’m getting old and I don’t know if I can wait long enough for Moore to become more tactically adept. there’s not a lot more seasons left in me, and this is another one wasted
  10. Even though we have once again dropped the player who was MOM in the last game. I am ok with that line up
  11. The flag “MK Dons , the club that wouldn’t die” needs burning
  12. I see MKDons have done their own bit of Shithousery by splitting the Wycombe fans up into 2 separate sessions. I hate Wycombe as a footballing side. Fear MK dons football ability.
  13. The question wasn’t about the players it was about Darren’s tactical nous. but on the subject of the players, they are all league 1 players because that’s where they play. however, they are all eminently capable of playing in the championship.
  14. To be fair to Sky I thought they were balanced bearing in mind Sunderland were the home team. They constantly referred to us both as giants. They never refer to the pigs as Giants
  15. At league one we can get away with it with better players. Higher up…….
  16. Well, it is a record. it probably is worth mentioning it a few times
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