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  1. Will make zero difference to what I do. Nowt I can do about it, will continue to go.
  2. Always remember the time he was bombing down towards the Lep, hugging the touchline on the Cantilever as we called it then, falling down, rolling over, springing up, and continuing with his run down the wing with the ball. Happy days, despite us being absolute bobbar .
  3. Not really within the EFL's power to decide on what the Premier League do or dont do.
  4. Cracking goal. call me weird but I like to see our players doing well for their country.
  5. The are about 11 fast food places on Middlewood shops above the ground in less than 100 yards.
  6. At the end of the day the deal may or not be kosher but it’s dodgy as. If the pigs had done this we would be all over it .
  7. Looking at the environment agency site, It’s a gnats off the highest recorded level at Meadowhall and just gone above the 2007 record in Rovrum. and coming* in with a late run, Blackburn brook at Wincobank has smashed the record. i must get out more
  8. Thanks for spoiling her for me. Never noticed em. I am however, willing to accept them.
  9. I don’t know, or have heard, anyone saying it other than someone writing a misleading post title.
  10. No, he wasn’t great. he was a lot more effective than he had been recently, not great.
  11. People whos job it is to know, think that Dawson is a better option than Wildsmith if they were both fit. Thats it really
  12. Here is my little bit towards trying to get something done. The contact details are from the notice issued by our wonderful council. Highway Network Management Town Hall Room G34 Pinstone Street Sheffield S1 2HH 28/10/19 Ref SWFC To whom it may concern. I wish to protest in the strongest possible terms at the disproportionate and damaging proposals relating to road closures around the Hillsborough stadium. The stadium has been there for well over 100 years operating with crowds much higher than currently experienced, and suddenly there is a need for a “Chernobyl” type exclusion area around the ground on the grounds of safety and emergency vehicle access. One study, with questionable data and motives, started this by closing Leppings lane access to Sheffield (the voters) football fans. I immediately wrote to the authorities pointing out the obvious, to everyone with any ability for joined up thinking, which was this would then cause safety issues on Penistone road as that was the only way out from the Kop and the North Stand. Others made similar comments creating a reactive, and over the top response from the council by stopping the sale of additional tickets to the North stand and closing off Penistone Road. A clear case of causing a problem and then creating another to “solve” it. 80% of the time there are negligible numbers of away fans which makes the situation even more ridiculous. I have seen with my own eyes the impact it has had on some local, not multinational, local, businesses. A friend of mine, with a heart condition now has to walk twice as far from his home to his seat, and twice as far on the way back. Many more people will be suffering the same way if this order is implemented. My family cannot get to our estate without driving past the Wednesday ground, what are they supposed to do? Drive up to Grenoside and then do a rat run through Oughtibridge? Why none of this is necessary in a football ground near the city centre surrounded by similar, if not worse, traffic constraints can only be imagined….. This is making Sheffield, and the council, and in particular its officers, look like a set of amateurs with at best naivety, and at worst, an agenda, and these proposals should be scrapped immediately. I suspect the strategy is that these draconian plans will be watered down to something that is still way over the top but seem better than this mess.
  13. He is our best player when fully fit. He isnt.......yet.
  14. Jesus. Got home and just watching the after match bit. Talk about focus on the away side....
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