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  1. With Moses it’s like having a school bus driver who is great at reversing, parking, lane management and signalling, but crashes the bus on every trip. Its a sort of deal breaker.
  2. It’s horrible to watch and spoils the flow of the game but many teams from “beautiful football “ Peps team down, do tactical fouling. We need to be more “professional” in our approach. Last time we played West Brom at Hillsborough we should have brought Barnes down and stopped him getting the injury time equaliser.
  3. Waste of a shirt tonight once again. but was played out of position
  4. Tonight Yes previous 2 games, 3 goals from set pieces
  5. Just seen it again this time on Sky. Absolute stone wall pen. Stupid
  6. He is an absolute bluddy car crash. He always has one brainstorm per match. Everyone can see it bar one bloke.
  7. Inventive corners, except when Bannan does his over everyone specials.
  8. Did Wilder have “the necessary pedigree” to take over at the sty? They did a cracking job at Lincoln and haven’t had time to turn round the disaster that is Udders. O’Neil is having the same problem at Stoke with their squad that cost gazillions. I would have taken them, or Rowett.
  9. He’s young and wasn’t very effective when he came on BUT showed what he can do with that run which few others in the team are capable of.
  10. C’mon. We have all seen games where he has got it from the Sky “expert” and there were more deserving candidates. today I would probably have given it him
  11. I am on Pelupessy watch for the rest of this game to see if he is as bad as I think he is
  12. I came back home, set fire to my city, attacked some police, and let some flares off. Oh, hang on, that was those lovable “best fans in the world” scamps in Liverpool.
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