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  1. Got volume turned down a bit because that soddin, droning, repetative, oompah band
  2. If anyone saw that line up and could predict our formation, then well done.
  3. upperwinngardensowl

    Pulis not happy with S6 fixture switch for TV

    This! Until Jos puts the squad numbers in his bingo callers tumbler and pulls out the team, no one has any idea what team or formation we will be playing.
  4. Constantly changing the team puts the opposition on the back foot, for about 5 minutes, and as we usually start games about as fast as a three toed sloth that doesn’t give us any advantage. there has to be some continuity for partnerships to develop. Just seems to be a bit too much tinkering for my liking. yes, I know, we are 6th.
  5. upperwinngardensowl


    He can kick, just not necessarily where he is aiming
  6. upperwinngardensowl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    They had a deal, and it didn’t come off
  7. upperwinngardensowl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    This is a bit better, not that that’s saying much
  8. upperwinngardensowl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    This isn’t very good at all Stop messing the team about Jos!
  9. upperwinngardensowl

    George Boyd and David Jones?

    There is never any guarantee, but the likelihood is that an experienced midfield player like Jones, would have had a better chance of us closing the game out than a young kid. As would Fletcher with his recent all action performances.
  10. upperwinngardensowl

    Quit moaning, plenty of positives

    Leeds DID hurt us. we were lucky to escape with a point, and any right minded sensible person would see that. there are things I like about Jos, especially giving kids a go, but the suicidal passing from the back, then across the back, and the lack of pressing Of their midfield in the second half weren’t his finest hour, and a half.
  11. upperwinngardensowl

    Passing out from the back

    I was one of those scaredy cat fans whining at our constant passing out from the back. BECAUSE IT WASN'T WORKING FROM MINUTE ONE! the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and Expecting a different result.
  12. upperwinngardensowl

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    The attendance is not only to do with it being Friday night, or on the Telly or L**ds. Its to do with the fact that our genius chairman's pricing policy has managed to get people out of the habit of coming to Hillsborough. The casual fan doesn't even think about coming, as its not something that they usually do any more, and even if there is a one off game where "sensible" pricing is in place, these fans dont know about it or do other things on match days now.
  13. upperwinngardensowl

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Leeds game means only a little more to me than if it was Brentford...and I work in Leeds. i am already getting wound up about the pig game.
  14. upperwinngardensowl

    #OnThisDay 90 Years Ago - Blades stuffed.

    “The fair sex are getting keener and keener on the big ball game”
  15. upperwinngardensowl

    Gary Cahill

    Based on our recruitment under Chansiri he needs to get a bit slower before we will entertain signing him.