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  1. They have thought of that. Apparently some of the clubs would be “founder” clubs and can’t be relegated for 20 years.
  2. Fans of clubs in England and Germany won’t go for this and anyway would soon get fed up of playing Barcelona every year at least twice a year. There is no appetite for it over here. Although TBH I would love to see the back of Liverpool and their “best fans in the world” this is for the Asian market and a FIFA power grab.
  3. You said “Never” look it up in the dictionary
  4. “Never turned up in the big games when it mattered” What, like the Brighton semi first leg?
  5. Don’t think there is a Wednesdayite out there who would have picked that side/formation, but it seems to be doing ok.
  6. No, not at that price. £3m absolute minimum with all the dosh they have had coming in lately
  7. My dad watched Wednesday from the 30’s to the 90’s. he said Norman Curtis was the dirtiest Wednesday player he ever saw. In my time, I am going for Hugh Dowd. Best thing I ever saw though was Lawrie Madden wiping out Peter Reid and then staring at him as he walked away while he lay crumpled on the floor. We haven’t had a really hard player for donks.
  8. Cash in for once. Look at his assists and goals, he is not quite as effective as many believe. Yes, he is our most most technically gifted player, but Brentford are minted so take the money at this stage in his contract.
  9. Just said exactly that phrase to Alexa and all she plays is a crap version of hi Ho Silver lining. That’s it, no more.
  10. I have heard him say it, I have seen him quoted. I have no reason to believe he was lying or that the report was a lie, and I haven’t had a memory lapse or have any reason to make it up. i was disappointed to hear it. can I be @rsed to look it up? No.
  11. He has gone on record as saying he likes them both, but if pushed, reluctantly, he says United are his favourites. End of.....
  12. I Had the “Arsenal in blue” Wednesday shirt and it was dead comfortable. I didn’t know any better as It was bought for me when I was a kid and now only like proper blue and white stripes. At some point I also had a red, yes red, top with white round collar and white cuffs. About 20% of clubs had that. I do not own any item of red clothing now I am in charge
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