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  1. Cracking goal. call me weird but I like to see our players doing well for their country.
  2. The are about 11 fast food places on Middlewood shops above the ground in less than 100 yards.
  3. At the end of the day the deal may or not be kosher but it’s dodgy as. If the pigs had done this we would be all over it .
  4. Looking at the environment agency site, It’s a gnats off the highest recorded level at Meadowhall and just gone above the 2007 record in Rovrum. and coming* in with a late run, Blackburn brook at Wincobank has smashed the record. i must get out more
  5. Thanks for spoiling her for me. Never noticed em. I am however, willing to accept them.
  6. I don’t know, or have heard, anyone saying it other than someone writing a misleading post title.
  7. No, he wasn’t great. he was a lot more effective than he had been recently, not great.
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