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  1. Bigger issues at the moment, and we weren't exactly flying when it finished, so not bothered at the moment.
  2. I quickly got to the stage where I despised the rambling incoherent “charming” Manuel type clown TBH and turned his interviews off
  3. No they haven’t. They have a contracted number of games for which they will pay a fixed amount. if the league fail to honour that contract there is no need for any lawyers to get involved. They will do some sort of deal like any supplier and buyer would in this situation.
  4. Sometimes good Man management is to let a team run itself and not interfere too much. He did very well at first and then it went wrong. A story repeated hundreds of times in football management.
  5. as a local its a perfect example of the councils "planning" department. This is just more of what we already have too much of in the area, and will add further traffic (and pollution) to a part of Sheffield that is a bottleneck during many times of the day. They cant even spell "joined up thinking"
  6. I have no recollection at all of Sheffield buses being that colour.
  7. Hes the first one to say he made some wrong decisions, which cost him more than anyone else, and would do things differently. Its called learning from your mistakes. I dont know about any administrations, but Crystal Palace isn't BP, it wont have had thousands of suppliers and local businesses.
  8. Used to dislike him and dismissed him as a flash Harry, but over time he has won me over because he knows what he is talking about and doesn’t court controversy like the rest of talksport (Hawksbee and Jacobs excepted). He is honest as well.
  9. I dont think it was, in my head it was somewhere down south or the midlands, maybe on the way to Swindon or summat like that. They all blur into one TBH.
  10. Always found it incongruous when we turned up in our hordes and got off the buses that had Sheffield United written (in small letters) on the side. I always seemed to end up on a coach that was the first into a service station where there would inevitably be other teams fans already there. Once got there first to be met by 2 coaches of Man Utd fans, who were everywhere in those days, Wakefield Reds was one of them. They surrounded our coach and started to give it the Big I Am. Their faces when one, then another, then another and then many more SUT coaches full of Wednesdayites arrived in a convoy! They soon legged it.
  11. It was always referred to as "the Heysel riot" until the Hillsborough disaster when it slowly morphed into "the Heysel Disaster", then was conveniently forgotten about. I did see mentioned in a BBC article referencing the Everton title winning team that couldnt play in Europe because of the ban. The wording didn't make it clear that the Liverpool fans were the culprits. Whitewashing.
  12. I worked very close to the top brass at their HQ in Shirebrook for 3 years and met Mike a few times, who TBF comes across as a nice bloke in person. However, its a massive NOOOOOOOOOO from me, and I cant stand Chansiri.
  13. Inherited the good basis for a side and had more dosh to spend than any Wednesday manager for donkeys years. Wasted an opportunity for us to get promoted and produced some of the most dire and depressing negative football I have seen for years in his last couple of seasons even with a great surface to play on and an expensive squad. His treatment of players coming back from injury was a disgrace. "but we were 90 mins from the Premier League" they say.......if we were still playing in that match we probably wouldn't have scored yet.
  14. The West Stand is not an improvement, it’s a change, but it’s just as bad in a different way.
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