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  1. The defence looked pretty confident to me
  2. The first half he was terrible and got some right stick from round me. Just failing to get to the ball or slightly misplacing the pass. The usual Boyd performance. second half much better.
  3. Ordered my ticket last Thursday and the chuffin thing hasn’t turned up yet. The plan is to leave early Thursday morning with hotel on the coast booked for that night and driving back after game. i am out until 6 tomorrow and our post arrives anytime between 12:00 and 3pm so will have ring and try and find out what’s happening. Over a £100 touch for me before food and beer and fuel taken into account.
  4. Dont listen as its on too many times and in general phone ins are a turn off. I dont listen to the radio to hear the thoughts of people who know about the same, or even less, than I do.
  5. I'm a bit concerned that he keeps playing that waste of a shirt Boyd but he must be on a fair wack just to keep his motors in petrol so I would assume he will be jettisoned. I reckon Palmer will get offered, and accept, a new contract and that Westwood will be offered, and reluctantly refuse, his. Hooper I reckon will get a short term,and more lucrative offer elsewhere and will take it as its his last chance of a decent one. The rest? Thank you and goodbye.
  6. Great delivery of a dead ball. fantastic goals. gutted when he left
  7. Did you see the space he left for them to pull back for the cross for the goal?
  8. The good news is that pig fans watching this will be having kittens.
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