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  1. A very good player or made a massive difference when he came back from injury. But that’s the point, he was always bloody injured
  2. Try buying a house in Waverley for that. might get you a shed
  3. Only BPF and Storey out of that list played regularly and BPF is nearly 26 Donny fans did warn us he’s not one for bringing kids through although I have no idea what the quality of ours is.
  4. My son can hardly believe it but we regularly sang “you’ll never walk alone” which used to morph into a staccato version and we used to sing “I’m forever blowing bubbles” with the last line “and if you come to Hillsborough, you’ll be running too”.
  5. And I forgot Highfield road Filbert st Belle Vue Plough lane MK Dons old ground Manor ground Baseball Ground
  6. Off the top of my head….. Hull Scunnys old one Walsalls old one Highbury Whit Hart lane Maine road Toytiwn York city Chester Notlobs old ground Shrewbury Chesterfilwd Upton Park Old Wembley
  7. No. Have you been to an England or Yorkshire match at Headingley . It’s carnage
  8. I think Chesterfield have been telling porkies as well.
  9. Baaarnsley. somewhere between 10 and 12 times. Pigpen probably close, maybe even more (lots of county cups and Testimonials back in the day).
  10. Based on his track record at Donny and here it certainly won’t be any youths from our set up.
  11. At the last place I worked at one of the managers was a Scouser and one night in a pub in Hartlepool of all places me him and a Unitedite had a very frank heated exchange of views about Hillsborough. If anything the Unitedite was more critical of the Liverpool fans than I was. A few weeks later he was in my office saying he was going to one of the big matches they had coming up. I said how did you get a ticket for that then? He just smiled and said, we’ll just go, we’ll get in somehow don’t you worry. The irony was lost on him
  12. Sky in full Whitewash mode tonight.
  13. So the greatest team in the history of the universe manages to win 2 cups on penalties.
  14. Went way back in the 70s. Loads of trouble and I don’t think they have changed much
  15. They don’t regard themselves as English so while no fan of Madrid they are infinitely preferable to that lot
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