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  1. WESTWOOD IS: An international The best keeper at Hillsborough since Ron Springett Joint holder of the clean sheet record, twice Getting paid lots of money sat doing nowt Jos is being a little disingenuous....full story will out one day
  2. upperwinngardensowl

    Happy 85th Birthday Albert Quixall

    Yep, Doe Royd Crescent. your dad lived on the same side of the road as us then.
  3. upperwinngardensowl

    Happy 85th Birthday Albert Quixall

    Southey! Southey! He used to live on our street on Parson Cross, and for some reason that I never quite understood, I used to have his school cap with his name written in it. We didnt wear caps, but I had it for some reason. We both went to Meynell Road, on the Cross, although many years apart. Happy Birthday Albert!
  4. upperwinngardensowl

    Does this mean Westwood is back to number 1?

    Westwood is a current international and the best, very best, keeper we have had in the time (from the early 70's), that I have been watching us. If he is fit, he should play.
  5. Joe Cocker was a pig fan ...remember him being on the front page of the NME with a United badge on his jumper. Dave Berry was as well. Thompson Twins reworded one of their hits to "we are the Owls" so are good ones for the list We do choose the music at least at the final whistle as they try and play one thats apt after that result.
  6. upperwinngardensowl

    Clare joins Swansea

    None of us know the full story so are speculating about what did or didn't happen with him and the club. Some of the things we do know: He had 1 really good game and some so so games. He is relatively young so is not going to play well every week unless he is exceptional. He has only been with us two minutes and hasn't come up through the academy since he was a kid so doesn't owe us a lot He isn't even local (although he deffo isn't Welsh) so its not as if hes walking away from his boyhood club. We will know in 12 months time how good (or average) he could be.
  7. upperwinngardensowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Interesting if it was prompted by the backlash or by selling next to none at £90. Who cares anyway, its been done
  8. upperwinngardensowl

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Well done to the Chairman (yes, I have said it) and the club for reverting back to the status quo.
  9. upperwinngardensowl

    This is how easy it is for the club...

    Can you imaging a PR person working for DC? Its the equivalent of the White House Press office.
  10. upperwinngardensowl

    Sheffield Wednesday Fans Forum - Overview

    Thanks for the summary. Unfortunately it makes me even more concerned than the snippets I gleaned last night. So many inconsistencies in what the chairman said. Full marks to him for fronting up but being open doesnt excuse what is being stated. The "why didnt you criticise Carlos when he was here" bit is staggering. Apparently he hears us when we want to sign players, and get rid of them (did the Hunt comment actually happen?) but has selective deafness at other times. Its a shame that people brand other fans who don't accept what is happening to our club (yes I know he owns it) as negative morons, and think that sweeping all the mistakes under the carpet and "getting behind" (whatever that means), the chairman is our way out of a mess that he needs to take full responsibility for. Will he walk away? TBH I hope he does and will take whatever comes afterwards in the hope that it starts to connect with the fans again. My season ticket arrived today, I will be there on Saturday, and I will be fully behind these highly paid players who are wearing our shirts from start to finish.
  11. upperwinngardensowl

    Operation Blame the Fans

    One man, one man alone, who listens to no one , and does not accept criticism, has put us into this mess.
  12. upperwinngardensowl

    ‘Good news about the FFP but not yet 100%’

    He’s off, (DC not Westwood) that’s the only beacon of light I am looking for
  13. upperwinngardensowl

    Credit where it’s due

    True, but he was in and out of the team every other week. i rate Rhodes, but I didn’t want him at our club at that time, for that money.
  14. upperwinngardensowl

    Credit where it’s due

    Do you actually go to the games? the highest ever scorer in the championship is obviously not up to it and contributes nothing. are you in the “everyone wanted Rhodes” camp or the other? i was initially offended by your opening comments but having read the rest, I’m not that bothered.
  15. upperwinngardensowl

    Credit where it’s due

    Anyone who knew the first thing about football could see that Rhodes is deadly if he gets the service. he didn’t get it at Boro due to their negative manager and we were in “pass it around 50times sidesways”mode with no one to give the killer diagonal ball. Rhodes is a quality striker, but we just weren’t set up for him and i, and others, said so at the time