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  1. By virtualy every measure, we are in dog poo compared to when he took over. And it’s getting worse by the day. Safe hands?
  2. upperwinngardensowl

    Is anyone else worried about the fans forum?

    I don’t know what there is to worry about by making it open to lots more people. DC’s judgment on the mood of the fans and understanding what’s really important to them has always been spot on............
  3. upperwinngardensowl

    Paul cook

    No scousers please
  4. upperwinngardensowl

    Westwood to Weeds

    L**ds fans at work salivating ta the prospect of getting Westwood. They dont rate their current keeper
  5. upperwinngardensowl

    Bannan at full time

    As others have said.. the rovrum players have exactly the same expression on their faces
  6. upperwinngardensowl


    I got up in stages when we scored the first, against local rivals who had brought a big following. normally I would have been jumping around. i have never experienced us score to take the lead one minute before half time and there be some boos when the whistle went.
  7. upperwinngardensowl


    I’m better than Pelupessy
  8. upperwinngardensowl

    Fans forum

    It will just be a rerun of previous "forums", with a long DC preamble, some happy clapping, the odd snippet of new news (all bad) and it will drag on for ages.
  9. upperwinngardensowl

    The 'Technical Area'

    We good plant some veg as an additional revenue stream?
  10. upperwinngardensowl

    Birmingham Tickets

    Excellent that they have done it but many have simply been priced out and got out of the habit.
  11. upperwinngardensowl

    Question time...

    unless he is bringing 2 full backs and a defensive midfielder with him...No
  12. upperwinngardensowl


    He is more invisible than crap TBH
  13. upperwinngardensowl

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    They score for fun
  14. upperwinngardensowl


    He sacked Stuart Gray
  15. upperwinngardensowl


    I have sympathy for this view BUT, do we know 100% that they will be as bad as Jos?