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  1. The 12 point deduction is just another part of the flushing down the toilet of our club, just a part. Its the drip drip drip of failures or things I don’t like since Chansiri came in. Sacking Gray without giving him a fair crack of the whip. the conveyor belt of advisors. Doyen. the badge. removing stripes. Laughing stock mental shirt numbers. driving away POTG. disastrous corporate hospitality pricing. plastering Chansiri everywhere. At best “dodgy” sponsorship by companies that you couldn’t buy anything from. The flood of anecdotal stories that he doesn’t listen. The non event of our 150th anniversary. There is more but I can’t be bothered to list them anymore as it’s not as important as Covid, or climate change, or World peace, so I shouldn’t be concerned with any of it.
  2. So at what point is it justifiable to get upset about something that has played a massive part of people’s life since they were kids being flushed down the toilet?
  3. This chairman still has people defending him. All his money, and our top whack prices, to end up like this. A dark day when he took over this club.
  4. Can’t stand scousers I would have him here in a heartbeat
  5. Yes, we have already re-signed Pelupessy....so that augers well for the future recruitment
  6. Yes, I probably could get someone to bankroll £300 . Reyt bargain
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