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  1. my favourite Wednesday player over the last few years
  2. I thought Powell was back in charge of them they were that negative. got everything they deserved.
  3. If Foriestieri could actually shoot on target and wasn’t such a greedy so and so he would have had it. Fletch for me. Bang on it from the minute he came on.
  4. Ok with that. bearing in mind Westwood and Hutch would probably start in a normal club
  5. I don’t think Chansiri can spell PR. and some people on here said £30 was “reasonable pricing” for a match live on BBC1.
  6. Will a crap gate change Chansiris mind on owt? Will it hell us like. Its going to be embarrassing from a crowd, and result perspective. A week to go and hardly any tickets sold
  7. I swore when they equalised but had fully expected it and then thought we would go on to lose. Son already decided he won’t be using his season ticket on Wednesday as it’s getting too frustrating watching
  8. I think the fact that apart from Thornily and Baker no one left from our bloated, and expensive, squad indicates there may be an element of truth in the rumours that Chansiri isn’t the sharpest when it comes to making these type of decisions.
  9. Lawrie Madden (the real one) is determined to get one of our lads sent off
  10. Thank god we are ace at managing leads at the end of games.
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