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  1. Been everywhere and seen lots of stuff but that Aldershot game really surprised me. Nothing happened in the ground but could see a load of people to our left gathering outside the tiny ground. walking back to coaches after when suddenly loads of Wednesdayites legged it past us and I could see one with blood streaming down his face. Turned round and a big mob was yards behind us as we crossed a road. Someone then shouted something and our fans turned, stopped running and then there was a standoff. can’t remember what happened next but at the time we thought they were Chelsea fans for some reason. it wasn’t the first time in the old third division that we’d arrive at some non-descript ground and during or after the game all the local hooligans would turn out just because it was us
  2. I thought this was a couple of years later than that when Mirocevic scored first for us? I was there and the walk to and back from the tube station was interesting to say the least
  3. Scores second goal for one of our rivals in a 2-1 win meaning they possibly get two points they might not have.
  4. Great performance today, best I have seen for ages, but one swallow doesn’t make a summer and I am not blindly “supporting him” no matter what happens over the next 6 games. Seeing Theo score a cracker for franchise FC today isn’t a great advert for our manager.
  5. Anyone who votes for anyone other than Luongo either 1. Knows nowt about football 2. Is drunk 3. Both
  6. Reminds me of a Joe Root interview after yet another collapse to defeat. “We will work hard” “There’s another game to come and another opportunity “ etc etc
  7. Always makes me laugh when people say the location is poor. It’s got a major route including trams at the top of the ground and a major route passing the bottom of the ground and a major route coming in at right angles straight to the ground. it’s also in walking distance of thousands of fans. In my lifetime as far as I can remember it’s flooded once about 14 years ago. The commercially declining area is having a retail development built about 25 yards away from the kop entrance it’s only too big because we currently have a useless chairman and manager. Everytine I pass the ground (4times today) there are groups of people going in and out doing something that I assume is generating revenue. oh and I couldn’t give a to$$ what people outside Sheffield associate the name of our stadium with.
  8. What I remember about that is the end of the match when we walked past them as they stood just below the Kop triangle where Wednedayites had eventually pinned them in. I had never seen grown men hooligans before.
  9. For a long while, when he was at CB I thought he was a useless car crash of a player. He moved to RB and was one of our most consistent performers and one of my favourite players. square pegs, square holes if your listening Darren
  10. I hope that at DMs latest insightful Press conference that someone has the nous to ask him ”so how do you feel about the barrage of criticism you have had about not playing Theo enough, or in the correct position, Darren?”
  11. Man Utd in aforementioned match....there was real hatred in their eyes West Ham in the 80's But for being afraid for my safety its nearly getting crushed to death coming out of Millmoor in the 70's . Crushes were a regular thing at away matches but that place was a death trap..
  12. To those who say Moore saw this coming which is why he signed Mendiz Lang. 1. that ignores the fact it was within Moores control as to whether he played him or not therefore removing the problem. 2. It assumes that Moore has any foresight i said the would happen months ago and I wish I had been wrong
  13. Keep the old badge on there!! it reminds me of the pre Chansiri days
  14. Not remotely surprised as Moore completely mismanaged him and under-utilised our only exciting player. Thanks a lot you useless .........
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