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  1. Team vs. Swansea

    Dawson and, er....10 others no-one except for Jo’s has a chance of guessing that team
  2. And then sacked Stuart Gray without giving him a chance, throwing away gazillions of his, and OUR money, and finishing up exactly where we were when he came in. (but with a better pitch)
  3. Ross Wallace

    Thanks for the screamers, for snatching that price of paper, and for winding up the opposition. good luck in the rest of your career Ross!
  4. Ridiculous decision by Jos, that’s not exactly looking after them. he doesn’t like using subs much
  5. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    He has gone into my little black book along with Trevor Kettle and Darren Deadman. one day........one day.....

    Apparently he is the VAR ref for tomorrow’s cup final!
  7. Jos and subs

    For someone who keeps going on and on about looking after players, why for gods sake did we make no substitutions today? boyd had a great first half, as they all did, but was running on fumes in the second and was a passenger. i can understand not changing things if we are on top but it wasn’t working second half. it needed fresh legs. p.s. The Ref was absolutely bent and I was half hoping Bullen would it himwhen he came on at the finish
  8. I was on the Kop that night and remember coming out at they end while they were celebrating and there were hundreds of Wednesday fans waiting across from the Kop on Penistone rd. For years one of the chants was “your gonna get what Aston Villa got”. i used to think “what, four goals?”
  9. Bridge Trolls wernt there for Swansea match
  10. Rate jos so far?

    A week ago - Looking promising Today - FFS!
  11. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    mmm comparing Tin pot Swansea, their 1,000 fans, and probably playing a weakened side? Or the famous Aston Villa, 4,600 fans and, oh, bum, that's my argument up in smoke
  12. Honeymoon over Jos

    Wildsmith is obviously under instructions from the manager. He was doing it v Derby irrespective of how close the opposition player was. This was despite the fact that every time he booted it Joao and later Dave invariably won it. I had my eyes shut half the bloody time. Players were wee wee but the selection was poorer.
  13. Few things we learnt tonight

    Thank you, your not so bad yourself