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  1. Zero chance of happening. also made Carlos look like an attacking manager
  2. Only a complete idiot who has no idea about football, or access to the internet, would have Zola as our next manager
  3. Horrible, horrible, dirty, cheating and ultimately average team last year. A team is a reflection of its manager.
  4. I love the way people are slagging Newcastle off and Bruce and literally in the same comment say we should do the same thing to Barnsley, Lincoln, or Preston (no thanks on that one BTW)
  5. I am as just about as much an anti Chansiri person as you can be. The list of things I think he has done wrong and the negative impact he has had on the club mean I have very little time for him. If however, his legendary stubbornness is used to get every penny out of Ashley that we are due, I will salute him.
  6. I think Monk is now toxic following all the stuff that’s come out about his alleged cosy transfer dealings
  7. I literally have no idea what any of this actually means for the club, but my gut feeling is Short term = Good, Long Term = Who Knows?
  8. to all those taking the high moral ground and saying how accommodating we were giving him time to spend with his family before joining....... if we hadnt, then it is unlikely he would have even considered coming at that time still disappointing though
  9. the odds on Chansiri making two good appointments in a row are minimal. This is pretty depressing stuff
  10. He is ok as £20 or £40 are not really material values to someone with his background and resources Whereas for most of the fan base it’s a significant difference
  11. Chansiri just doesn’t get the big picture. i don’t blame em, but it’s us that suffer, and the team has less backing, but the boss man is ok.
  12. Anyone who thinks that Mike Ashley would be remotely bothered about what anyone thinks about him his totally wrong. (and I have met him a couple of times and worked for him....and no, not in one of his shops)
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