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  1. Love Reda. Cult hero along with the likes of lliera, Ryan Lowe, bullen and Boughera
  2. The villa fans used to complain that Bruce would always wait too long to make subs.
  3. Saw a kid 3 rows in front of me launch a full bottle of pop from top tier onto pitch (just as final whistle blew). Kid disappeared but good job it didn’t hit anyone. Must be ‘cool’ these days.
  4. I honestly think that the statement last night was a softener for a ground sponsor and rename.
  5. Finally something to look forward to. We will sell this out, this is basically our season now.
  6. They offered Forest more but they didn’t take them as they didn’t think they’d sell apparently ( they played them in the cup only a year or 2 ago too) we will get 6k
  7. Must be the only ground where you walk through someone’s back garden to get in. Lol
  8. If more of the blind faith brigade had stayed away, maybe Jos would have gone sooner and the club would be in a better position. Now who are the true fans eh ? ;)
  9. Someone said a while back on here that we are a mid table side at best, and I completely agree. Will win a few and draw plenty. Get used to this because this is our season. Respect to those paying 40 plus quid a ticket at home games though, seriously.
  10. That was an absolute shocker. I want to see it again on tv just to prove to me how bad it actually was, because from the stand it looked shocking.
  11. He supports Liverpool and always has? He got himself into plenty of good positions last night, but didn’t manage to get a decent cross in. Apart from that he had a few bad touches but was no worse than (pick 6 randomly from last night). The fans booing him early on are a joke, and have been reading this, or listening to others moan about his Bristol performance on radio Sheffield. We always find a scape goat and with 6pages already, it looks as though he is it this time. The amount of awful games Morgan fox has had for us, I can’t remember boos for him once.
  12. 33 quid for me on south tonight, won’t go again this season. Rip off
  13. Nuhiu played well you can’t have gone tonight saying otherwise
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