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  1. And that sums us up. Twice in 2 games now wonder what monks excuses will be ? Will he still refuse to pull any players down? Not working is it
  2. Pigs goal ruled out is the only good bit of news all day sick of football
  3. I post this most weeks but it’s getting clearer for all to see. We are a mid table side and pretty much the epitome of one. How anyone thinks this squad can be anything other than that is beyond me. Monk isn’t showering himself in glory by picking Nuhiu yet again and leaving Forestieri on the bench. It’s almost as-if he is being stubborn
  4. Because our chairman wouldn’t give him enough control.... how’s that working out for him now ?
  5. Meanwhile pigs in top half of peen and Weeds top of league. Does it get any worse ?
  6. Mid table side who got the wrong manager like I’ve said before Huddersfield got the right men
  7. Co commentator an absolute joke today. Leeds bias rubbish
  8. So when we were 1 up on 65 mins and they’d been all over us for 10 mins why was it only everyone bar monk who could see we needed someone like Forestieri on to cause them problems ? What do we get... nuhiu 10 mins later 100% typical Wednesday waiting for the opposition to score we are a mid table team at best
  9. The sooner people realise that this ageing team of has beens aren’t going to challenge for promotion the better. I’m afraid this squad requires a rebuild which could take years the likes of Rhodes, Nuhiu, Lee, Palmer etc have had their chances and blown them. Poor
  10. Drives me mad this squad is a mid table squad at best. Had their chance and blew it
  11. Just me still thinking this will happen then?
  12. Get Cowley’s in and add 5k to the home gate. Bring the good feeling back and have a right good go.... or do nothing and just run the club down (which is how it feels at the minute). Bruce leaving us really could be the tipping point to another miserable decade if we don’t act soon. The last time we were on a high was the playoff final under Carlos. Despite how his reign ended I’d certainly do anything for that back at the minute.
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