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  1. Anyone else find Derby fans so cringe? Always have for some reason. Do they have an original chant or anything?
  2. Better angle. Now blocked the Wednesday team bus from getting into the carpark
  3. Only sacked at fleetwood due to a busy up with nine other than Ched Evans apparently ... all over the papers too. I’d take him in a heartbeat the people on here who wouldn’t have someone because they have a temper and have stood for something once ir twice in their lives are pathetic. It’s about football and football only. would bring some character back to us at least
  4. This has to be the second worst possible appointment. I had Campbell and Neville as joint worst but this one isn’t far behind. Absolutely awful and I wish we could fast forward time to him getting sacked.
  5. Please god no. Awful attitude and awful manager
  6. If we are naming names of random managers who wouldn’t come to us why not to big. How about Klop?
  7. Anything like our current strikers and it’ll be ‘foul, and a miss’
  8. How many we sold then? Went off track slightly this with the usual ‘if you don’t go tonight then you should be banned from seeing us when we are successful again’ lot imagine if it was a sell out tonight chansiri would think all is well with the players, prices and squad no doubt
  9. From a personal point of view this is the lowest I’ve felt about the club in 20+years of watching them. Until something drastic changes on or off the pitch then these crowd situations are just going to get worse. I find myself saying meh if we get an equaliser now for example, as it’s just papering over the awful cracks. will be watching on tv at a push tomorrow.
  10. I said this from minute one. We should have got the Cowleys. It was blindingly obvious that day that we had made a bad bad decision. what makes anyone think he would do with us what he hadnt done with the other clubs he was at? We need a clear out from manager to squad the lot. on another note. How funny is it that we waited all these years for an owner with some cash to get us out the poo and then when we get one he makes things worse. pigs in Europe will top this absolute nightmare year off. Stop weeing about Wednesday and do something about this now
  11. Be 4 losses out of 5 in the league this. Papering over the cracks with the cup win and Leeds win not good enough by far
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