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  1. His lack of tracking back / effort for Sunderland’s winner is enough for me not being bothered about him re-signing. Absolutely criminal
  2. You might not do, either do I really but can you explain the commercial benefit of not doing it now? Just because something doesn’t concern me personally I am staggered by people not wanting the club to be run in the best way possible in every aspect. I want Wednesday to be seen as market leaders and maximising every opportunity and not just accept mediocrity at best. Why shouldn’t we strive to be the best?
  3. Think it’s a good signing if he can cut out the sh*thousing time wasting. *I know he will have been instructed to do this by the long haired sh*thouse
  4. I genuinely can’t believe this is even being discussed. What a bizarre university you must live in to think we’d be a better side with Bannan not in it.
  5. Feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts repeatedly. I don’t want to talk to anyone.
  6. there’s a difference between then being the better side and ‘getting out of jail’ which is b*llocks.
  7. That’s b*llocks Yes Sunderland we’re the better side but baring Hutch’s mistake we would all have been saying it was a good away performance. last 20 minutes, we were the better side.
  8. Agreed, his second touch is usually a tackle! I do like his movement and work rate though.
  9. it’s all about the next game. I could have said, it’s all about the playoffs so won’t go tonight. I’d have missed going absolutely ballistic for the 2nd and 3rd. When it comes good, best drug in the world!
  10. There are only closet pigs on the wind up that post differently . Bannan is absolute class. Anybody says different is first rate buffoonn.
  11. didn’t see that. Given his stats, can’t really argue with it.
  12. Thanks @malek Great goal for the first
  13. Should definitely get player of the season as well. Fabulous player with a great attitude
  14. Arise @GermanBird Keep the winning streak going!
  15. There appears to be a lot more political boll*cks on here over the last few days. Can we all just f*cking bore off and stop posting it!
  16. my old man always bought me half a coke and bag of beef crisps to stop outside the boozer. Hated beef crisps at first but grew to love them. Always remind me of my dad now.
  17. You seem to see this as people bashing the club for the sake of it. it’s not, it’s a desire to be the best in every aspect and on this topic we are doing very little.
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