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  1. Great gesture from DC, well done. Question needs to be asked though, why wasn’t it a success. I hadn’t heard the event was happening, where was it advertised?
  2. Which makes it even more bizarre that it’s got to court yet the assault by the Mansfield player where there is concrete evidence gets nothing.
  3. My wife has UC and it’s very debilitating as you will know during a flare. God knows how Fletcher managed to play to such a high level. I’m amazed how my wife Gets through the day sometimes and she would argue being a full time mum is probably more difficult than playing football for a living! Hope your UC is under control.
  4. I’d have that in my bedroom now. Showed it to my wife and you can guess the rest!
  5. I must admit, I was one of the ones asking to give him more time initially on the back of last seasons run in. Hold my hands up, I got it wrong and as such can’t blame DC for not pulling the trigger sooner. looking back, I can’t beleive how bad it was and how many glaring errors Jos made. Bruce appears to have instilled a confidence and togetherness from day one which is a remarkable achievement. We are far from the finished article but will enjoy the end of this season irrespective of the outcome.
  6. Interesting that goals scored is almost the same yet defensively so much better. For all the talk of Jos being a disciplinarian and will get them fit compared to CC, workrate and desire have been the big changes for me. Players putting a shift in and showing commitment is the bare minimum but it’s great to see it actually happening.
  7. *you’re (Whilst we’re discussing pointless topics!)
  8. Once again John, these posts are very much appreciated. The more we as a fan base can invest in letting the youth players know there is an interest in the academy sides the better IMO. Keep up the good work.
  9. After struggling with L5 disc problems I know it’s no fun. Fingers crossed he’s ok.
  10. As ever when things like this happen, puts football in perspective. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Lee.
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