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  1. Why didn't they use the dream dressing room scene?
  2. Iconic image to put on the 150th anniversary programme - stripes?
  3. Dan Gordon - Congratulations

    As per my post at the start of this thread, I wanted to congratulate Dan (a massive Wednesdayite) and not get into the debate yet again. However, what I will say about the documentary is....did it correct my misconceptions about how the police acted on the day and how the police and the government have acted since. Did it highlight the out and out lies that had been perpetuated. Yes absolutely. Did it change my mind that anyone could say with 100% surety that the Liverpool fans did not play even a 0.00001% part in the day. Definitely not. Whatever your views on the day, the documentary is brilliant and harrowing in equal measures. How anyone can watch it and not be brought to tears at the simple fact that 96 people left home to watch a game of football and never came back (from our ground) is unbelievable. Do I agree with all of the inquest verdict - No Do I think justice has been done - Yes
  4. Dan Gordon - Congratulations

    Whatever your thoughts on Hillsborough please don't de-rail this thread. Dan Gordon is without doubt one of the biggest and most knowledgable Wednesdayites I've met. Congratulations to Dan on winning a BAFTA which is an incredible achievement.