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  1. How do you know that about the ground valuation or are you guessing?
  2. Was about to ask the same. Everyone getting at Hutch without knowing the facts. It may well be a reckless challenge but it could also be innocuous. We don’t know he is injured and might have been took off as a precaution. Yet again, people jumping to conclusions,
  3. Would be nice to see a few photos of our away contingent. PM me the Reeperbahn ones
  4. It could be a real turning point for DC where people (me included) start cutting him slack
  5. I like it. F*ck everyone else, we get our house in order first before airing dirty linen in public
  6. Stood by Bruce up to this point. If this is true, it’s a proper c*nts trick and he deserves all the vitriol that comes his way. im keeping my powder dry until this is confirmed however.
  7. We need to be gentle with those elephants. They are the next FFP get out of jail free card, they’re worth a fortune!
  8. Don’t need to take out because he’s a pig nonsense. I just wouldn’t want him anywhere near managing Wednesday. Sometimes decisions are made with the heart and not just the head. I understand his credentials make him a good choice but he is an ex united manager who openly supports united and hates Wednesday. If this makes me petty then so be it however success shouldn’t come at all costs and appointing Warnock would IMO be a step too far.
  9. Understand and agree with your point about Moyes however anybody who thought Warnock managing Wednesday was a good idea must think Jimmy Savile was a great baby sitter!
  10. Good good. Glad your clarified that, I wouldn’t have slept tonight
  11. That’s what I’ve heard but have no idea if there is any truth in it, hence the reason I didn’t say it before.
  12. Cant name where it’s come from and not sure it’s true so. Ignore it
  13. Have you heard a name? The name I’ve heard is very underwhelming foreign has been.
  14. The part where he hasn’t left. The part you are clearly struggling with! I agree it looks like he wants to go based on his interview yesterday but HE HAS NOT LEFT YET! Stop arguing for the sake of arguing, especially over something that isn’t worth arguing over. I’m off to watch the cricket
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