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  1. I don’t blame the club either. Up until the last few games he hasn’t shown anything to warrant a new Contract. We don’t have money to throw about (I do blame DC for this) therefore if our offer has been well below Celtic then so be it. Maybe DC has finally understood we can’t live beyond our means.
  2. I don’t other than he hadn’t signed a Contract allowing him to leave. I accept he could have been offered something but we don’t know. I do however find it ridiculous that he can be called out for not being loyal. Why should he be loyal. It’s his job / career and as much as we like to say he’s an owl and should put the club first, it doesn’t work like that. If he was a poor player, the club quite rightly wouldn’t give him a new contract Just out of a sense of loyalty. Likewise, Shaw shouldn’t sign a new deal purely on loyalty if it isn’t the right deal for his future.
  3. The club showed no loyalty to him by not offering him a Contract until Celtic came in for him. At the end of this season he could have been without a job looking for another employer. Loyalty works both ways.
  4. It must be seen as a positive that the young lads coming through like Brennan, Urhoghide and Shaw are picking up MOMs. If only we had a young hungry centre forward bursting on to the scene.
  5. To support what @owlstalk is saying, why had @Devonstrix not replied to this when asked to put the abuse to one side. I would genuinely like to know the reasons for supporting DC and if I can be convinced I’d be behind it 100%. At the end of the day, I think what all of us want is to be proud of Wednesday again. Personally, being successful is less important than this. I desperately want to be wrong aboutDC and that everything is going to be ok. Someone, anyone, please give me tangible evidence of how DC is going to steer us out of this.
  6. Haven’t got a clue. If he or anyone in his position has any sense then hopefully not.
  7. As @TheEnchanter said earlier, I agree DC appears to confuse criticism with abuse. I do however think DC will have had genuine abuse on platforms such as Twitter. We have our fair share of knuckle draggers and pigs on the wind up that the balance of probably suggests it’s happened. Whilst it can’t be condoned, any football chairman who doesn’t expect it further highlights his naivety.
  8. Putting the abuse issue to one side, you appear to still support DC? Is this correct? If so, please can you state clearly what reasons you believe should be taken into consideration in persuading others to support him.
  9. I don’t go on any social media whatsoever so can’t comment. I was referring directly to @Devonstrix claim that it happens in here. I like many others spend hours every day reading stuff on here and I have NEVER seen any abuse of DC. As I said, plenty of criticism which is entirely justified. Criticism is seen as abuse by a man not used to being questioned and he behaves like a toddler throwing his teddy out of the pram.
  10. Ive seen plenty of criticism of DC on here but never any abuse
  11. Im very critical of how the club is run, yet on this occasion I think the criticism is harsh. Its not like he has been putting in these performances for months. Allowing players like Reach and Bannan to potentially leave on a free is criminal however.
  12. Not pouring cold water on Shaw’s potential because he does look a real talent however, we had almost identical threads about Penny when he broke into the first team. (I’m not giving up on him just yet either). Needs to be handled carefully and crowds not being in the ground will probably help his development no end. Though Galvin did well at times as well. Hopefully the future is bright.
  13. DC gambled and failed. I had no influence in any decision made by SWFC. Why then am I and other Wednesdayites paying top dollar to fund DCs failed gamble and continued mis-management. When I’ve been milked dry, who will take my place?
  14. Hard to believe but DC has proved time and time again that he has the ability to make ridiculous decisions
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