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  1. sw1867

    lee Bullen

    As ever when things like this happen, puts football in perspective. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Lee.
  2. sw1867

    Great Picture

    My mum and 2 aunties are at the bottom of the photo in the middle. I have a lot to thank my mum (and dad) for setting me on the right path in life. We are all still season ticket holders. If you read this Mum and Dad, thanks. Once an owl, always an owl
  3. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Couldn't agree more but why are you finding the concept of getting behind your own players so confusing?
  4. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Not for the first time mate, shall we agree to disagree and move on
  5. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Sorry, crossed wires. My post was about Fox (in a JVA thread, sorry). Agree on JVA, we are not in a position to be sentimental however I would like Bruce to have a quick look at him before offloading.
  6. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    See my bit earlier where I said ‘I’m not saying he’s a world beater’ I believe over criticism is worse than over praise. Criticism of fox to the level he has received has been over the top and COULD have a detrimental effect to performance and general feeling around the club. All am saying is judge performance on their merits. He has upped his game since Jos left to a level where he is doing well. He’s moving in the right direction why not try and help him and get off his back.
  7. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    What harm could it do to give praise when he has upped his game. It may be over the top (isn’t in my opinion) but conversely the level of criticism he receives on recent performances is by far further away from reality. Some people need to justify their entrenched position just to prove they haven’t got something wrong. To top it all, this is criticism of a man giving his all whilst wearing a Wednesday shirt.
  8. sw1867

    U18s | Burnley 2 v 2 Owls

    Thanks again for the update John. We appear to have dropped off a bit. How’s your lad getting on?
  9. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Have a look at the MOM thread. Not just me that judges a player on today’s performance and not their preconceived opinions. Im not claiming he is a world beater, just giving credit when it’s due.
  10. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    You stay in your miserable negative world and I’ll keep assessing him on his merits
  11. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Ive met mrs fox and she is very nice but not got anything to do with his playing abilities. Ive seen almost every game he has played as well and I do rate him on recent performances but he was poor under Jos. im judging him on his last 5 games not the past.
  12. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Can’t we do both?
  13. sw1867

    Van aaken off

    Fox has played very well the last 5 games. Judge him on merit not preconceived ideas.