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  1. Think Kuqi is the closest in terms of what he bring but there isn’t really anyone like Nuhiu. In terms of splitting supporters, Andy Booth & Lee Chapman come somewhere near but again not to the extent of Nuhiu. Nuhuiu is an enigma, a talisman who should be embraced and taken on his merits and not viewed with derision due to his failings.
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    Why do people keep banging on about poor parking and transport. Thousands park for free within a 10 minute walk of the ground. Thousands get on trams and buses straight back into the city centre. Thousands walk to and from games easily without having to cross a motorway. How are you going to improve in this. If we went to the out of town business park it would be worse.
  3. They aren’t allowed to rotate too much and must be seen to be playing a strong side. This was said during commentary last night. The Spanish definitely didn’t treat it as a friendly.
  4. Its not a bad location if we were to leave (which I hope we never will) for being more central, within a community rather than a business park. Traffic / parking would be terrible though which is already a congested area. I doubt the council would back it either with this area becoming a more sort after residential and cultural area.
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    This is the quietest I’ve ever known owlstalk. I’ve even considered going to the other darker mysterious sections of owlstalk but it’s not got that bad just yet.
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    125 years ago today!

    Dawsons fault
  7. Thanks Hitcat, will enjoy watching that.
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    I can’t believe there is even a debate about whether he’s good enough or not for the bench. He adds everything you have mentioned plus his versatility provides everything you’d want from a sub. Obviously his fitness is his biggest downside but managed correctly from the bench he would be a great asset.
  9. Ive searched them but can’t find any. I am useless though and I struggled just to work out how to post on here. Some may wish I’d never worked it out!
  10. I’m sure putting these on DVD would sell in the club shop as long as they were at a reasonable price (that’s reasonable for the planet Earth and not like POTG Mr Chairman if you are reading) @OWLSTALK you appear to be getting new products in there. Worth mentioning?
  11. sw1867

    125 years ago today!

    United probably claimed it as a massacre and had commemorative top hats made.
  12. Just watching this back again today. You got it spot on Birley, what a great tackle.
  13. It’s either on a will to win or it’s a kind if magic. Hirst two foots Stuart Pearce at the Kop end in front of the South stand. He would have got 2 years for it in today’s game.
  14. Spain were always going to come on strong and give them credit for doing that. Agree though that we needed to be more positive in the second half. We could have been talking about how we blew it. Plenty of refs would give the Pickford pen.