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  1. sw1867

    I just go

    I don’t get why people aren’t able to differentiate between the two. I have been quite critical of the extremely poor running of the club, however I thoroughly enjoyed my day Saturday. Just because I want better didn’t stop me getting behind ever player, including Fletcher who I don’t rate and think should have had a hat trick. Why does everyone feel the need to pigeon hole you in the ‘moaners’ camp if you are critical of things. Interestingly, the so called moaners do appear to accept the ones only praising the club are actually supporters but are not afforded the same courtesy. Strange.
  2. sw1867

    Sheffield Star

    I know several blades that won’t buy the star due to the bias they show Wednesday and also think the same about radio Sheffield. There is no bias either way, they are both just sh*t at times.
  3. sw1867

    #SWFC Megastore Improving

    Baby steps but all welcome. Well done SWFC.
  4. I believe your account 100%, you would have no reason to make this up. This isn’t proof that he has wronged the club in anyway though. He may think the club treat his son badly and advised him to move on. It may have meant fu*k SWFC, we don’t need them. The truth will probably never be known. As I put in my first post on this, I was really disappointed in DH but the good things he did for the club far outweigh the bad.
  5. Agree, therefore even more a reason not to chastise him for wanting to put his son’s future before Wednesday.
  6. @BigD @thewookieisdown I agree he didn’t need to shaft Wednesday however do we categorically know he did? From being a 2 year old making my first trip to Hillsborough I have been in love with this club and DH played a massive role in this. Through the years I have followed them all round the country and through the innocence of youth defended the club in whatever way I saw fit. I have been accused of putting Wednesday before anything else by the ones I love and have lost relationships because of it. However, I am under no illusion that when push comes to shove and if I need to decide between Wednesday and the future of my kids, the decision to put my kids first would be made in a heart beat. life is too short to hold grudges especially for things we don’t know for certain actually happened. Remember DH for the things like his goal at bumhole lane, the one two with waddle and forward role in front of the delirious away end. The thunderbolt at Old Trafford or the 4 against Hull in the OP.
  7. DH was my hero and my bedroom wall was covered in news paper cuttings of everything he did. The events with young George soured this a little until I spoke with my old man. He said ‘you need to remember that what ever has happened, you don’t know the full story and at the end of the day he’s looking after his son. I love Wednesday but I’d do anything for you and he’s doing the same’ Whats done is done and I’d rather remember the unbridled joy DH gave me as a boy and that he was the finest centre forward in the land who we were fortunate to call one of our own. I could resent him but for the above reasons but I’ll choose to remember the boy wonder with pride and for being the best player I’ve ever seen in a blue and white shirt. (Thanks for the post as ever Dunsby)
  8. sw1867

    More positives from #SWFC

    I’ve been as critical as anyone and whilst this is insignificant, it is more that they appeared to have listened and got the ball rolling. If they get nothing but praise for these little things it must make them at least consider tackling the bigger issues. My ‘more’ comment was on the back of the change of heart on membership. A win tomorrow and the world looks a better place. Keep the faith, we’ll be back.
  9. sw1867

    More positives from #SWFC

    These things are so easy to do. After being critical over the last few weeks, hopefully we have turned a corner and the club can see the value of getting everyone on side. Baby steps but it’s a start.
  10. sw1867

    More positives from #SWFC

    Again, well done SWFC for yet getting another easy win. Small little things like this shouldn’t make a difference but they do. Creating this positive atmosphere is vital to getting success. I’m absolutely buzzing for tomorrow.
  11. sw1867

    Confidence Boost

    Great news. If these 2 can get back to anywhere near to how good they can be it’s a massive boost. If Fletcher can contribute as well those three additions alone make us nearer to a playoff side.
  12. sw1867

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Whilst I do think londonowl raises some valid criticisms, hopefully this is the first small step to getting us back on track. Its a small gesture that will not only give the fans a sense that they are being listened to but will also benefit the club commercially by making more money. Hopefully the first in a long line of easy wins please Mr C, which can only benefit us all.
  13. sw1867

    I'd love it

    I have not seen one single post on owlstalk that is intended to spread dissatisfaction through the club. I can’t understand what your intentions are to make such a claim. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and other than the clandestine piglets on here, everyone is giving their opinion to try and highlight how they think the club can move forward. I don’t agree with the vast majority of your posts however I would never accuse you of deliberately trying to not only stop progress but actively hinder this.
  14. sw1867

    Pay them off

    I don’t see why this has anything to do with his conscience. If you were unable to work, would you tell your employers that you’d like your contract terminating and you’ll think of another way to pay your mortgage? Being paid to play football is his job, not his hobby.
  15. If that is aimed at me, I tried to make my point that I was not trying to dig up trouble. In fact the opposite, I’m trying to look for positives and to find out that we have a plan to get out of this mess. Im not saying im entitled to know anything but I’m desperate to have some hope to hold on to that we have reached the bottom and are now in recovery. At the minute I’m fearing we haven’t reached that point. Give the fans something to go on rather than just blind faith.