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  1. I’ve tried searching for the post Dunsby did where he visited all of the sites where Wednesday had played at in Sheffield over the last 150 years. Some great information on there. Me and a few lads used this post to have a drink in pubs nearest to the sites of all the old grounds. Did it before the Forest game last year to mark our birthday. If @dunsbyowl could provide a link, it would be appreciated.
  2. sw1867

    Forcing high earners out?

    I don’t know for definite with regard to receiving bids on Westwood and Jones however I do know Wednesday received bids on players over the summer. Wednesday stated they wanted £x for a player and if the bidder offered a lower amount, Wednesday didn’t even reply to the bidding club. You either pay Wednesday’s valuation or no further dialogue was held. Strange way to do business in the football world.
  3. What ever the result, hold your head up and never feel embarrassed to be Wednesday. Older Bigger Better.
  4. sw1867

    Get Up For It

    I felt the most confident that I have ever felt going into a derby last year at hillsborough. That turned out great didn’t it
  5. sw1867

    Get Up For It

    Play the team that played at Villa and hope we play like we did that day. FF (he’s trained all week apparently) to play instead of the injured MM with Winnall on the bench to come on and get the winner.
  6. sw1867


    Wolves away, 1–1. Booth scored with not long left if I remember.
  7. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning; We will remember them.
  8. sw1867

    SWFC U18s 4 v 1 BURNLEY U18s

    Thanks John, exciting times. Really tried to get down today but family got in the way.
  9. We can be realistic in knowing we are poor at the minute and they are flying. It’s all the talk of being embarrassed, they’ll rip us a new one etc. that needs to stop.
  10. I can’t believe how spineless some are. As I put in a thread a few days ago. We need to turn up, get straight on the front foot and get at them. Whatever happens you stand up and take your medicine. We should never be in fear of that lot. Older, bigger, better
  11. sw1867

    Barnsley U18s 0 v 6 SWFC U18s

    Thanks again for the update John and great to hear the good form continue. Im going to try and get down to see the U18s next Saturday but the website doesn’t give the kickoff time. Do you know what it is likely to be. Been told it maybe 11:00.
  12. sw1867

    Carlos Interview

    If you interpret it that way fine but that isn’t what I meant. Even if you do take it as that, it doesn’t get away from the fact he failed to address it. I find staggering that even if his initial targets were unavailable, in all his time here he couldn’t find any others. He did say he wouldn’t sign a bouncer so maybe he never identified it as being required in the first place. I don’t agree with the abuse he gets because as I said earlier he got things right that did get us a level of success. I find it difficult to understand that anyone can defend his recruitment and failure to get players in positions that were glaringly obvious to everyone. He wasted our best opportunity to get promotion, simply as that.
  13. sw1867

    Carlos Interview

    That would be stupid, hence me not suggesting it.
  14. sw1867

    Carlos Interview

    Agree DC was to blame for not pulling the trigger sooner. For what it’s worth I didn’t want him gone immediately after the Huddersfield penalties but wised up pretty quickly when watching this game back. The failure to sack CC sooner is a mistake by DC and the buck does stop with him. Yet as I said previously, CC was the one who is to blame for not recruiting in the right areas and wasting money on buying players we didn’t need or didn’t use. As a general point, we’ve all done the CC discussion numerous times so I’m going to stop wasting anymore time talking about him.