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  1. I had just ‘signed’ for Middlewood U10’s as a 7 year old and my dad took me to his sports shop to buy a new pair of boots as a well done. Johnny made such a fuss of me and didn’t get annoyed at me wanting to try on every pair of boots in the shop. I remember him telling other people coming into the shop that I was going to be Wednesday’s future centre forward. I’m sure he did this with most kids but it made me feel so special. Went back in a few times to buy boots and he remembered my first visit in there and appeared to be genuinely interested about how I was getting on. Really nice bloke, hope he had a great birthday.
  2. Its like a version of where’s wally trying to find the ‘dunsby owl’. I can’t see it on the ticket though
  3. sw1867

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    I quite like the op’s kit, however I think not having stripes this year would be a commercially and feel good factor own goal. With any other business, you would give your customers what they are asking for and are willing to part with their cash to purchase. ive just put my children’s hospital home shirt on and it genuinely made me smile looking at it in the mirror. Like ive said before, such an easy win to go back to stripes, they’d be mental not to.
  4. sw1867

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    Maybe if he had done, we wouldn’t have ended up with this years monstrosity!
  5. This really is brilliant from Ross. Especially given all the negative press players get with their stupid massive ear phones and perceived lack of reality. This however doesn’t surprise me from a player that has conducted himself brilliantly in all of his time with us. Great way for him to sign off. Once an owl, always an owl.
  6. sw1867

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Where did anyone mention that getting 6 points off the mighty Leeds as being success? Everyone has injuries but name me one club that has had 15 first team players out whilst having a managerial change and having to concentrate on baking a huge golf ball looking cake?
  7. Keeps the positivity going, really looking forward to next season. HMS P1ss the league is in the dry dock having a lovely new blue and white striped paint job and getting ready to steam to promotion. (Think i’m getting a bit carried away)
  8. sw1867


    Not sure how else the FF situation could have been managed differently however the way he outed Rhodes after the playoff semi for supposedly refusing to take a penalty was disgraceful. Irrespective of your views on Rhodes not wanting to take it, CC making it public (radio Sheffield interview after the game) was terrible management.
  9. Brilliant feeling and not only at Hillsborough but the whole city felt like a happier place to be (two thirds of it anyway )
  10. sw1867

    #OnThisDay in 1986

    One of my big regrets never standing on the uncovered kop, I was alway took on the North as a nipper. Stood on the kop with my mates later on but by that time the roof was on. My mum and dad had their birthday party in the riverside suite the year the roof was going on. I snook into the ground at sat at the back of the kop on one of the only four seats installed at the time. Sat there for a couple of hours as an 8 year old just marvelling at how impressive it all looked. Only left to go back in when a security guard spotted me and told me they were just about to let the dogs loose. (Think he was lying just to get me to shift). I’ve still got a bit of the grass in a frame that I took from the penalty spot.
  11. Are the paper cuttings from the Star Dunsby or a national?
  12. sw1867

    #OnThisDay in 1980

    Like you say proper pitch invasion. Everyone must have come off the kop cos North still looks full. I was at the game however I have no recollection of it, I was only 2!
  13. sw1867

    New Kit

    It is but it makes me more annoyed that we wasted the opportunity to get something so simple right in the first place. in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter, but when combined with all the other little things it turned what should have been a great year off the pitch a shambles. i know some will say it’s what happens on the pitch that counts and I agree but it would have been so easy to have both. anyway, rant over. Back to the kits! Both are great, prefer A for its simplicity.
  14. sw1867

    New Kit

    Or kit B for that matter
  15. sw1867

    New Kit

    I know it’s been done to death but kit A would have been perfect for the 150 anniversary kit