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  1. I will never measure how successful we are by comparing our league position against where those tramps are. This is something they do, don’t lower yourself.
  2. I don’t post much but enjoy reading these dunsby. interesting that we are referred to as ‘Sheffield Wednesday’ rather than ‘The Wednesday’ despite the name change not happening until around 20 years later.
  3. If Carlsberg did away days! (thanks for driving Neil)
  4. Having read the OP again I’m not sure where they are claiming to be a true fan or critising Owlstalk. yes the opening paragraph is slightly inflammatory but not really. i may have misread it but as per my posts above I think all it is saying is we as a club need to start being more positive.
  5. No, definitely not. I think some of the things the club have done are shambolic and they deserve every bit of the criticism they get. Just think we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves.
  6. I didn’t read it like that. I read it as that we should stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Yes it is sh*t and hard work but playing the victim only has one outcome. we’re Sheffield Wednesday and need to start getting some arrogance back that we so often get accused of.
  7. A Bit of Bullie

    I know from a very good source that in the first year at least CC insisted on all his coaching staff conversing in English. This season the coaching staff always spoke to each other including CC in Portuguese. Lee has been voicing an opinion which has largely been ignored and left him on the outside.
  8. #RIP Bill

    Hope today goes as well as it can for you and your family. Love reading your posts. RIP Bill WTID
  9. Why didn't they use the dream dressing room scene?
  10. Iconic image to put on the 150th anniversary programme - stripes?
  11. Dan Gordon - Congratulations

    As per my post at the start of this thread, I wanted to congratulate Dan (a massive Wednesdayite) and not get into the debate yet again. However, what I will say about the documentary is....did it correct my misconceptions about how the police acted on the day and how the police and the government have acted since. Did it highlight the out and out lies that had been perpetuated. Yes absolutely. Did it change my mind that anyone could say with 100% surety that the Liverpool fans did not play even a 0.00001% part in the day. Definitely not. Whatever your views on the day, the documentary is brilliant and harrowing in equal measures. How anyone can watch it and not be brought to tears at the simple fact that 96 people left home to watch a game of football and never came back (from our ground) is unbelievable. Do I agree with all of the inquest verdict - No Do I think justice has been done - Yes
  12. Dan Gordon - Congratulations

    Whatever your thoughts on Hillsborough please don't de-rail this thread. Dan Gordon is without doubt one of the biggest and most knowledgable Wednesdayites I've met. Congratulations to Dan on winning a BAFTA which is an incredible achievement.
  13. Many of you will have heard the story of how big Ron asked the squad to vote on sending Shezz home after a bust up in pre-season. The players all (with the exception of Francis) voted to keep him which big Ron states played a big part in the success that season. Ask FF's team mates to decide and if they can accept him back it builds togetherness. I understand the risk if they tell him to F off however.