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  1. If by ‘bit of a lad’ you means ‘chavy tw*t’ then I agree.
  2. Are you keeping a record as you go along this season or are you saving it for one glorious bumper weekend again? Be nice to see who the mid season leader is.
  3. So calm and assured on the ball, a proper defender. Massive donger as well.
  4. Bannan hiding? He makes himself available for every ball even when the pass isn’t on putting himself under pressure. He looked knackered today but again everything we created went through him.
  5. How is it a conspiracy theory? 2 grounds a few miles apart with a very clear difference of how rules are interpreted and enforced. Furthermore, the ground that has in the last few years had the most incidents of disorder is the one that has no restrictions imposed. Its obvious that it makes no sense and should be explained.
  6. Went to an event with Gary Megson who said he used to love it and could wait to get down the tunnel to hear it.
  7. If I give my kids everything they ask for (like an £8m striker) but have to re-mortgage the house getting into debt that could see me lose the house, does that make me a good dad?
  8. Don't get my posts mixed up. ive never mentioned anything about being insolvent. I haven’t got a clue about that.
  9. Good point, accept that. Have these measures made enough of a reduction? (I don’t know the answer, genuine question).
  10. Thats not answered the question. what do you do next time? why did we need to do it in the first place?
  11. See my post above? what do we do next time?
  12. If we continue to post the same losses, what’s the plan next year? Just because we get away with it this time, doesn’t make it right.
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