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  1. senwar

    SWFC turn down 1.2m bid for Lees

    Jesus christ. Go and crack one off or summat.
  2. senwar

    SWFC turn down 1.2m bid for Lees

    Un.kin.believable Like they'd heard about Roeder and Pearson. Aye.
  3. senwar

    Third Advisor

    Cheers all.....
  4. senwar

    Booking Fee Online

    This might have been an error. When you posted it I checked and could see the fee. I'd bought my boro tickets last week with no fee. Just checked again and there's no fee showing now. If you paid it, I'd speak to the club
  5. football fans comment to soften the blow of losing a player
  6. Friendly or not this is very poor. Reight glad I made the effort to attend.
  7. senwar

    Brighton Away (1990/91).

    A wednesday night game as well. Eubank on the pitch hence the Graham chants. Reight performance. Back home at 4am at work at 7am. Oh to have that stamina again.
  8. senwar

    Danny Batth

    And as has been stated he also didn't want to come and wanted to have a chance at Wolves. But carry on.
  9. Its cheaper to get a day ticket to Brighton from London - for some reason, its a lot more expensive to Falmer and travel from Brighton to Falmer is included in your ticket. Group ticket (3 or more) is even cheaper.
  10. senwar

    Danny gabbidon

  11. Just over 2 weeks till we play our first away league game and the kit hasn't been announced officially. It is rather b0llocx
  12. senwar

    FL not very helpful!

    Dear god Seriously??????
  13. senwar

    Chris Wood

    Never known it this bad in 55 years? Right. And you call people muppets