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  1. Devastating that replay. Absolutely heart breaking. I went to the replay on my own as my mates were skint. I couldn't afford it but my mum bought me a train ticket, girlfriend at the time match ticket. Got on the train and it was one big party and knew loads of people from just going to games anyway. Coming home was horrible. I knew they'd score when they got the corner. I got up to go to the toilet as couldn't watch it. Heard the roar and dropped to my knees. I think I may have even cried or at least shed a tear. The FA Cup was everyone's dream then and to be that clos
  2. I got 11/1 on Friday night. As soon as he was gone, I expected an improvement so had £25 on. We were actually 13/1 on Betfair (don't use) and 13/1 on Paddy Power Saturday morning. Annoying. We were 250/1 for top 6 on Friday night. Very much doubt that would happen but not insurmountable What I don't get is you can still get 9's as said - but Brentford are 2/1. How?
  3. Picked a decent time to pop back haven't I!
  4. Good afternoon Simon. Glad to see things are as they were..... My eyes
  5. Try 24hrs before (referencing the Fergie thing) https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/fergie-snubs-owls-1-309144 Crap first post in years and quote wrong one
  6. Un.kin.believable Like they'd heard about Roeder and Pearson. Aye.
  7. This might have been an error. When you posted it I checked and could see the fee. I'd bought my boro tickets last week with no fee. Just checked again and there's no fee showing now. If you paid it, I'd speak to the club
  8. Friendly or not this is very poor. Reight glad I made the effort to attend.
  9. A wednesday night game as well. Eubank on the pitch hence the Graham chants. Reight performance. Back home at 4am at work at 7am. Oh to have that stamina again.
  10. And as has been stated he also didn't want to come and wanted to have a chance at Wolves. But carry on.
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